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Clay Hutson – The Rare Gem of the Music Industry

Clay Hutson attended college for theatre design. He then worked for various companies in positions such as sound engineer and project manager. Clay decided to branch out on his own when the last recession hit his employer hard. He knew this decision was a risk but knew he had the confidence, skill, and talent to create his own successful business.

Having his own production management company has not been easy, but hard work has been his key strategy for growing his business. Clay has developed a strong, stable reputation within the industry and has worked for many well-known performers such as Pink, Guns N Roses, and Kid Rock.

Clay repeatedly checks his work for mistakes that could compromise safety or diminish the quality of a show. He is also serious about paying attention to the smallest detail. Organization and planning are essential. Clay says that one serious error could damage his reputation and career for the rest of his life. He is not afraid of working long hours, which has enhanced his reputation among performers.

When Clay needs motivation, he likes to reread quotes he has written down. Some of his favorites came from Thomas Jefferson or Vince Lombardi. He finds a W.C. Fields quote about persistence and knowing when to give up on a plan that is not working amusing.

Exciting new technology has captured his interest, and he likes to be creative and try new things such as acrobatics and jaw-dropping stunts. Clay appreciates artistic creativity over a bigger better video screen. Technology has also brought about lighter, brighter more mobile lighting systems.

If Clay had advice for his younger self, he says it would be always put your family before anything else, and evaluate everything with complete honesty, even when it is difficult. He has overcome failures and held to some beliefs that contradict others in his industry, but he has always managed to move forward continuing to do what he loves.