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Coming Back Stronger Gumps

Gumps is a luxury store that has been based out of San Francisco, California and New York City in New York. The company had served its consumer base well for over one hundred and fifty years. The company was closed for a little while but it will come back stronger in the fall of 2019. The new owners of Gumps are John and Diane Chachas.

They began investing in the company in 2007 and want to bring it back to its former glory. Now the entire Chachas family has a stake in the company and they want to see it succeed. The family has plans in place to redevelop Gumps and make it the way it used to be. See This Article for additional information.

Gumps was founded in 1861 and featured high-end jewelry and gifts. This is not lost on the Chachas family and they know that keeping the business moving forward is the key to success. The family is set to relaunch the new Gumps just in time for Christmas of 2019. This is a tradition for families in the San Francisco area and it will be coming back again.

The family will also be working on a new website and keeping loyal shoppers informed about progress until opening day. The company will also have a presence on social media as well. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages. The location for the new Gumps brick-and-mortar store has not yet been released.

Gumps has been in the tradition of selling high-end jewelry and furnishings for consumers. The company will also be taking online orders as well. This is one way for the company to move ahead into the next century of business.

Gumps has become an American shopping icon. It is a business that has served the consumer for more than one hundred fifty years and will continue to make their mark. That is the way the entire Chachas family wants it to be.

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Neurocore Medicine-Free Operations

Neurocore is a medical firm that majors in the wellbeing of human beings. The company devotes in the improvement of human performance by improving brainpower and strength.

Neurocore has introduced incredible technological advancements and discoveries that diagnoses different patients, including the brain mapping technology in conjunction with the clinically approved symptom rating scales. The technological advancement helps Neurocore doctors to comprehend the causes of various symptoms and help patients understand the kind of disorder that they are experiencing for effective diagnosis.

Neurocore has many treatments centers in Michigan and Holland and Florida. In Michigan, they are in Sterling Heights, West Bloomfield, Grandville, Grand Rapids, and Livonia. In Florida, they are in West Palm Beach and Boca-Rapids. Neurocore firm utilizes a neuro-physical strategy in the treatment of various disorders ranging from ADHD, Bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, Asperger’s syndrome, sleep disorders, migraines, stress and PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorders. The root cause of all these symptoms is a brain disorder diagnostic.

A brain activity criteria that is achieved by implementing Neurofeedback training of brain performance, which finally leads to an assessment of brain diagnostic. After evaluation, there are two processes used for further access and treatment of brain disorders. Neurocore recommends 30 treatment sessions that involve such processes like neurofeedback training of brain performance. It then develops a personalized program that employs such therapies inclusive of neurofeedback and biofeedback training by use of EEG to determine biofeedback.

Neurocore neurofeedback and biofeedback takes approximately 45 minutes. Breathing exercises that serve as relaxation mechanisms start each session. According to the report, at least 20 percent of every breath serves the brain. The methods help in relaxing both the rain and the body.

The direct changes are that the clients will control their breathing pattern and breath deeper. It will be realized that their heartbeats slowdown, which marks an improvement in brain and heart capacity. See This Article for additional information.

In simple terms, the brain is capable of changing its organization and structure due to the biofeedback sessions that need to bring behavioral changes. The changes re free of drug stimulation and noninvasive since Neurocore purely depends on medicine-free solutions.

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Unroll Me Takes Email Organization to the Next Level

The call for email management software is a need that more and more people have to fill. Email overload seems to be a common problem of late afflicting both business and private accounts. Luckily subscriptions services like Unroll Me are here to organize user inboxes. Unroll Me is the creation of two men, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. The duo met at Yeshiva in Israel and then dropped out of their respective colleges to become start-up entrepreneurs. They hit upon the email management idea when Rosenwald stopped returning Hedaya’s emails do to an overcrowded inbox.

The two realized that subscription emails were the central problem. Over the years businesses have turned more and more to subscription emails to keep in touch with consumers. The emails are great for notifying, communicating, and providing special incentives to customers. Unfortunately, they are so easy to sign up for they also clog up email accounts. Unroll Me organizes the mess by accumulating all messages flagged as subscriptions and placing in an adjacent folder. Users can then sift through the folder to keep or delete the emails they do not want. The best aspect of Unroll Me is that it allows users to cancel such subscriptions so future emails will not be sent. 

Unroll Me is not the only fish in the email management sea but it has gained a name for itself because it is simple to use. According to Hedaya, the idea for simplicity came from watching other subscriptions services crash and burn. The companies had made their email managers too hard to use. So the duo designed Unroll Me to provide a one-click unsubscribe feature. One that allows several subscriptions to be terminated in one swift stroke.

Unroll Me is compatible with most email services such as: Gmail, Google Apps, and Yahoo email. It is free to use and instantly integrates into a user’s inbox. The software can be programmed to run on a schedule, flag certain emails, and leave other messages alone. The company is currently owned by Slice Technologies with Jojo Hedaya still serving as acting CEO. Under Hedaya’s leadership the service has amassed over a million users.

Jeunesse Global Corporate Families Philanthropic Foundation

If you took a survey, most people would admit that their workplace is not a dream place in every aspect of the job. Few large companies have been able to create an ideal atmosphere that offers support, inspiration, growth and a real connection to the corporation, but Jeunesse Global, the award-winning beauty and wellness group, has excelled at every key quality. Workers there show long-term loyalty to the company.

In fact, the corporate family has once again secured the title as one of the “2019 Best Places to Work in Direct Selling.” The honor was bestowed upon Jeunesse Global by “Direct Selling News” (DSN), and a write-up about the company was featured in the April edition.

The Jeunesse Global employee is seen as a respected and valuable component of the corporation, and therefore, the workplace perks are pretty incredible. For example, paid time off (PTO) is not a problem. Instead, PTO is unlimited at the global direct selling company. In addition, workers can keep in shape and de-stress with yoga classes and a fancy in-house gymnasium. There are also wellness support groups provided for employees, discounts at popular restaurant and entertainment venues and travel incentives.

The corporate family of Jeunesse Global is happy to make their workplace a cohesive unit and to create a homey office atmosphere where every worker has the opportunity to stand out and achieve at their highest potential. The Florida-based multi-level marketing company was founded in 2009 by visionaries Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

Jeunesse Global is doing something right with 34 fully operational offices to markets in more than 146 countries. The corporation boasts thousands of distributors who bring the brand’s full line of health, skin care and fitness products to the world. Jeunesse generates $419 million in global revenue annually.

“We want our employees to be happy, feel valued and to live balanced and meaningful lives,” Jeunesse Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis told DSN.

Jeunesse Global also believes in giving back to the world by empowering communities to give children a brighter future. Jeunesse Kids is part of the corporate family’s philanthropic foundation.

Bhanu Choudhrie and Investing Tracks

Bhanu Choudhrie, in brief, is the individual who put together the C&C Alpha Group. He’s been around since the summer of 1978. New Delhi in India is his hometown. This man has done quite well for himself within his vocation. He’s a major force in philanthropy and investment work. Bhanu Choudhrie takes charge of investment matters that involve fields like aviation, medical care, real estate, hospitality and even banking. His investing methods aid in the establishment of fresh businesses. They aid older businesses with all of their specific aims, too. Bhanu Choudhrie learned a lot at New England’s Boston, University. This is a school in Boston, Massachusetts. He zeroed in on the topics of marketing and global business.

Once he finished his courses at the educational institution, he took part in Harvard Business School’s in-depth Owner Management feature. He put together the aforementioned C&A Alpha Group in the beginning of the 2000s. Investment is something that’s practically in this individual’s roots. He relatives began real estate investment practices in his homeland close to three decades in the past. His uncle and dad put together a business that revolved around television during the seventies. He had an older relative who functioned as Punjab National Bank’s effective Chairman as well. Bhanu Choudhrie tends to rise and shine roughly at 6:30 in the morning no matter what.

Once he jumps out of his cozy and welcoming bed, he assesses all of his latest email messages in significant detail. He puts time into assessing the latest news happenings, too. He generally concentrates on television channels such as both Bloomberg and CNN. He evaluates a number of Indian channels all the same. Bhanu Choudhrie has the cooperation of crew members who are of outstanding caliber. He believes that that enables him to deliver with all of his concepts. He states that his crew members are adept and give him the ability to push things forward. Choudhrie’s father is called Sudhir. His mother, on the other hand, is called Anita. He relocated all the way to the United Kingdom in Europe after the fresh millennium commenced. Learn More.

Aaron Lupuloff Helps Students Succeed by Running Local Foundation

Many experts of education have noted that the education system in the United States is one of lowest rated among developed countries. For years, the educational system of the United States has received below average scores in terms of educational success. According to these experts, the lack of student activity and engagement has been a key to the lack of performance of the educational system in the United States. It is widely known that students perform well in school whenever they are involved in engaging activities and when they are always provided with encouragement. Happier students are the ones who excel in school. Providing students with a sense of purpose has also been a factor in maximizing overall student achievement as well.

According to, one of the educational institutions that has been known to provide support for students is the Gwinnet County Public High Schools in Georgia. The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology has been among the top schools in the entire nation. It is currently ranked in the top 20 high schools in America according to a recent poll. When it comes to the educational institution’s success, Gwinnet County Public Schools has teachers and staff who are focused on providing support and encouragement to their students. It also uses a variety of resources through the Gwinnet County Public School Foundation.

Aaron Lupuloff is one of the main providers of resources for the Gwinnet County Public Schools. He has invested a lot of time and money into this school system and has been a key contributor to its overall success. Lupuloff has children who he has put through the schools and is still devoted to helping the school system reach its full potential. In a recent conversation, Lupuloff has said that the athletic programs, arts and academics have been some of the main reasons for the school system’s success. To this day, he continues to provide resources and support for Gwinnet County Public Schools.

Lupuloff is a former employee and professional in the financial sector. He has worked for a number of top banking firms during his career. Today, he is the executive director of the Gwinnet County Public Schools Foundation. With this foundation, he regularly provides resources and support for the public school district. His contributions have led to the development of successful high school students as well as the leaders of tomorrow. Lupuloff has used his foundation to help ensure that students are able to reach their full potential through scholarships and leadership programs. He has also used his foundation to support teachers as well.

Bhanu Choudhrie a Legendary Businessman

Bhanu Choudhrie is a seasoned investor and UK based serial entrepreneur whose roots are in India. Bhanu comes from the famous Choudhrie family that is widely known in India for its wealth and successes in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Bhanu grandfather was a renowned banker and once served as the Chairman of the Punjab Bank of India, and his other family members were involved in export and import business. Choudhrie father is a renowned London based businessman and has investments in media, hospitality, and the aviation industry, among others. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Award, an award that he was honored with by the former Prime Minister of UK Theresa May who by then was serving as the home secretary for the UK.

Bhanu Choudhrie at a tender age was introduced to the world of business, and it is no surprise that after college, he founded his own company C&C Alpha Group. C&C Alpha Group is a private for-profit investment firm that boasts of investments in a wide array of industries in the UK as well as emerging Asian markets such as India and China. Choudhrie founded the firm in 2002, and since then he has served at the helm of the firm as an executive director overseeing the firm investment strategy. Bhanu Choudhrie is regarded as a global citizen and has traversed many countries in search of education, tourism as well as business. Choudhrie received his undergraduate education from the US-based University of Boston.

Choudhrie later in life wanted to expand his knowledge in the world of business and as a result, joined Harvard School of Business where he completed the Owner Management Program. Choudhrie, after completing his undergraduate studies in 1999, joined JP Morgan Chase Company where he received his internship training. In 2000 Bhanu Choudhrie saw a diverse business opportunity in the city of London and as a result, decided to move and settled there. Choudhrie firm C&C Alpha Group over the years has grown and expanded a lot and boasts of investments in banking, healthcare, utilities, aviation, agriculture, and real estate. The investments in real estate include residential, commercial, and leisure properties, and in the healthcare include care homes, among others.

How Steve Ritchie is Trying to Revive Papa Johns

In 1996, Papa Johns employed a new customer representative. The company was doing its best to win customers and get more sales in the competitive market. The new executive was only getting six dollars for payment every one hour. Steve Ritchie was patient over the years. Although his position was minor in the company, the young man did his best. With hard work and discipline, Steve Ritchie became successful. Unlike other professionals who change careers when they have the experience, Steve Ritchie remained faithful to his employer. The successful pizza company, on the other hand, rewarded the visionary executive for his good work. The board ensured that he was the first to get promotions. A few years ago, Ritchie shocked the global community because of the post he acquired. The business leader started to serve as the chief operating officer, a role with numerous responsibilities.

The position of COO came with many happy and sad moments. However, Steve Ritchie remained focused on making more profits and giving customers excellent profits. The leader performed so well, and this is how he got the role of president. As the president of the successful and influential pizza company, Ritchie was the ideal candidate to succeed the CEO. Due to the many issues facing the founder of Papa Johns, everyone felt that a new face in the company would bring change. Ritchie had the leadership qualities, and patients needed to become CEO of the global company. This role needed an individual who would handle the furious customers.

One year after getting the CEO position, everything is getting back to normal in Papa Johns. Steve Ritchie has not only solved the leadership wrangles experienced for years; he has brought the customers back. Most clients vowed to stay away from the company because of the racial statements made by the former CEO. With Ritchie in leadership, however, the institution is making significant sales.

Toyo Setal: Implementing Advanced Software for Customers

In this advanced age, one may require an equally advanced skillset to get the job done at the level necessary for whatever business it may be. Sometimes it’s impossible to do it yourself, especially when it comes to constructing a new segment or building an expansive addition to your business. Toyo Setal is here to settle your worries and fears regarding these projects by providing time savvy and affordable prices to get the job done while you relax and watch your business plan unfold. They are an advanced company who takes on equally complex projects of construction for various businesses world wide.

Specializing in the procurement and implementation of projects, they serve as one of the leading pioneers of the technological era with their advanced software to get the job done. They have developed a high-performance team to effectively assess each situation laid on the table and act accordingly through team work and collaboration on all levels of the company. No one is left in the dark here and everything you receive is transparent and affordable. Toyo Setal takes on projects such as oil and gas, chemistry, fertilizers, infrastructure and energy to name just a few. They are able to adapt however to each customer’s need and can take on new tasks as needed.

Almost any project is possible with this company as they are able to make any business’s dreams a reality through the utilization of next generation software. Productivity is their middle name as they continue to provide service to customers as if they were family. Getting the job done is an essential aspect of Toyo Setal because they have core values that will mesh perfectly with any business. To them, your business is theirs on a personal level as they strive to make new personal relationships and get to know all their customers in a remarkable way. Toyo Setal uses advanced strategic planning to ensure that each project is fully analyzed and accounted for before they undertake the task. The collaboration of professionals ensures that mistakes are limited and the results are dependable and done with reliability.

Lip Protection 101: A Review of EOS Lip Balm

5 Pack Punch

In this article the author, Jessica from, states how she always has chapped lips. She lives in the UAE which has a hot and dry climate and that along with the air conditioning can be very drying to the skin. She stated that she had used a lot of the familiar brands but they could not stand up to those conditions. She came across Evolution of Smooth (EOS) through advertisement and decided to give it a try. She ordered a five pack and was very excited once she received them. She states they kept her lips soft, they weren’t sticky, and they also tasted good. Not only that, but she was appreciative that the lip balm itself was 100% natural and 95% organic. The ingredients in the lip balm have helped to significantly reduce her chapped lips and they protected them in the desert climate leaving them soft and moisturized.

Strawberry Sorbet Smash

In our next article the author, Heidi of, tried the strawberry sorbet flavor lip balm specifically. She learned about the lip balm from her nieces who informed her they were not Easter eggs but a lip glow. She goes on to list the ingredients as they are on the packaging. According to Skin Deep (a product database for safe ingredients) the lip balm came in at a 3 for its ingredients limonene, linalool, and natural flavor because it’s unknown.

Checkout eos lip balm – Summer Fruit

Next she talks about the packaging which has a unique spherical shape or as stated similar to an egg with the balm shaped like an egg yoke. Upon opening the lip balm for use she mentions how pleasant the fragrance is along with the delicious taste. She also mentions how her lips stayed soft throughout the day only needing to reapply after meals. She enjoyed the product overall giving it 4 out of 5 stars. The ingredients’ effectiveness, flavor, price point, usability, and shape all earned it the four star rating. 

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