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A Fast Food Health Revolution

Anna Starostinetskaya writing for VegNews shares a potentially enormous paradigm shift, a nationwide partnership between McDonalds leading meat supplier OSI Group, and plant-based meat substitute developer, Impossible Foods; offering plant-based burger substitutes to consumers who normally choose to consume meat based products in various fast food chains. OSI Group enthusiastically partnered with Impossible Foods once it recognized that its 60 years of experience supplying McDonalds with meat strategically position it to capitalize upon a significant opportunity; supplying and enhancing the production capacity for millions of plant-based Impossible Burgers to seamlessly flow throughout fast food chains of numerous customers.

Since the introduction of Impossible Foods’ plant-derived fast food burger, consumer craving has been driven into a frenzy. Over the span of 60 years, McDonalds has met the demand for over one-billion requests for meat products. The meat supplying company aims to meet the demand for delicious plant-based products that surprisingly taste and has a similar texture as meat. News Version suggests that consumers are saying that the delicious taste and texture of the Impossible Burger is what is influencing thousands of restaurants to order Impossible Foods products. Previously, it seemed incomprehensible that there could be a plant-based burger that taste and has a similar texture as meat but now those days are over.

The next building block within this unique and a successful partnership is solidifying locations to sell the product on a continual basis. Finding locations to sell Impossible Foods products seems to be limitless. Burger King has indicated that by the end of 2019 it will offer Impossible Burgers in all of its USA franchises. Not only is Burger King partnering with Impossible Foods but White Castle has partnered. Their Impossible Sliders’ are literally flying off the counters. Once the Impossible Burger skydive into all fast foods, its presence will be overwhelmingly global. OSI Group’s partnership with Impossible Foods empowers plant-based, meat tasting and textured burgers to go nationwide and in time international through an efficient supply chain network.A perfected network, equals satisfied customers, resulting in skyrocketing sales. It seems a health-based revolution has entered into the fast food industry.

JD.Com Revolutionizes The Traditional Process Of Procurement

Businesses big and small sell stuff to consumers. But the price of doing business involves buying what you need to get things done. When a company reaches out to purchase supplies, it’s called procurement. The larger the company, the bigger the procurement effort. The process is often cumbersome and opaque. That’s because, historically, it has involved meeting with dozens of suppliers, sitting down and paging through catalogs, bargaining for prices – and much more. Sometimes the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. But now China’s biggest e-commerce company, JD.Com, is determined to revolutionize the procurement process – in fact, it already has. Any company can now partner with JD.Com to set up a procurement channel (

Essentially, this creates a one-stop shop where a company can handle all its procurement in one place. Best of all, the JD.Com high tech system has brought transparency to the process. The early results have been remarkable. Companies report procurement efficiency process improvements of 50%. Users have also been able to trim an average of 15% from procurement budgets. For companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions) buying what they need, JD’s system is a major game changer. JD.Com works with more than 5,000 companies. Every one of them can embed and integrate their own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems into the JD system.

This creates a seamless synergy making the process much more efficient, transparent, faster – and with significant cost savings over the old way of doing things. Another key area is MRO specific procurement. MRO stands for Maintenance, repair and operations. This is a critical part of the overall supply chain. JD.Com has recently added an MRO service to its support portfolio. Take a closer look at Major top quality brands, such as Volvo, Siemens and Bosch are already on board and taking advantage. Another company, Southwest Cement, leveraged JD resources in supply chain and logistics to lower its procurement costs by 20%. Chunzheng Song, Head of JD Business, said his company’s re-invention of the procurement process has been years in the making. It is the result of years of intensive study of enterprise customers.

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Isabel dos Santos’s Drive to Improve

The world we live in has become a very volatile place for businesses on an international level, and for this reason, a successful businesspeople like Isabel dos Santos have felt the need to act cautiously in their professional lives. She thinks that people in general are too confident with the security of their situation, and we ought to be more considerate of the fact that a huge chunk of the population is not living in satisfactory conditions. It is because of this that people like Isabel dos Santos are able to continue their business operations for so long, and the believe that as long as they are putting everything that they do into business, they will be able to change the business world.

At the end of the day, this is what separates this kind of business person with the ordinary businessperson. Someone who is dedicated to their craft is going to be more likely, at the end of the day, to want to develop the industry that surrounds it. Unfortunately, when you are driven by money, you can only go so far. People like to say that they live for earning money and nothing else; it has seemingly become a trend in the modern age to be materialistic. The fact of the matter, however, is that the amount of money you make is hardly one of the most important factors contributing to your happiness. What is far more important than that is your drive to continue to work.

The intrinsic motivation you hold to continue your craft is something that you cannot replace easily, and it is for that reason that people involved in the state of an international business are so occupied with their lives. Isabel dos Santos believes that she should be able to help a lot of the people around her if she simply heads down the road she is currently on, but it is more than just helping people that she wants to do. She also wants to expand her professional career and become known as one of the best people ever to exist in her industry; her internal drive to improve is perhaps even more important to Isabel dos Santos.

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Shervin Pishevar Spells Out a Rough Stock Market Forecast via Twitter

Shervin Pishevar can squeeze a lot of information into 21 hours and Twitter. During this time, Pishevar spelled out his predictions on the stock market with a play-by-play breakdown. He has many followers and fans because of his success with investing in profitable startups, such as Uber and the Dollar Shave Club.

His Twitter rant laid out a forecast for a financial storm many will not weather. Shervin Pishevar predicts that the market will fall a whopping 6,000. This is where the storm started on Twitter, but it quickly became apparent that he had many reasons to back his thoughts. To make matters even stormier, he went on to tweet about how profits from the last two years would eventually become memories because of varies conditions, business practices, and political situations.

In one tweet, he used the word panic. Panic may be what takes the market down, which is often the case in stocks. Once someone fears a share is going to plummet, they may try and rush in ahead of the fall and sell all of their stocks. Once other investors get wind of what is happening, they also rush in a begin to sell. Everyone is trying to beat the decline, which hasn’t even started yet, and because everyone is rushing in to sell, it swirls up a panic. The situation almost becomes self-fulfilled.

Shervin Pishevar tweets that interest rates may be part of the pandemonium. He also highlights a credit crisis coupled with questionable tax breaks. Tax breaks are often bestowed by the US government on to corporations to try to stir the economy. This practice has been labeled as trickling down. In theory, the US leaders give the corporations a break in taxes, and in turn, they trickle down the benefits to their employees, who in turn purchase more consumer goods. The economy as a whole should win from the downward push, but Shervin Pishevar calls out that play. He combines all of these words in one tweet: interest, credit, tax, and panic.

Twitter is an excellent platform to share, and Shervin Pishevar takes to it to explain and perhaps shed some light on some topics many would rather pretend do not exist. Only time will tell how his predictions pan out.

Hedge Fund Investor Shervin Pishevar Knew Trump’s Agenda Would Hurt Investors

Donald Trump had the world in the palms of his sketchy hands when he took office in 2016. The U.S. economy was in good shape, and unemployment was low. Inflation was missing in action, and the stock market was on fire. Trump took credit for all those things even though those things happened on Obama’s watch, according to economists.

In 2017, Trump pushed his tax cut through in order to help the rich and big corporations. Corporate earnings went through the roof, and investors were lining their pockets with the economic smoke Trump blew up their rear ends. But in 2018, the results of Trump’s inept decision-making started to surface. Investors felt the pain when the stock market went to hell.

Most of the country saw the folly in Trump’s plan when he implemented a national emergency on the Southern border. Investors knew Trump didn’t really have a handle on economics when he shut the government down.

But Uber investor Shervin Pishevar knew Trump’s agenda would implode. Shervin knew that in 2017. That’s when Shervin Pishevar went on a 24-tweet rant that surprised a lot of his followers. Shervin’s Twitter followers know he has a sixth sense when it comes to investing. Shervin Pishevar was one of the first angel investors to see the potential in Uber. And he saw potential in Airbnb, Postmates, Dollar Shave Club, and Warby Parker. Shervin was a force in the investment world. But he went underground in 2016 to lick some of his personal wounds.

In March 2017, Shervin was back on Twitter, and he let it all hang out. He warned his followers about the potential damage Trump’s policies would create. But few listened when Pishevar said the stock market had too much hype in it. And some laughed when he said Silicon Valley would lose its startup crown. Tweet after Shervin Pishevar tweet warned investors that 2018 and beyond would be challenging years for investors thanks to Trump’s economic incompetence. Now that his tweet predictions are facts, investors want to hear more from Shervin. And Pishevar is ready to give them what they want.

Paul Mampilly-Investor and financial adviser

Paul Mampilly is a notable name in the American financial sector. He is one of the respected investment gurus in the country and is normally invited by business news media such as Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg, and others to give information about various occurrences in the financial sector. His opinion on various matters related to investments and the financial sector, in general, is taken with great seriousness by people who understand how well he has performed as an investor. In 1991, Paul Mampilly completed his MBA from Fordham University and joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. After working with this organization for a few years, he gained his financial knowledge that could allow him to manage funds for other larger organizations.

He had the opportunity of being hired by organizations such as the Deutsche Bank and ING to manage accounts worth millions on their behalf. The great moment for Paul Mampilly came in 2006 when he was hired by Kinetics Asset Management as a hedge fund manager. He was put in charge of $6 billion. By the end of his contract, he had managed to raise the value of these assets to $25 billion. It is an accomplishment that can never go unnoticed by anyone who is looking at his track record with sincerity. Paul Mampilly is no longer interested in working in Wall Street. His focus is on helping the people who need his knowledge the most. These are not the wealthy people and organizations in Wall Street but the average American investor who is struggling to make a profitable investments.

Paul Mampilly has started his financial publication known as Profits Unlimited to assist the average American investors to make the right investment decisions. Through this newsletter, he is giving out his stock recommendations based on the information that he has analyzed himself. Every month, he has a new stock recommendation to his followers. Currently, Profits Unlimited newsletter has a following of over 100,000 subscribers. By giving the average investors access to the right information, Paul will be changing the lives of very many Americans. By giving people an opportunity to get financial freedom, you are not only helping them get financial freedom to live the kind of life they wish for but also give them an opportunity to live a healthy life.

Jose Auriemo Neto Accomplishments in JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto holds a special place in the property market. The popular businessman is the chief executive officer of one of the leading construction companies in Brazil, known as JHSF. The position was offered to him in the year 2003. More than fifteen years later, the top executive has delivered what the management expected him to do. Mr. Neto started working with the institution in the year 1993. During these years, Jose Auriemo Neto managed to secure so much knowledge in the market.

The businessman also earned the trust of the clients who needed the services offered by JHSF. Before becoming a top member of the board of directors, the businessman has proved to the company that his primary goal was to prioritize the needs of the real estate company in all platforms. The residential and commercial projects that have been completed by Jose Auriemo Neto and his own organization are out of this world. The quality of these projects is what makes the company unique and appreciated by clients in Brazil.The competition in the property market, especially in Latin America, has been going up each day.

The industry has attracted the wealthy and respected personalities based in Brazil. The consumers, on the other hand, want to enjoy living and working in the most luxurious buildings. Jose Auriemo and his expert team take time before they can accomplish any project. The engineers hired by this company have the best skills, and they only focus in meeting the demands of the customers. Becoming a leader in the Brazilian property market means that JHSF is being managed by the right personalities. Auriemo is in charge of the complex decision making activities carried out by JHSF. Because he has worked in the company for so long, the executive has been able to show his team the right path all the time.

Matt Badiali Says He Is Bullish On Copper

Matt Badiali, a premier natural resources investment expert, says that there is far more demand for copper than there is a supply of it. He expects this situation to last for a few years at least and that its value is very likely to rise, although that hasn’t happened yet. Matt Badiali said that analysts predict that while Teck Resources Ltd. will get 1.8 million metric tons of copper on the market by 2027 the projected demand is for 4.4 million metric tons of this metal.Using his extensive educational and his professional background in the earth sciences, Matt Badiali has been informing investors of trends and news in the natural resources field for the past 14 years.

He made the jump from science to finance and started writing about how to make money from commodities, energy, and mining. He had been a professor at the University of North Carolina when he was lured into the financial industry by a friend.He was brought into the financial industry by an expert investor who needed a geologist on his team. Companies provided him with data and he needed Matt Badiali to analyze it to see if it was correct about their successes or not. He would get to travel around the world and earn a five times bigger salary so taking his business position was a pretty easy sell.

As for what is going on with copper, expert Matt Badiali says that supply and demand will at some point lead to higher prices. In the meantime, he chalks the reason for copper not yet going up in value to investor emotion. Matt Badiali says that market move based on traders emotions and their fear of a trade war between the United States and China is leading copper to not go up as it should.Matt Badiali wrote that this metal is going to soon experience a huge bull market. One thing he points to is Grasberg copper mine construction which won’t come online on time as they rarely do. He said that their Indonesian copper mine completion it out at least two years and so there won’t be any increase in copper production for quite awhile.

Shervin Pishevar Takes Swipe on the Current Administration’s Trade Policies

Shervin Pishevar, the founder of Sherpa Capital, and a renowned investor in the financial industry has been oozing with knowledge, power, and conviction through a 21-hour twitter rant. He looked as if he was possessed when he was jumping from one topic to another addressing critical issues in the country. The Uber investor, who had to resign from his position as the director of Sherpa Capital after being accused of sexual harassment including rape paid significant attention to the management of country’s inflation through various strategies that are not delivering the expected results.

Shervin Pishevar notes that the sudden rise in prices of goods and services has for an extended period been attributed to the importation of goods and services from other countries. The products we import have been produced at a higher cost leading to the increased selling price to the consumers, who happen to be Americans. According to the venture capitalist, this notion has been wrong for a more extended period. According to Shervin Pishevar, inflation never manifests itself in the economy in a vivid manner such that one can easily detect what type of increase the country is experiencing.

In this tweet, Shervin Pishevar seems to take a swipe to the United States administration who have been alluding that the inflation in the country has been imported and have gone further to implement policies that hurt trade between nations. For example, the current administration has been abolishing trade deals with particular countries while at the same time entering into other trade deals with different countries or the same countries but the trade terms have been renegotiated. This is a wrong method of solving something that manifests itself in a way that common individual cannot understand.

Shervin Pishevar notes that he does not have faith in the current trade policies. He does not think that they will have any impact on the inflation tendencies experienced not only in America but as well in other countries. The investment leader notes that the current administration should not be accusing the trade policies of causing inflation tendencies in the United States because America has been exporting inflation to other countries for an extended period.