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Herbalife Nutrition Partners With Impact Basketball For California Facilities Improvement–b/

Basketball is a very active sport. It requires a lot of physical effort and strategy to win. Skills are important in this sport, as well as athleticism to excel. While skills can be improved by practice, athleticism can only be achieved through proper exercise and nutrition. Knowing the importance of proper nutrition in sports, Herbalife and IMPACT Basketball teamed up for a two-year partnership in providing nutrition for basketball facilities in California. The facility, which is renamed as Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center will be provided by Herbalife with customized nutrition plans, as well as access to Herbalife24 NSF Certified for Sports. These benefits will be available to all IMPACT Basketball training facilities in California, including Las Vegas, Nevada, Sarasota, Florida, and Los Angeles.

Herbalife Nutrition North America Region’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director Ibi Montesino stated that this project is a thrilling prospect for the premier food company. Providing Basketball players with the right nutrition is important not only to level up their games. It will also benefit their health and avoid illnesses.

The opening of the new facilities is attended by former basketball player Patrick O’Bryant and Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue. They are joined by IMPACT Basketball founder Joe Abunassar in teaching basketball coaching tips to TFA or Teach For America students. After the coaching tips, the event then moved on to high-level practice drills for 30 TFA students. TFA Executive Director Sean Parker was excited to have the opportunity to access this program. Research shows that involving children in sports will benefit them with higher academic achievement and the development of teamwork skills and time management.

Prior to opening, the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center is one of the most famous destinations for practicing. There are 200 basketball players who trained in this facility, and some of them are professionals, players in the collegiate and high school level, as well as worldwide teams. Joe Abunassar stated that this partnership will not only benefit the basketball players, but it will also benefit the trainers of the team through online programs that include videos and blogs about nutrition.

With this program, players will have free access to Herbalife24 NSF Certified for Sport. This Herbalife product line is known to be free from banned substances like steroids, stimulating agents, diuretics, modulators and more. IMPACT Basketball and Herbalife Nutrition is an affiliate of ProActive Sports which is based in Santa Ana, California. Herbalife Nutrition has worked for top athletes with ProActive Sports for over four years, helping the players maximize their performance through personalized nutrition.

Rick Cofer Manages Time While Serving His Community

Rick Cofer had been serving as a prosecutor for almost 9 years before he made the decision to create his own law firm in order to help people in Central Texas who were facing criminal charges. when it comes to family violence, drug possession, drunk driving, and even more serious charges like assault, murder, and robbery, Rick Cofer has acquired a lot of experience over the years during his career in the judicial system. Along with his career in the Austin area, he is also highly involved with the community serving in different governmental roles as well as working with non-profit organizations.


One of the efforts that Rick Cofer has been working on lately is cleaning up parks around the Austin area. He was frustrated with just how lacking their waste and recycling programs were in the parks and decided to try to make some changes while working with stakeholders. A resolution for the Parks Board was passed by Rick Cofer that created a task force that he chaired to address these problems in the parks. The recommendations and funding plans were passed by a unanimous vote and became part of the budget for Austin for 2018 through 2019. The city parks are now on the right track when it comes to recycling and trash.


While Rick Cofer has been able to serve in a variety of different positions as a lawyer, he especially enjoyed working as a mental health attorney. While working for the Travis County’s Attorney’s Office, he was able to get a close view of how the mental health care system worked in Austin which is a perspective that many people never get to see. He enjoyed being able to help the patients that he was working for who was going through a crisis mentally by working with doctors, social workers, and advocates to try to provide the best care and planning for their future.


While Rick Cofer may be busy with all of his responsibilities, he is able to handle it all by taking steps to stay as productive as possible. Instead of putting things off for later, he tries to work on things as soon as he touches them. This is especially true if Rick Cofer knows that he can get the job done relatively quickly. Procrastinating with these small tasks just makes things take longer than they have to which can be detrimental to your responsibilities.

Jeremy Goldstein Pays Attention to Mental Health Issues

As an attorney in New York, Jeremy Goldstein knew there were things that would help him make his own life better. By being an advocate for mental health, Jeremy Goldstein spent time figuring out what he could do to give more people the options they needed and that was something that pushed him to feel better about the things he did and the things that made him want to help other people.

Based on the hard work he did and the way he tried to help people as an attorney, he knew he could try things that would give more people the help they needed to feel better about the issues they faced.

It was also his goal to do different things and help other people see they were able to succeed in different areas of their lives. For years, Jeremy Goldstein spent time learning about how to help others and that’s what pushed him to advocate for the Fountain House.

Since Jeremy Goldstein is a Fountain House advocate, he knows a lot about helping people and giving them all the options they need to keep feeling better about themselves and the mental health options they have.

Jeremy Goldstein believes in giving people positive experiences so they don’t have to worry about how they can help themselves. The Fountain House provides a lot of different resources to help people and show them they can make the most out of the situations they deal with on their own.

As long as Jeremy Goldstein knows what people need to do and how they can make things better for themselves, he feels they’re doing things that could help other people see the positive opportunities. It’s his goal to help everyone and the wine dinners he hosts give him a chance to do that. Read more: Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting House | Patch

Jeremy Goldstein teamed up with other advocates so he could make things easier for people to get the funding they need for the Fountain House. With the wine dinners, he gets a chance to raise money so he can help the people who need it most through the Fountain House organization.

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The New CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s. He became the CEO in January of 2018. When he stepped into that position, he wrote an open letter to customers, employees, and franchisees stating what his goals are for the Papa John’s company. He stated in the letter that the leadership inside of Papa John’s just went through “unconscious bias training” and will plan to have the rest of the employees in the country go through the program as well.

One thing Steve Ritchie did is he went to big cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and a few other cities to listen to the feedback on how to make the company better. Papa John’s has assembled a team of inclusion experts to help the company with its diversity goals. Steven Ritchie also said that he is committed to adding more diversity in Papa John’s leadership. An initiative that Papa John’s is taking is rolling out a program that will expand the minority franchisee program.

Steve Ritchie said that he went into the pizza business 25 years ago because it brings people together. At Papa John’s, where he has found a home, people of all different backgrounds can work side by side. When Steve Ritchie became CEO, he claimed that diversity and inclusion was one of his top priorities. One thing the company will do to achieve this goal is support organizations that get rid of biases that keep people apart. They will also support the things that bring people together.

Papa John’s will be creating a franchise expansion program for minorities and women. Steve Ritchie also would wrote in his letter that he wants people to hold him accountable so the company can move in a better direction. He says that “people are at the heart of our business” and they would like to make people a priority.

The Papa John’s company will direct funds toward marketing and re-imaging to support the direction the company wants to go. Steve Ritchie is prioritizing people to bring us all together through pizza. He wants to reestablish trust with his customers especially the Millennial and Gen Z customers.

How Does Stream Energy Gives Back With Stream Cares?

Stream Energy gives back with Stream Cares, and it has done a lovely job of figuring out how to best make an impact in Dallas. This company has started itself out by offering the best wholesale prices on different energy sources, and they are working to keep energy as clean as possible. They also know that they can use a portion of their profits every year to contribute. Look at what they can do for anyone who is in need.

  1. The Stream Cares Team

The Stream Cares team is anyone who works for the company that wants to help. The idea behind Stream Cares is to give people as many resources and as much support as they can get. These people will receive funds from the company, and they might meet volunteers who are part of the company team. This is a very big part of the overall plan for Stream Energy because they want to have boots on the ground that are really helping around Dallas.

  1. Why Is Stream Energy So Important?

Stream Energy is extremely important because it is a company that offers the best overall power options for the customer. They sell at wholesale prices so that the customers are basically guaranteed to get the best prices, and they keep those prices low because they are consistently investing in the energy market in this state. Anyone who is new to Texas can get a better price by checking out their website.

  1. Why They Give Back

The Stream Energy team gives back because they all live in the Dallas area. They have a vested interest in making the area a better place to live, and they hope that they can make it so nice that people will be amazed at how clean and happy the city is. They want to reach anyone who is struggling right now.

  1. Conclusion

Stream Cares is a very good idea from this company that will help people get the funding and care they need. They can give back to any charity in the area, and they send out volunteers often.

Nick Vertucci: Accomplished Entrepreneur with Undying Interest in Poker

Apart from Nick Vertucci being successful in the real estate business, he is also an accomplished poker player. Mr. Vertucci is a big name in the industry having turned over homes in Orange County, California. He made a comeback to the real estate business in the early 2000s after thee 2000 financial crisis which pushed him out of his computer accessory business. He worked over time to be among the United States’ millionaires.

Despite his tight schedule managing his businesses, he finds time to play poker. He has honed his poker skills over time having started playing it way before he ventured into the real estate business. He has participated in prominent tournaments including World Poker Tournament, No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championship as well as World Series of Poker. The first tournament Nick Vertucci participated in is the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championship where he won $7530 with a stake of just $1500.

The interest in poker continued to grow after his first tournament and he knew that he had to hone his skills on the game to take on new poker challenges. While at it, his businesses were running smoothly. At one point, he decided that he wanted to inspire young entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. He holds a view that idea is nothing without a plan. He decided to start a real estate academy to make young entrepreneurs’ dreams come true by helping them through planning and implementation of their ideas.Nick Vertucci even authored a book trying to help aspiring entrepreneurs to sail through to success. The book is entitled “Seven Figure Decisions”.

Nick Vertucci developed an interest in poker about 15 years ago. Since then, he has improved his game prominently to share the same poker table with prominent poker players in the world. He acquired many hack skills that put him ahead of his competitors. The beauty of poker is that it has a slight similarity to real estate business. The similarity is that there are uncertainties in both areas and once he learned to handle them, it applied across the areas.

Doe Deere’s Ever Expanding Creative Online Stores

Doe Deere is famously known for her cult followed make up brand Lime Crime. Doe did not always start out with the ambitions to become a creator of a coveted make up line though. Doe grew up in Russia and attended a typical elementary school. While in elementary school her entrepreneurial spirit began to shine. She would sell temporary tattoos to her classmates and turn a small profit. These meager beginnings allow us a glimpse of the hard driven business woman that she would become.

Doe traveled to the United States to settle in New York in design school. She always had a creative side and she knew early on that it needed to be recognized and developed. She also was part of a band while in New York. Her creative abilities really began to flourish while she resided in New York. Doe started an online clothing store coincidentally called Lime Crime. Her store was an eBay store and she quickly hit a rut while setting up shop. She noticed that accessorizing her models adequately was going to be difficult due to the lacking color pallets available in the make-up industry at the time.


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(Article link in bio) 🎇 THANK YOU @forbes! Seriously. As a female CEO, you don’t get a lot of praise. You hear lots of criticism your way almost daily, while your biggest accomplishments and sacrifices often go unnoticed. Acknowledgements like this are rare and so important – a huge milestone in an entrepreneur’s career. It took me 10 years of daily hustle & sacrifice to get here. Thank you for making an incredible start to my year! #forbes #forbeswomen #femaleentrepreneur #girlboss #womenempowerment #girlssupportgirls

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Instead of just settling for what was available Doe decided to make waves and create her own unicorn color inspired make up line. She was extremely specific when it came to adhering to her beliefs. Doe’s Lime Crime cosmetic line is cruelty free and fully vegan. It has been stamped by the leaping bunny approval seal and PETA. She started her product line with a web based store only. She would host contests and offer free make up in return for fan comments and sharing. Her line grew from lipstick colors to eye shadow pallets, nails, brushes and even hair color.

Recently Doe decided to further her business expertise and open a invite only online jewelry store. Poppyangeloff was created to help women who enjoy eccentric and bold statement jewelry pieces but have smaller hands and bone structure. Doe’s new jewelry line allows women to accessorize in a stylish way while staying true to their size and style likes.

Jose Auriemo Neto Accomplishments in JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto holds a special place in the property market. The popular businessman is the chief executive officer of one of the leading construction companies in Brazil, known as JHSF. The position was offered to him in the year 2003. More than fifteen years later, the top executive has delivered what the management expected him to do. Mr. Neto started working with the institution in the year 1993. During these years, Jose Auriemo Neto managed to secure so much knowledge in the market.

The businessman also earned the trust of the clients who needed the services offered by JHSF. Before becoming a top member of the board of directors, the businessman has proved to the company that his primary goal was to prioritize the needs of the real estate company in all platforms. The residential and commercial projects that have been completed by Jose Auriemo Neto and his own organization are out of this world. The quality of these projects is what makes the company unique and appreciated by clients in Brazil.The competition in the property market, especially in Latin America, has been going up each day.

The industry has attracted the wealthy and respected personalities based in Brazil. The consumers, on the other hand, want to enjoy living and working in the most luxurious buildings. Jose Auriemo and his expert team take time before they can accomplish any project. The engineers hired by this company have the best skills, and they only focus in meeting the demands of the customers. Becoming a leader in the Brazilian property market means that JHSF is being managed by the right personalities. Auriemo is in charge of the complex decision making activities carried out by JHSF. Because he has worked in the company for so long, the executive has been able to show his team the right path all the time.

The Amazing Portfolio of Lincolnshire Management

One of the major private equity firms in the world, Lincolnshire Management has been making a major impact in the business world. Lincolnshire has more than thirty years of of experience working with a variety industries. The company focuses the majority of its energy on growing middle market companies. They have a unique collaborative approach and they draw on their years of experience.

Lincolnshire Management is headquartered in New York City. The company has several regional offices in major cities such as Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles. They focus on investing in acquisitions of buyouts, financially successful private companies and corporate divestitures. The company has been responsible for managing private equity funds of nearly two billion dollars. Most recently Lincolnshire acquired Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV which totaled eight hundred and thirty-five million dollars. Furthermore they have funds ranked as high or higher than many other private funds.

Recently Lincolnshire Management made major news. The company sold the Italy-based Fabbri Group. Fabbri Group is a company known for providing wrapping machines and related parts for the fresh food packaging industry. The buyer in this transaction was Argos Soditic. Lincolnshire also collaborated with several other successful groups during this transactions. William Blair served as the exclusive financial advisor for the transaction.

The managing director at Lincolnshire, Ottavio Serena Di Lapigio spoke very highly of the recent transaction. Lapigio believes the investment in the Fabbri Group was successful as a result of a solid relationship with the employees and the remaining the shareholder group. The company has seen improvements in their operations along with expansion across the country.

Lincolnshire Management continues to focus on its large portfolio. Their energy is specifically centered around their 57 platform investments and their 31 add‐on acquisitions. The company has been very successful in getting these daunting tasks completed.

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Hussain Sajwani Speaks About His Relationship with Trump Organization

Hussain Dubai business ideas are real. People who have followed his secrets to success know this too well. According to the real estate expert, free trade should never be considered to be a luxury. At sixty-six years old, the DAMAC Properties founder has seen it all in the world of investments. He now encourages other people who are willing to follow his footsteps and emerge huge profits at the end of the day. The businessman, who has several deals with the Trump Organization, says that nothing catches him by surprise in the market any more. The amount of expertise he has been acquiring over the years helps him prepare for difficult time before they present themselves. Hussain Sajwani is one of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump trade ideas. The businessman says that the tough opinion given by Donald Trump about trade in China is true.

In the past one year, the global trade conditions that were taking place hurt DAMAC Properties in the world way. The share prices went down significantly, affecting the wealth of the billionaire. His fortune is considered to be $3.6 billion at the moment, something the real estate expert has noticed. Despite the decline, the real estate company has announced that it is willing to remain dedicated to its mission of retaining very high levels of activity in the world. Led by Hussain Sajwani, the real estate giant says that its prime goal at the moment is to build as many luxurious properties in European cities as possible.

Speaking in one of the recent interviews conducted by a popular platform, the DAMAC owner days that there is no any hindrance he will face just because he has common businesses with the prestigious Trump Organization. According to him, the two companies signed a special agreement several months ago. Both institutions are happy about the move they have taken. Hussain Sajwani, however, says that Donald Trump position as president doesn’t affect the business activities undertaken by the organizations. Hussain Sajwani takes his role in the company with so much dedication, motivating his employees to go an extra mile in their duties.