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Paul Mampilly Assists the Working Class Investor

From Wall Street Investor

Paul Mampilly is switching financial gears! His reason for leaving Wall Street and becoming an editor at Banyan Publishing is fulfilling his desire to help the day worker tackle Wall Street and make headway as a successful investor. Paul Mampilly has helped large investment companies for over twenty years. Companies like Bankers Trust Company, Deutsche Asset Management, and Kinetics Asset Management, he feels its now time to help the regular working class investor. Paul Mampilly has an understanding that Wall Street leaves out a majority of people and he wants to help them thru his writing and giving his investment advice.

Banyan Hill Publishing

Now he works with Banyan Hill Publishing, which serves the thousands of individual investors who are seeking professional advice to build their portfolios of investments. As an editor and writer of several newsletters that go out to thousands of investors daily, Paul Mampilly sees an opportunity to bring the working class investor to a higher level of investing thru offering stock recommendations thru his personal research assisted by a team of analysts and researchers.

Long Hours of Research and Analysis

For every investment recommendation that comes from Paul Mampilly and his expert team, hundreds of hours are spent researching thoroughly every aspect a company has to offer. After all the research has been finalized Paul “Guru” Mampilly goes away and spends another 20-40 hours writing his recommendation fashioning his investment recommendations in language that can benefit each of his clients who subscribe to one or several newsletters he edits and authors.

High Returns From Investments

The result of his research and recommendations are seen in the results for his clients. His recommendations have been the focus of beating the market sometimes as much as 30% or higher per recommendation. While his clients are most grateful for his recommendations, “Guru” Mampilly has continued this type of research, analysis and investment strategy since his earliest investments as when he won the Templeton Fund Competition back in 2009 where he made a 76% return on a 50 million dollar investment.

Article Title: EOS Lip Balm Joins the Fight Against HIV and AIDS

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EOS is a lip balm company. This is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth. The company has uniquely shaped packaging. The egg shape helps users find their lip balm much easier at the bottom of a purse, bag, or reaching for it while driving. EOS boasts about their products being 100% natural. This means no artificial colors or flavors. Many lip balm companies will use beeswax in their products. EOS does not.

EOS has a large product line with many flavored lip balms. Like many companies, EOS has limited edition flavors they come out with. Notably, they have some for Christmas holiday flavors, Easter holiday flavors, and special spring or summer flavors. These are new each year and they are limited to the time of these holidays or season. EOS was founded by 2 men who wanted to improve the lives of women and girls around the world.

For a limited time, EOS has teamed up with the RED organization. Users can buy a specially branded EOS lip balm to help fight HIV and AIDS. This EOS package is the traditional egg-shaped the users of EOS are accustomed to. The container is a dark cherry red. When you buy an EOS RED, a portion of the retail price goes to the RED foundation.

EOS administrators find since there are many women and girls who make up the population of those living with HIV and AIDS that it would be an excellent idea to join the fight. After all, EOS would like to help improve the lives of women and girls around the world. The EOS RED is no different than other EOS products. The only thing is that a portion of the retail goes to the RED organization. No other products by EOS will go toward the organization.

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How José Auriemo Neto Managed To Expand JHSF

Over the past few decades, JHSF has been growing steadily and made a few aggressive moves into a variety of markets during that time. Much of this has been under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto, the son of the companies retired founder. However, that doesn’t mean that Mr. Neto was handed his position; on the contrary, he worked his way up the company from quite a young age. His career inside JHSF began when he was 17 and had just started college, and at the time worked a few weekly shifts in the companies parking administration sector. However, José Auriemo Neto quickly realized that he preferred working in the company to the Engineering course he was studying.

As a result, Mr. Neto quit college and began working in his father’s company full-time. With this, he’s spent several decades working in almost every area of the business and used this time to develop the skills and knowledge he’d need to one day run the company. During this time, he also played a pivotal role in many of the key decisions that have helped JHSF grow exponentially; this was something that he’s also done repeatedly since becoming Chairman and CEO of the retail investment company. Probably one of the most significant of these was when José Auriemo Neto realized that there was a significant amount of potential in the high-income luxury development market. However, his father was still in charge of the company at the time and wasn’t convinced.

Over time, however, José managed to convince his father to invest in Parque Cidade Jardim, which would serve as a multi-function enterprise set across over eighty thousand square meters in the Marginal Pinheiros region. Having said that, however, many weren’t convinced in the feasibility of the project. That being said, Mr. Neto pushed through and was able to finish the project. The result of José Auriemo Neto and JHSF’s efforts was a location that boasted a luxury shopping mall, residential buildings, commercial buildings, gyms and much more. The move proved so successful that the revenue generated from the endeavor led to JHSF being traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange and going on to more success.

Rebel Wilson’s Co-Stars In The Cats Movie

Rebel Wilson recently turned 39 at the beginning of the month. She celebrated her birthday with her friends making cakes and doing an exercise called catzercise.

She is starring in the movie, Cats that is yet to be released. She showed the public some dance moves that she and her friends learned during their rehearsal. They wore cat costumes when illustrating the dance moves on their Instagram.

She was born in Sydney, Australia in March 1980. She grew up there with her three siblings being offered support by their parents. She grew up being shy until she went to a community acting class where she cried before her mother left. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

At the age of 15, she joined debate clubs to talk more so that she would build a great personality in herself. Her drama teacher emphasized her to join a creative competition that facilitated her in coming out of the shell.

The party conducted by her friends in Beverly Hills was a surprise to Rebel Wilson. She sang praises for the workout after they finished warming up. They went to Milk Bar for a cake-making class during her birthday. She congratulated Milk Bar on giving her a platform to party on her IG account. Her friends and she went to her house where they ate pizzas and performed the exercise they practiced on their rehearsal, catzercise.

The actor posted a picture of herself with the cast of Cats saying that they are incredible to work with them. Wilson will star in the movie alongside celebrities like Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, and Ian McKellen. She is happy to work with Taylor Swift who turned 29 this year. This is because Swift makes her illustrate her sexual vibe the movie in the musical part of the film.

Rebel praises Swift of being a lovely lady and being the sexiest cat in the movie in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Idris Elba, 46, agreed with what Wilson said when he was interviewed by Variety on March this year.

Taylor gave gifts to her costars who were happy about it and some posted them on their Instagram accounts. The movie Cats is set to hit the theatres on December 20th.

Being a funny character, Rebel Wilson is able to win the hearts of many individuals across the globe. Despite the many challenges that come her way, she insists that nothing is going to slow her down in achieving her goals. Going to an all-girls school, she developed an attitude towards girls having a career for themselves that would lead to a good life.

At the age of 17, she traveled to South Africa for an event which made her fall for acting. She attended the Australian Theater for Young People and the University of New South Wales. Due to her uniqueness, she got signed up on the second day by her agent in the United States. Rebel Wilson is a winner of several awards including the Glamour’s International Woman of the Year.

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OSI Food Solutions Has Established Themselves As A Global Leader In The Food Service Industry

OSI is a well-known food supply company that has been in operation since 1909 when the original owner Otto came to America from Germany with a small dream to open a meat shop. Fast forward a century and OSI Food Solutions has become one of the biggest contenders in the food supply market. As the company continues to expand, they have been acquiring other corporations in the food industry such as Baho food and Flagship Europe. These strategic acquisitions have given OSI Food Solutions a great position in the market as well as more influence in developing regions.

Size isn’t the only thing that OSI is known for, however, they are also one of the biggest names when it comes to environmental safety. Back in 2016, OSI was awarded the Globe of Honour for their excellence protecting the environment. OSI Food Solutions strives to be the best quality product in every area and they even demand excellence from their vendors. Today, OSI Food Solutions employs more than 20 thousand people around the world in more than a dozen countries. They currently have 65 facilities in operation and more will continue to come in the next several years as they continue to grow. As leaders in the meat production market, OSI Food Solutions provides premium quality meats in all forms, including meatballs, patties, hot dogs, bacon, poultry, fish, and various others.

Many companies around the business world have exclusively chosen OSI as their supplier for many products over the years for their quality and general ability to deliver around the world. This includes Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, and one of the biggest fast food contenders in the world, McDonald’s. The dedication OSI has displayed quality in goods and safety for the environment have earned them many accolades over the years and allowed them to become one of the fastest growing food companies in the world. Forbes listed the food supply company as one of the top 100 largest privately owned corporations back in 2011 and they have since grown even larger with expansions underway throughout Eastern Europe and the Asian-Pacific region. Click here.

Ara Chackerian’s Decades-Long Technology Startup Career and Forward-Looking Sentiments

In the past, startups in some industries such as healthcare have typically been harder to find backers for because of the initial lack of capital that it creates when the company’s stock IPOs; Nobody wanted to invest a lot of money for it to just drop straight out of the gate. However, the tides are shifting regarding this thanks to the enormous overall gains in the markets since the virtual beginning of the Obama presidency. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Ara Chackerian knows a thing or two about startups, having created a few himself. Ara is the co-founder and creator of Limonapa Teak: an eco-friendly Teak tree harvesting company which provides many needed jobs to the local Nicaraguan market. Additionally, Ara is the founder of many healthcare technology companies in the area of diagnostic imaging: one of which implements transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Finding capital was admittedly difficult, even in one of the startup capitals of the world: New York City. According to 2017 figures, NYC raised about $803 million dollars for startups across 79 different companies. Jonathan LaMantia of concurs that based on an NYC Health Business Leaders article, “access to capital, proximity to major universities and support from local and state government” make it much easier for startups to get funded in the Big Apple. The report specifically included that this “included companies in the healthcare categories of devices and supplies; services; technology systems; pharmaceuticals and biotech; and other healthcare.” So clearly, Chakarian is not alone in his view of the prevailing attitude toward healthcare startups. NaviMed Capital’s managing director, Dr. Bijan Salehizadeh, agrees in his assertion that “We need more entrants to buy digital health companies.” NGP Capital’s John Gardner adds that “we are seeing the emergence of real, scientific wellness companies that combine genomic/biometric screening with rigorous population analysis and coaching support.” All of this seems to indeed indicate a shifting paradigm: one which could markedly improve investors accounts and also make a huge difference in the lives of many people in need of the benefits which these technologies hold.

The secret behind Guilherme Paulus’ success in entrepreneurship

Investing in Brazil is not an easy task as many people might think because of high government taxes, unstable bureaucracy, and lack of venture capital. According to the World Bank’s survey of 2017, Brazil ranked 125 out of 190 countries globally in the ease of entrepreneurship. Besides, Brazil was number 179 in starting a business category. However, every businessperson that manages to go through the mentioned hardships enjoys the fruits of investing in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus is one of the experienced Brazilian entrepreneurs with the ability to overcome many hurdles. Brazil ranks at position 131 out of 190 countries in registering property. The country lies at position 170 and 184 in dealing with construction permits and taxes respectively.

It’s clear that Guilherme Paulus had a distinct plan on how to undergo all these challenges before he invested in tourism and accommodations business in Brazil. He utilized every opportunity and invested in listening to people, government agencies, customers and everyone with a positive mindset at the beginning of his venture. According to Guilherme, asking for advice and listening to the elders are some of the soft skills needed to succeed in entrepreneurship. His unique vision of venturing in tourism is in Brazil was a productive idea because Brazil has many tourist destinations. Besides, Guilherme executed the plan in a very professional way because he targeted the areas with high human traffic in setting up his tour selling outlets.

The 70 years old, Guilherme Paulus studied business administration at the University before joining IBM as an intern in 1969. Carlos who was a local government official and had the idea of venturing in the tourism business met Paulus in 1972. They both embraced the unique business idea, but Guilherme confessed to Carlos that he had no capital. They agreed to start a company, and they named it CVC, Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda, with Carlos doing the financing and Guilherme Paulus management. Paulus opened the first outlet at a strategic point near a cinema hall in Sao Paulo taking advantage of high human traffic. The partnership last for four years and Carlos left the company in the hands of Paulus. Guilherme started his GJP Hotels and Resorts consisting of 14 hotels and resorts across Brazil among other investments.

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Allied Wallet Growth and Giving Back To the Community

Allied Wallet is private payments and transaction processing company specializing in the provision of new and more innovative payment processing solutions. Allied Wallet was founded by the Chief Executive Officer Andy Khawaja in 2002 and is based in West Hollywood, California, United States. Andy came up with the idea of the company as many shoppers felt insecure for the safety of transactions conducted according to research conducted. The company, therefore, offers encrypted, quick and live support transactions processes.

Allied Wallet CEO Contributions to the Company

Since Andy began revolutionizing the company in 2005, the industry has experienced significant changes in the payments processes through innovation and adoption of new technologies. He was featured in The Technology Headlines Magazine. Unleashing New Possibilities for the Payment Industry, where he highlights some of the key components that led to the success of Allied Wallet.

Allied Wallet currently has expanded its offices to New York, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Mohali, Dublin, and Tokyo. The main motives for the growth of the company include challenging the status quo, positivity, teamwork and the current technology which enhances the innovations. According to the CEO, Allied Wallet future will experience more advanced online shopping platforms accompanied by the introduction of new products and services in the transaction sector.

Allied Wallet´s Philanthropic Work

Andy Khawaja and his company, Allied Wallet, received a certificate for the appreciation of the donations made to Paralyzed Veterans in America. Over the years, the company has shown significant support to various organizations such as After-School All-Stars, Hope for Change International and among others as a strategy to give back to society. Allied Wallet presents its charity work to clients and customers as well as the global community as a way of showing appreciation for the support they give to the company.

Andy Khawaja stated that their support for the veterans came as a result of honoring those who dedicate their lives to present freedom to people worldwide. The latitude and peace in the world, therefore, enable companies to operate anywhere in the world hence contributing primarily to growth and development, especially shopping. Allied Wallet through the CEO accepted the grant proudly with remarks of continued support to various groups worldwide.

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Rebel Wilson’s Star Role in the Movie “Isn’t It Romantic”

Rebel Wilson is a woman who has had quite a successful career in the film industry and it’s not surprising that she got the lead role in the movie Isn’t It Romantic, 2019. However, her career as an actress did not start yesterday but rather started back after she finished studying at the Australian Theatre for young People in the year 2003.

She has her birth roots back in Sydney, Australia where she grew up and attended high school. Since she loved working with numbers, it was clear to her that she wanted to pursue a career in mathematics at the time. She attended University in South Wales whereby she studied performance and theatre arts after which she graduated in the year 2009. She also pursued a course in law while still at the University.

The Australian Theatre for young people offered her a scholarship which saw her relocate to New York City whereby she held a couple of acting roles in various comedy festivals and stage musicals.

A lot of the roles she held helped her gain a lot not only as an actress but also as a producer and writer. Some of these productions include The Westie Monologues, Confessions of an Exchange Student and Spunks.

Most of the roles she has held are notably in comedy films whereby she has absolutely mastered and played them in a fitting manner. There is a very long list of blockbuster movies that she has had a role in. Some of these include Ghost Rider, Thank God You Are Here, City Homicide, Bargain, Monster House, Bogan Pride, Fat Pizza and The Wedge.

In Hollywood, she has also featured in many films as an actress, producer or write. This came after she moved from Australia to United States so as to further her career in film. She has appeared in films such as Bridesmaids, Workaholics, Struck by Lightning, A Few Best Men, Rules of Engagement and the sequence Pitch Perfect. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

It’s not a wonder that she has received many accolades for the many film roles which she has taken part in. Parts of these accolades include Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress in a Comedy, Best Actor in a Movie and various nominations for Best Performance. Apart from acting, she has also hosted a couple of shows and award events.

In her recent flick, Isn’t It Romantic, she costars alongside other famous actors such as Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra not forgetting Adam DeVine.

It’s a romantic comedy in which Rebel Wilson plays the role of Natalie, a woman who gets hit on her head and after waking up, she only sees everything revolving around romance and comedy. Natalie is an Architect who lives in New York but has her roots in Australia. She strives to find love so as to free herself from fantasy and come back into the real world.

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Rick Cofer and Efforts to Implement Recycling in Parks

The banning of single use plastic has become widespread across the world. More cities are implementing laws and bans to help the environment and create a healthier lifestyle and world for the upcoming generations. However, in 2018, Austin residents were disappointed to learn that Texas Supreme Court made a decision to dismantle the ban of single use plastic. Many of the residents of Austin will continue to use reusable bags instead of plastic, despite the decision.

Rick Cofer, a criminal defense attorney in Travis county and a chairman of the Austin Parks and Recreation, agrees in the banning of single plastic use and believes that retailers will uphold that ban despite plastic still being available. Rick Cofer also serves in many different non-profits that benefit the environment, one of them being chairman of the Austin Zero Waste Commission, where he has led communities into recycling more and using less plastic. Since the ban on single plastic use was reversed, he has made it a mission to create more recycling areas available in parks. There are many parks that have no recycling whatsoever, so Rick Cofer has proposed different plans and budgets to make that a reality.

Two of the proposals of budget plans that the Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force have presented are:

Option A: A one-year plan that would cost more than $1.3 million, and that money would come from the city’s budget, donors, and from a monthly clean community fee increase of 31 cents.

Option B: A two year-plan of $802,500 and the money would come from the same sources as Option A. However, the monthly clean community fee would only be 16 cents.

Although there is a proposal, one of the hurdles the task force is facing is the actual planning. There can’t be much done if there is a proposal but no action is put into either of the plans. The money from the sources would go into a recycling program coordinator, 800 additional receptacles, 900 signs at all Parks and Recreation facilities, a park ground specialist, public education, temporary employees, and ongoing collection and hauling services. Rick Cofer is really pushing for the city to recycle and take up on either option in order to not just be a city that talks the talk about recycling and being environmentally friendly. To know more about Rick Cofer visit