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Jason Hope: Giving Towards a Better Tomorrow

The SENS Research Foundation, a company dedicated exclusively to the field of regenerative medicine, recently received a sizable donation from technology and investment guru Jason Hope. The $500,000 donation is just the beginning for Jason Hope, he has shown immense support for this field of research and this foundation. He has dedicated most of his philanthropic energy to this cause and his recent donation shows just how dedicated he is to helping the SENS Research Foundation change the way that human beings view the concept of their lifetime. A major source of ire for individuals looking at the field is that they believe these researchers do not respect the process of aging, but in fact, they may have more respect for the process because they are looking into regenerative medicine. They want to find a way to increase the number of healthy or prime years the individual has. If they were interested in simply lengthening the number of years, there be less work paid to cells on an individual basis and more attention to diseases or ailments.

Jason Hope’s donation was so substantial that a news article was posted on entitled “Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging. Author Amanda Peters explains that the SENS Research Foundation already has big plans for Hope’s sizable donation. New research has been implemented looking into the hardening of the specific arteries within the body that contribute to the development of high blood pressure, Hope’s money will help aid that branch of research substantially. Specifically, the scientist at SENS wants to find a way to keep the proteins that exist within specific artery cells from bonding and triggering the hardening process. Throughout the entire field of geriatric medicine, there are conditions that are directly related to this process and it could provide a steppingstone for more large-scale change.

Hope, himself, holds a degree from Arizona State University in finance and an MBA from the WP Carey School of Business. This is allowed him to make sound financial decisions and even create his own technology companies. He is using the proceeds from those companies to fund his philanthropic efforts and make a better community. He offers individuals a chance to qualify for some of his charities in grant programs on his website, but he also actively looks for opportunities to invest. While Hope may be known for his philanthropy, his interest in the future has always been a top priority. His generosity will go far.

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Jeff Yastine Unmasks Investment Secrets

Jeff Yastine is a prominent business professional, investor, former financial journalist and financial advisor. In the past, he has worked with several investment advisors who offered him insight on major investment schemes and businesses. While working with these professionals, he majored on interviewing stock market entrepreneurs, financiers, and general entrepreneurs. Alongside working with them, Yastine internalized their advice and considered applying it to becoming one of the world’s most successful investors. Visit to know more.

Before delving into journalism, Yastine was a student at the University of Florida. Upon graduation, he became a financial journalist working in North Carolina. Shortly after, he decided to join PBS’s Nightly Business Report as a news anchor and correspondent. At that moment, most Americans watched the show with the hope of finding the right investment plan for their business. Moreover, he majored in financial with the viewership of some of his current clients. Working as a financial journalist, Jeff Yastine was in a position to evaluate some of the most promising stock markets including Petmed Express, Mako Surgical, Carnival Corp, and Royal Caribbean among others.

As a financial journalist, Jeff Yastine spoke to some of the most influential businessmen who played a crucial role in helping him shape his career. Among these prominent business professionals are Warren Buffett and Michael Dell among others. After interacting with the named individuals, he decided to delve into the industry of investment with the hope of becoming a financial advisor in the end.

Because of his involvement with the stock market in 1987, Yastine learned invaluable lessons when just at twenty-three, it dawned on him that he owned no stocks. Alongside a market crash that impacted investor’s life in many ways, he was predetermined to join other investors who risked their resources in different businesses. Now at that moment, Yastine developed passion for a different business that allowed him to grow as a person. The crash contributed to his interest in learning how the market works. He also learned how the significant value of a commodity could be destroyed.


Currently, Yastine works at Banyan Hill Publishing as the chief editor of Total Wealth Insider. Jeff also serves as a weekly contributor to the company’s Sovereign Investor Daily as well as Winning Investor Daily where he highlights the key areas of focus for investors to understand economics as well as monetary trends.

The Kennedy Accounts were not just discovered by Jeff Yastine recently. In fact, they have been in the industry for some time. President Kennedy formed them during the market recession that paralyzed most of America’s financial sectors. To be honest, the Kennedy Accounts come as different items for everyone. For starters, some people have easily made up to $100,000 from this investment docket. Others have on the other side concluded that the investment scheme offers more than the usual social security funds. Visit the website to learn more.

How To Get Into Vaping Using 02Pur Products

Sometimes consumption of tobacco could be addictive and therefore you are likely to experience great challenges if you decide to avoid taking it. O2Pur is a company that majors in availing related products of e-cigarettes to their cus tomers and assisting them in doing away with the smoking habits. It may sound confusing how this works but just relax as this article guides you on how to go about.

Choose the right e-cigarette

You do not just go about buying any e-cigarette that comes your way but choosing the right one is vital. You should be determined to choose an e-cig that you can depend on anytime. Of course, this sounds easy but it may not be as simple as it is, as more efforts are required. There are approximately 500 varieties of the cigs in the market and therefore you need to be careful about which one you go for. Some of these brands may be of low quality and thus unable to quench your needs.

It is always recommendable to consider the high-quality e-cigs, their value and those that provide best results for you. A variety of these options are widely provided by O2Pur and thus you should never at all be driven by how cheap an e-cig is , as it may not contain what you need.

Ease of use

When you have the e-cigs at hand, the ease of use is essential in helping you pull through. You do not have to rush into things just take it slow and it will work out well for you with time. Transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-cigs is such a great accomplishment since it tends to be natural. The 02Pur company also offers complex electronic cigarettes which may also be used but in the advanced stages of transition. Just like in choosing the right e-cigarette, similar applications are required for the electronic cigarettes.

Choosing the best nicotine level

Choosing the best nicotine level is also vital in the transition process. However, much carefulness is paramount in this procedure since at times the user information may not be printed on the boxes. After all, your intentions are fleeing away from smoking and not going back to it. You may also choose to acquire this from O2Pur since it is the more reliable company in these products. The levels you choose depends on your smoking trends. For instance, smokers who consume one pack in a day, about 16 mg is good for them though they may increase that later 24 mg. Vaping e-cigaret tes absorb lesser nicotine levels as compared to smoking cigarettes and thus it is advisable to vape more e-cigs to attain the same levels.

For best results, try as much as possible to vape e-cigs the same way you used to smoke the cigarettes. The routine helps to avoid the extreme desires for smoking and hence doing away with the smoking habits.

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Samuel Strauch: A Dilligent and Ingenious Business Leader

     Meet Florida real estate agent Samuel Strauch. In the business for over 16 years, Strauch founded Metrik Real Estate in 2002. Strauch is an innovative business leader, and has been ranked in the top 12% of real estate agents in the Miami area.

Samuel Strauch received his bachelor’s degree at Hofstra University in New York, where he studied business administration. He also studied at the graduate-level at Harvard University, and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Samuel Strauch has stressed that a progressive, and forward-thinking mindset is essential for success. He has stated, “Being forward thinking and creative is part of our DNA and it clearly sets us apart as leaders in our industry.” He emphasizes the importance of creativity, by comparing it to DNA, clearly showing how this mindset should be a core part of any business leader.

Creativity is something that bleeds into his personal life as well. Samuel Strauch is an admirer of art, and of photography in particular.

Mr. Strauch believes in merit-based employment practices. With reference to a past issue regarding employee satisfaction and performance he has said, “I had to bring a new team to re-assemble all the damage, implement new systems and establish new employment policies based on performance.” Mr. Strauch understands the importance of rewarding hard work.

Samuel Strauch is a successful, and innovative entrepreneur. Creativity, and innovation is what has set him apart in real estate, and is important for any business leader.

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Go Forth and Conquer: Why Drew Madden Matters More than Ever

There are bigger concerns in the retail world than deciding what color the newest promotion sign will be, how significant a change in sales capacity can be attained by a few meaningless switcharoos in an off-to-the-side planogram, or the niceties of setting up corrugate displays on the sales floor to promote some product that nobody cares about. Actually, while all of this is happening in the foreground to mask the grim reality of the larger situation at hand, there are net-based monoliths such as Amazon working their magic on many retail industries at once to shoehorn innovation into markets that may or may not be ready for it yet.

Whether you as a client want to see it or not, changes are happening. Toys “R” Us was just run into the ground, and while there were many poor decisions by the company that led into this tragedy, Amazon’s own grip on the retail sector has indisputably contributed to the toy company’s fate. We’re not forgetting about Whole Foods’ recent fall, either, and there are many more companies that are feeling the heat of Amazon’s influence with the passing days — Amazon fever, we’ll call it. Despite this febrile condition of every brick-and-mortar store across the country, there are great results coming out of it, and the customer is winning thanks to the competition.

Most recently, there’s the matter of Amazon’s travails to obtain legal licensing for the selling and delivery of goods for medical establishments. These goods primarily relate to equipment that’s needed for the continuing operations of medically focused businesses such as CVS, but they can also be used to sell such equipment to individuals themselves who are in need of them. However, this isn’t all sunshine and butterflies for CVS and their ilk since Amazon is leveraging this to also obtain licenses for the distribution of prescription pills themselves.

CVS is firing back by negotiating with Aetna to sell health insurance inside their own stores, which is an excellent strategy to keep the retail monolith off their shoulders for years to come. However, this advancement will require professional assistance in refining CVS’ medical IT systems, and Drew Madden is a name that you’re about to see in the media more often as a result. With the retail sector transforming into a battlefield, many new services and names from behind the scenes will be surfacing, and Madden himself is about to become very important for CVS and related stores to survive.

Equities First Holdings, Awesome Company

Equities First Holdings is an elite leader in the financial industry. Equities First Holdings has been able to become very successful in the financial industry since they are independent from the government. Equities First Holdings has multiple locations located throughout the entire world. No matter what country Equities First Holdings is located in, they are not affiliated with the government in any way. Equities First Holdings allows wealth businessmen and women to loan money from their establishment.

Small and large business owners are also allowed to borrow money from the company. Equities First Holdings does not require their borrowers to have a reason for the loan. The only requirement that Equities First Holdings has for customers is for them to display the ability to repay the loan. As collateral, sometimes Equities First Holdings will hold liquid assets or stocks, bonds, and trades until the loan is successfully paid back.

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Rodrigo Terpins- Off-road Rallies and Retail

The Sertoes Rally is one of the most popular events in Brazil in the sport of off-road rally driving. Brazilian driver and businessman Rodrigo Terpins have been taking part in it for many years, and most of those have been in a team with his younger brother and off-road rally driver, Michel Terpins.



The Bull Sertoes rally Team was started by the two brothers several years ago. They have become popular in the sport for attending the Sertoes Rally almost every single year and always coming out among the top participants. Last year, Michel Terpins came out on place number seven of the fastest drivers.


Based on broadcast, the car he was driving was a T-Rex, and it was provided by one of the sponsors of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Unfortunately, the car started experiencing some technical difficulties and that caused Michel Terpins to slow down for about 300 km in order to allow his tech team to find a solution to the problem. He would have finished the race higher up among the fastest participants otherwise.



Rodrigo Terpins also drives a T-Rex car. However, his preferred vehicle has always been the motorcycle. Borth brothers race in the Prototype T category for cars and motorcycles. Often, Rodrigo Terins would race on behalf of charities and to fundraise money to support a variety of good causes. He is big on philanthropy and one of his latest partnership is with an organization that works on sustainable reforestation.



The primary career of Rodrigo Terpins is in the retail industry. He has been working in the business for many years and started doing off-road rally driving as an outlet for his love of motorcycles and the outdoors. He has taken after his father who is a lover of sports and is also working in the can visit  for more details.




Jack Terpins used to play basketball professionally for a less known team in Brazil. After some years, Jack Terpins moved on to work in a more corporate environment and is now a big name in sports business in Brazil, helping create better policies for athletes in the country.


PSI-Pay: European Banking

Europeans use digital wallets because they contain their balance, the convenience of linking their debit cards to may withdraws at the ATM, while also being capable of having a variety of currencies (pounds & euros). Some people close their checking accounts and depend directly on European-style wallets, but it is best to live in a region where retailers and providers accept mobile installments. Moreover, many governments do not insure mobile wallets (like Paypal, Venmo, and the European Union), however Google Wallet is covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. And it is illegal for mobile banking to pay interest or offer loans to users.


An example of European wallet banking is EcoPayz with its free sign up service and its VIP members pay lower fees and get several features. It charges a credit card fee that is percentage-based, nevertheless, deposit with other currencies and bitcoin is not charged a fee. Users can also use a prepaid EcoCard for payments to access their mobile bank. And Fintech’s PSI-Pay is managed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, so users have less concerns about using their mobile banking. And PSI-Pay can disburse prepaid cards to companies through Mastercard’s consent.


The American digital wallet (examples: Masterpass, Walmart Pay, and Samsung Pay) usually does not carry money and users do not usually deposit money, for American link their credit and/or debit cards to their digital banks for purchases. It protects users’ information and decrease chances of users’ wallets from getting hacked. Americans become interest in digital wallets because of the speed of the transactions, instant payments, and the acts of freezing their accounts, but Americans still are less interested in mobile banking compared to Europeans.


Europeans’ use mobile banking for several purchases both online. and offline. It is easy to use via smartphone and easy to pay at restaurants without handing a waiter their card. Moreover, users can link gloves, bracelets, watches, or pins to their digital banks/accounts. U.K. citizens can use a Kerv Wearable zirconia ceramic ring to pay businesses; allowing users to not carry smartphones, use a signature, or enter PINs to complete online or offline transactions. Moreover, users can deposit in their mobile wallet, PayPal, or bank. They are partners with PSI-Pay and affiliated with Mastercard.


The European and American digital banking as well as contact less and wearable devices provides protection and quick purchasing even though they both do not offer the same advantage. Creative businesses like PSI-Pay, EcoPayz and Kerv continuously work to improve personal finance for a more suitable and inexpensive experience for everyone.


Matt Badiali Says A New Dawn For Rare Earth Metals

Geologist analyst and wealth strategist, Matt Badiali says it’s a new dawn for rare earth elements. He’s talking about the earth’s natural resources, like dysprosium, praseodymium, neodymium, lanthanum and yttrium. Rare earth minerals guarantee an improvement in the performance of electronic devices like tablets, and smartphones, and the demand is increasing.

Badiali started the year out on, talking about how prosperous metals would be, and predicted pricing would keep going up. Take Neodymium: for the past few years the price has continuously risen. The same for rare earth metals across the board. All have gained in pricing, specifically due to emerging technology. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Few middle income investors have exposure to rare earth metals. However, recently, these rare industrial gems have been increasingly brought into the spotlight and as an interesting and prosperous buy. Rare earths are increasingly being targeted by investors who are interested in commodities.

Badiali points out that in the last few years, commodity stocks have seen considerable price increases overall. In addition to the easily accessible commodity markets, the high demand and the shortage are clearly in favor of the rare earth investments. They’re in high demand in the industry today and indispensable for the production of high-tech products. With technology constantly being updated, Badiali says the demand will increase. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali.

There are about 400 deposits of these rare earth minerals in the world, Matt Badiali estimates. And the world’s largest strategic metal deposit is located in Inner Mongolia, China, with the most famous Chinese deposit located in the Bayan Obo Mine. They are also found in USA, Australia, Brazil, India and Malaysia, and the USA ranks third in deposits.

Because these rare earth metals have special properties, and are suitable for almost all industrial applications, Badiali says it’s the one place investors should place their money.

For more than a decade, Matt Badiali has been alerting investors to opportunities, and offering advice about the changing market. He covers a range of industry segments including energy, agricultural, and natural resource investing. Badiali completed his bachelor’s degree from Penn State and his master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University, earning degrees in Geological studies and earth science. He’s a wiz at compiling and analyzing data, and piecing together a comprehensive rundown of where to place investments.



Matt Badiali has several channels to keep up to date with his latest advice. Visit him on Facebook, Linkedin, or his Matt Badiali Guru blog.

Enhanced Athlete Bodybuilding Tips

Some people have a passion for bodybuilding and fitness. However, the process to become a bodybuilder is rigorous. Few people have the work ethic to follow a strict eating and exercise schedule over an extended period. Enhanced Athlete is a professional training company that helps people get ready for bodybuilding competitions. Over the past few years, the company has done a great job offering new products and services to members.


Many of the coaches who work at Enhanced Athlete have experience training for bodybuilding competitions. As a result, many people have success working with the coaches. The leaders of Enhanced Athlete have plans to expand the company in the coming years. Anyone who wants to take their fitness to a new level should consider working with Enhanced Athlete.



Starting Out


One of the most critical aspects of becoming a bodybuilder is making a plan. Few people understand the steps required to achieve a high level of fitness. Instead, people focus on gimmicky tactics that are designed for quick success. Enhanced Athlete teaches people the steps necessary to accomplish a tremendous physical body. Looking like a bodybuilder does not come naturally. Instead, people have to change their diet and enhance their training programs.



Dietary Changes


Perhaps the most challenging aspect of becoming a bodybuilder is sticking to a rigorous diet. Few people have the discipline to stick to a strict diet over an extended period. Eating things like tuna and cottage cheese can become boring after awhile.


To lose fat, a person must be in a caloric deficit. Staying in a caloric deficit is not easy. Weighing and measuring food is critical to having success.



Exercising in the Gym


Bodybuilding must commit themselves to achieving success in the gym. Working out with weights for hours each day can become tedious. The best bodybuilders are people who legitimately enjoy lifting weights over a long period. Some bodybuilders spend dozens of hours in the gym each week working for various muscle groups. Now is a great time for fitness athletes to start working with Enhanced Athlete on a certified bodybuilding program.

It was an awesome experience meeting some of the greatest #bodybuilding minds and bodies of future and past. True #pioneers of human evolution, visionaries of body and mind alike. It was an #honor to meet these men that helped set the platform for what the bodybuilding.and #fitness industry is today. #flashbackfriday #riprichpiana

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