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The Formation of an Talos Energy Giant

Energy is a popular sector in the global economy. It is the substance of what industry is made of. In a changing economic environment it makes sense for companies to come together to create bigger and more solid company. This is what took place out in Houston, Texas when Talos Energy LLC and Stone Energy Corporation combined in 2018.

The company now goes under the name of Talos Energy Inc. and now has more an extensive asset portfolio. The merger has allowed the company to focus on projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico itself. The company can now get back to its well exploration and premium offshore pursuits. As a bigger company Talos Energy is able to seek out and take advantage of other business opportunities in the energy sector. The company has a daily production of 47 thousand barrels of oil or its equivalent per day. It has also located two other premium wells since mid 2017. Mexico has proven to be a high production area in the past few years. Having larger a company in that area allows Talos Energy Inc. to cover more production and exploration grounds. Their goal is to become the premier energy company in the region.

The share holder’s value from the merger has worked out well in the favor of the many holding the company’s stock. Stone Energy Corp shares were swapped out for Talos Energy Inc. which officially hit the New York Stock Exchange on May 2018. The company has already restructured their credit deal allowing them to have more than $300 million available. The company has reported it has one hundred and fifty million in cash on hand to work with. The stock itself is trading above $30 a share making the merger successful from an investor stand point so far.

With the balance sheet for the company stronger and the focus on its long term plan for premier oil production Talos Energy Inc has clearly made a power move. Timothy S.Duncan is extremely excited about the future and outlook for the company as the move forward.

Brazil’s Waning Economy: What Experts Like Felipe Montero Jens Are Recommending

Both a figurative and literal foundation of most countries, infrastructure plays a paramount role in bolstering economies. This notion rings especially true for Brazil. Unfortunately, Brazil’s fallen susceptible to abrupt and inexplicable halts in construction. As a result, their economy is dwindling. In a recent study conducted by the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil’s pulled the plugged on upwards of 3,000 infrastructure jobs. These impromptu discontinuations are leaving a trail of financial ruin in their wake. Should these adverse trends continue, Felipe Montero Jens, an expert in infrastructure management, forecasts a grim and unprofitable future for Brazil. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

The area most impacted by these construction interruptions is basic sanitation. Highway, railway, waterway, and airport jobs are prone to termination as well. Jens continually advocates for the revival of these projects as Brazil’s savings and economy are becoming increasingly vulnerable to irreparable damage. What’s more, Brazil’s capricious commitments have led to numerous shutdowns. Brazil’s population is suffering from this infrastructure fiasco as well, and they’ll soon pay the price if Brazil doesn’t iron out the glaring flaws in their construction management and financial systems. According to Ilana Ferreira, a member of the National Confederation of Industry, technical issues are the primary culprits for job stoppage.

Fortunately, project specialists have formulated solutions to Brazil’s ongoing infrastructure dilemma. As an attempt to circumnavigate “job paralysis,” experts recommend carrying out micro-planning, improving micro-planning, strengthening internal controls, training programs, and designing equitable contracts. If Brazil doesn’t heed this advice, they’re liable to catastrophic outcomes. José Augusto Fernandes, the director of policy at CNI, strongly urges Brazil to abandon their long-lived methods in hopes that history won’t repeat itself. Though Brazil is currently entangled in economic controversy, they have enough expertise to implement change and reshape their infrastructure landscape.


Michel Terpins Emergence and Success in the Rally Driving World

Michel Terpins is a rally driver champion who wins every race that he participates. Michel Terpins was born in1979 and has been participating in the rally driving industry since he was 23 years. His family is well known for its passion for sports, and this could have unlocked to his passion for sports. His father had various leadership positions in the Jewish sports department and was a well-known basketball player.


Michel’s brother, Terpin is also a champion in the rally driving world. Michel had been racing with motorcycles before upgrading to car racing. He only spent four years racing in cars after joining his brother, where he became locally and internationally recognized as the best rally driver. Michel’s car has a v8 engine powered by ethanol, which helps it to move and adapt to new and different terrains. Rally driving is considered a dangerous sport to the lives of drivers, has now been taken as the most exciting sport in the country of Brazil.


Racing Experience and Performances


Michel Terpin is a Brazillian rally driver. Rodrigo, his brother, and Michel are members of a rally team that they founded called Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The team comprises of very qualified drivers who perfect their driving skills from time to time. There was a racing competition on the 22nd edition of a 155km stretch where Michel and his navigator, Justo attained the seventh position, and this is after they experienced some machine failures during the race. They then took up the challenge and participated in the next race, where they got the 5th position as they were more experienced and more trained. RodrigoTerpins is an outstanding leader in the Brazilian championship. Again, Michel Terpins along with his navigator.


Justo participated in the 25th edition, which was a 3300km race, and it was to be in three countries. They were to participate in the category of prototype TI. They became champions in their category as they held the 4th place overall.

Michel Terpins has severally participated in many competitions, which he always wins and becomes a champion. The winning has earned him great fame and has helped him acquire many ranks in the rally driving industries. You can checkout for more info.




Lets look at the world of Michel Terpins.

Michel Terpins is one of Brazil’s best-known rally drivers. He has been competing in the same since 2002 and has been able to prove that he was more than a good cross-country champion. Before he joined the rallying world, he was rider competing in the Brazilian Cross-Country championship. He had joined the competition as a junior rider, but had been able to overcome a lot of competition to sit at the top of the competition. His family has always been passionate about sports given his father, Jack Terpins was a professional basketball player. His father always encouraged him to join a sport and excel at it. What he did not know was that his son would excel in two sports and do so on a national level. His career has had several highlights one being when he finally won the cross-country championship.

His move to the world of rally was encouraged by his brother Rodrigo Terpins who sought to have him cross over as he knew he had much more than just a rider. The transition finally happened in 2002, and they formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This would at the time start as a two-person operation that was barely well equipped for competitions. As the years went by and with the constant good performances on the Sertoes rally one of the country’s toughest outings, they started attracting sponsors. This would help Terpins put together a professional outfit for the team that included mechanics, support and crew. They have transformed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team into a professional outfit that today represents a greater aspiration. The two brothers previously competed as a unit in one team, but as the need for increased representation for the team grew, they split each taking his own vehicle and looking for a navigator. Michel Terpins has made more than ten appearances for his team, and during this time his performance has improved drastically. The team has also grown and is today sponsored by MEM Motorsport that develops the team’s official racing car the T-Rex. As he looks forward to the coming edition of the Sertoes rally he can only hope to improve on his last performance. For more info you can checkout




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Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group Principal.

Peter Briger is an accomplished American private equity investor born in San Fransisco, California. He is also a senior principal at the established Fortress Investment Group. He attended the prestigious Princeton University where he undertook his bachelor’s in business administration.Peter Briger later gained admission into the University of Pennsylvania and furthered his education with a masters in business administration. He accumulated essential skills in leadership and finance that turned out to shape his business career.In the year 2002, Peter Briger secured a job at the Fortress Investment Group. He was required to sit in the Group’s management committee. The private equity firm was established in the year 1998 by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, Robert Kauffman, and Michael Edward. Due to his vital managerial skills, he was elected Fortress’ cochairman together with Wes Edens.

As Fortress’s chairman, he was required to manage the company’s business transactions.Under his leadership, the company became public. He also saw the firm’s employees grow to more than 2700 in number. He also controlled and managed over $75 billion in equity and property investments. The fortress was established with a $400 million in capital investments.In the year 2007, Fortress was enlisted in the New York Stock Exchange Market under Peter Briger’s influence. He was later elected as Fortress’ chief executive manager in the credit business department due to his excellent leadership skills.Before securing a job at Fortress Investment Group, he worked at Goldman Sachs for more than 16 years. He has also served in senior leadership roles in many companies. He was previously elected to the Asian Management board as well as the Global Control Committee.

Peter Briger announced the sale of his main business, Fortress Investment Group to the Japanese side, SoftBank Corporation. The company acquired Fortress at a hefty $3.3 billion in cash. In a contract made with Fortress’ officials, it was agreed that the firm would retain its quarters in New York City.It was also decided that Wes Edens would maintain his leadership role. The deal made by the duo would last for five years.He is also a renowned philanthropist who has put most of his finances and time into benevolent courses. He serves as a director at Silicon Valley Council. The foundation was launched to support needy children around the world. The group has provided many children with essential needs such as shelter, education, and food.


The Early Life and Career of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a serial entrepreneur and influential leader in the business world. He boasts of his over 20 years of experience in assets management as a financial consultant. He went to the Princeton University, where his sheer hard work and determination earned him a Bachelor of Arts and later joined the University of Pennsylvania to pursue his MBA.Mr. Briger currently works at Fortress Investment Group, a U.S. based firm as a co-chair. While he became a co-chair in 2009, Mr. Briger held various other leadership roles in Fortress Investment Group. Mr. Briger has been instrumental in the continued success of Fortress Investment Group, and as its principle and co-chair, he manages its affiliate real estate and credit firms. Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group to help it diversify its private equity into debt securities and real estate.

Previously, Mr. Briger had built himself an excellent reputation while he was working for Goldman Sachs as a financial advisor for over a decade.Peter Briger has helped Fortress Investment Group grow its portfolio, and he initiated the launch of Fortress Credit Portfolio, a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group in 2002. As the principle of Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Briger specializes in the management of investments, serving both institutional and private investors across the world. The firm currently manages a portfolio worth over $65 billion, and it amassed all this wealth in 2007 when its shares went public via an IPO. Today, people refer Mr. Briger as a self-made billionaire who built his over $2.3 billion worth of a portfolio from scratch. Recent Forbes rankings ranked him as the 407th wealthiest man in the world.

Peter Briger is also a dedicated philanthropist who sponsors various community-based and philanthropic programs. He currently serves on the board of Tipping Point, a nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering marginalized families in San Francisco. He is also a board member of Princeton University board of director as well as an avid sponsor of various environmental conservancies where he contributes hundreds of millions every year. Peter Briger has interest in initiatives that focus on poverty alleviation, children empowerment, and quality education. As a philanthropist, Mr. Briger has funded several humanitarian programs including a professorship program sponsored by Princeton University. He also serves on boards of several other prestigious schools across the United States. Peter Bridger has recently teamed up with two other alumni of Princeton University to mentor and fund graduates in their pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence.


How Rick Shinto’s Leadership is Influencing InnovaCare Health’s Growth

Managed healthcare is the term used for different forms of healthcare units that strive to contain the costs by evaluating the services provided. As such, another name used instead of managed healthcare is healthcare maintenance. The primary intention of managed forms of healthcare is reducing the healthcare costs. All too often, emphasis is put on prevention as well as early intervention instead of care provided when a patient falls sick. InnovaCare Health is one such company that offers extensive managed healthcare services to its patients.


The Establishment of InnovaCare Health


Founded in 1998, InnovaCare Health is a Medicaid firm based in North America. It offers extensive and advanced healthcare services to its clients. Some of these services include physician practice as well as Medicare plans. The company is led by Rick Shinto, the head of general operations who also serves as the CEO. He is the pioneer of the firm as had enrolled at the North American Medical Management in California. While still working as a physician, he recognized the importance of offering unmet operational skills to payers as well as the physician unions in the developing markets. For that reason, he partnered with NAMM to help the healthcare firms in offering high quality care in abundance.


Background Information

Dr. Shinto collaborated with NAMM to assist the healthcare companies in providing quality care effectively. For over 100 years, this company has employed experienced healthcare practitioners to offer excellent services to the patients. So far, they have succeeded in their objective. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Penelope Kokkinides Leads in Administrative Duties

Over the years, InnovaCare has appointed different leaders including Penelope Kokkinides. She is the chief administrative officer of the company and streamlines general operations. Over the years, she has served as the president of clinical operations for over 10 years. She also has more than 10 years experience in administering government programs in the industry of managed care. Moreover, she is good at providing clinical programs that improve efficiencies as well as organizational structures. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Kokkinides was employed by Centerlight Healthcare. She served as the senior operating officer for general management. She was also in charge of the managed care unit and the president of Touchstone Health. She also served as the head of UnitedHealth Group and was in charge of developing as well as implementing the firm’s health model. You can visit


Kokkinides has extensive knowledge in biological sciences as well as classical languages. She is an alumnus of the Binghamton University. Additionally, she also attended Columbia University.



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Alex Hern on the keys to his success

Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur for more than twenty-five years and has quite the long list of accomplishments to his name. He co-founded the technology behind the search engines used by MSN, Yahoo, and AOL. Read more about Alex Hern at He cofounded Yesmail, an email marketing, and web directory company which sold for six hundred fifty million dollars just ten short months after its conception. He has also co-founded a cybersecurity company that sold to Hewlett-Packard for 1.5 billion. Currently, Alex Hern is the CEO of TsunamiXR, a tech company born when the paradigm of computing power shifted from a CPU driven space to a GPU driven computing space. Mr.Hern noticed the need for more software applications and platforms that could take advantage of the new higher levels of spatial computing power that was available and thus TsunamiXR was born with the goal to fill that hole in the market. Visit to know more.

Needless to say, Alex Hern has been very successful but just what does he attribute his success to? A recent interview on may shed some light on exactly that question. When asked what one habit is crucial to making a successful entrepreneur Mr.Hern replied “Focus. It is a very simple thing to say, but staying focused on your goals is extremely important and surprisingly difficult”. Focus seems to be key for Mr. Hern’s day to day life as well when asked what a typical day for him is like he had this to say “I spend 4-5 hours every day concentrating on the one thing that will allow me and my company to move forward and achieve our goal”. Another core message that comes across strongly in the interview is that when it comes to being an entrepreneur failure is your friend. Viewing failure as a learning process has been crucial in Mr.Herns success.


Jim Larkin’s Revolutionary Uncle Was Hanged In Manchester

An argument can be made that the historic life of Jim Larkin, the most significant labor leader for Ireland in the 20th Century, can be traced back to England in the 1860s.

It was in 1867 that Jim Larkin’s uncle, Michael Larkin, was hanged by the British government. Larkin has been charged with the murder of a police officer along with two other co-conspirators in a crime that came to be known as the Manchester Outrages.

But to the Irish people living in England, the Manchester incident was not a case of murder. It was a legitimate military operation in Ireland’s ongoing struggle to gain independence from the British Crown. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

The death of the police officer happened during a daring raid on a prison van that was carrying three Irish prisoners. Michael Larkin along with William Allen and Michael O’Brien ambushed the horse drawn wagon.

It sported a cage in which the prisoners were locked during their transport. The waylayers managed to free the captives, killing a police guard in the process. The prisoners escaped, but the three accosting Irishmen were captured, tried — then hanged.

Jim Larkin is known to have commented on the fate of his uncle. He suggested that one member of his family gets hanged in every generation of his family — perhaps a bit of hyperbole since Michael Larkin is the only known relative of Jim Larkin to suffer such a fate.

But the Manchester Outrages demonstrates the context of the struggles between Britain and Ireland that would shape the life of Jim Larkin.

It must be noted, however, that Jim Larkin was not so much a freedom fighter for his nation — but for the urban working poor of Ireland and England. His enemy was not so much The Crown as it was the wealthy elite and the politically powerful.

Larkin himself would spend more than one stint in prison, although he never came near to facing capital punishment. It seems clear, though, that the revolutionary spirit ran deep in the bloodline of the Larkins. They spoke truth to power, and backed it up with bold action.

Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare

Originally from Tanzania, Shafik Sachedina emigrated to the UK in the 1960’s where he earned his medical degree from Guy Medical Hospital. He later studied at the London Dental School and has earned the reputation as one the best dental surgeons in field.

Shafik Sachedina is very involved in the Islamic community. He is Head of the Department of the Institute of Ismaili Studies. The institute’s goal is to educate the world about Islamic culture and religion through its literature and public awareness campaigns. He is a primary component within the organization providing leadership and guidance to its sixteen branches throughout the world making sure that the organization is functioning as one entity with a shared goal of enlightenment. Shafik Sachedina has also played an active role in the Ismaili community promoting cultural heritage and awareness for all Muslims. His involvement with organizations such as Jamati and Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum as well as the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom only further demonstrates his resilience at keeping the Muslim faith and culture on the forefront within his community.

Shafik Sachedina is currently a Chairman of Sussex Healthcare where he is able to apply his vast expertise in the medical field. He and his co-chairman, Shiraz Boghani, have combined their talents to create a conglomerate of medical facilities in the UK that specialize in caring for the elderly and disabled. Their facilities are known for their humanitarian approach to taking care of their patients. They strongly maintain and believe in their approach to long-term care providing patients with an environment focused on dignity and growth.

Mr. Sachedina’s philanthropic efforts are admirable as well. He is involved with Agha Khan as well as serving as chairman of Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committees offering much-needed assistance to underprivileged Muslims throughout the world.

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