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Vijay Eswaram: Helping People See What’s Possible Through Positive Thinking

Penang, Malaysia native Vijay Eswaran is a very successful businessman. He’s co-founder of the QI Group, one of the world’s most lucrative network marketing companies. Eswaran was raised in a working-class family. When he went to the London School of Economics, he worked as a laborer, a cab driver, picked grapes and did anything he had to make his dream of getting a college degree a reality. Eswaran was using a technique that would help him become a multimillionaire. He envisioned himself getting his college degree and a good corporate job, believed it was possible and put in the work to make it happen.

By the time Vijay Eswaran co-founded the QI Group in 1998, he had creative visualization down to a science. He saw his goal clearly in his mind’s in eye and had no doubt his dream would come true. What made Vijay Eswaran unique was his ability to help others see the vision clearly in their minds as well. His ability to articulate the vision in detail and get others to share his burning desire to make it manifest, led the team at the QI Group to be able to find ways to sell their products even though the region was going tough times economically.

With his books ‘In The Thinking Zone’, ’18 Stepping Stones’, ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ and ‘On The Wings of Thought’, his articles and the presentations he does at colleges and conferences Vijay Eswaran took his message to the masses with incredible results. Millions of people have internalized Eswaran’s message about the power of picturing your goal clearly in your mind and believing you can attain it being a key to success. It is a message that has helped to change the way many people look at the would and their understanding of what’s possible in their lives.

People can attain any goal they desire if they have the right mindset. While he’s known as a brilliant entrepreneur and generous philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran’s most important gift is helping people understand they can improve their lives by changing what they think is possible.

GoBuyside (NY Recap)

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Lori Senecal Remains a Role Model in the Business Industry

Lori Senecal remains one of the most admired and respected women in the industry of business. She is the current Crispin Porter + Bogusky CEO. Lori Senecal has never failed to meet the expectation of the company’s clients, thanks to her tactical vision of innovative leadership. She has continuously steered the company towards working with different organizations to enhance productivity and performance.


A role model in the industry


Lori Senecal is admired by many people particularly females who believe that it is possible to become a great leader regardless of the gender. She has managed to strengthen and encourage her followers to invent and major in a career that they love venturing in. through the years, she has remained knowledgeable and distinguished in protecting several projects and startups that create opportunities for the youth. Lori Senecal inspires many individuals within and outside her agency each day. Most of her employees have cited that she is cultured and strong-willed which has led Porter + Boguskyinto greatness. Because of her potential, CP + B has been able to make several businesses progresses, enabling her to bestow the Titanium Impressive Prix award which acknowledged her creative ideas and committed leadership. Visit for more.



Position before CP + B


Before she went to CP + B, Lori Senecal became the Global Executive Chairman of KBS. During her reign, the company experienced tremendous growth making it popular for being one of the best establishments in New York. Lori Senecal has also enabled KBA to appear among the Standout Agencies listed in Ad Age for three consecutive years. The exemplary leader helped the company to achieve a lot of success which can still be observed to-date. Check out





One of the reasons why Lori Senecal is admired is the fact that she is open and transparent. Many times, she appears on the screen and in general meetings to share her secret of leadership and prosperity. She continues to demonstrate great drive, ambition, and determination as she sparks authentic creativity and innovation. Lori Senecal is very optimistic that CP + B will continue to grow and create opportunities for even a greater population.



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Meet the Passionate OSI Industries President: David McDonald

There is nothing that impacts the structure and output of an organization like leadership. The way an organization operates is determined by the decisions that the individuals on the senior seats make. The OSI Industries has been fortunate to have a passionate President who is ready to go above and beyond to see that the goals of the organization are accomplished. David McDonald has been in the organization for the past 30 years. He joined the firm as a Project Manager but with his spirit and significant contribution he has earned himself the President seat.

Despite the fact that McDonald has been with the company for three decades, his enthusiasm in his job is still like that of a newbie. He says that the secret is choosing wisely on what you decide to dedicate life to; to him agriculture and biology is everything.

The OSI Industries is a chain of companies that focus on the distribution of food products around the world. The company has gained high popularity with the acquisition that they have been making. David McDonald says that the company being a private company makes it easy to try new things that would improve the welfare of the company.

David McDonald says that one way through which creativity and innovation are cultivated in the OSI Industries is by allowing their employees to take risks. He is careful to explain that although perfection is observed and stressed in the firm, there is room for mistakes. It is through the mistakes that they make that they evolve. McDonald says that the clients have also significantly contributed to the growth of the OSI company through their feedback.

How does the OSI Group able to sustain the needs of their clients who are on different continents and have a different culture? This is a challenge that global company has to know how to navigate. For the OSI Industries, they have representatives in all the areas who understand the needs of the residence. The representatives are provided with their the resources required to evaluate the tasks. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

The OSI Industries has currently been doing well in China. They have been able to establish themselves and secured their market. However, David McDonald says that the poor infrastructure is the greatest setback they are facing. The China roads are a mess. David McDonald says that they have filed their complaints to the government transport department as well as other high corporations associated with the construction of the roads. They are hopeful that the corrections will be done.

About David McDonald:

What Qualities Set Michael Burwell Apart In The Financial Industry?

With over three decades of experience in the finance sector, Michael Burwell has carved out a niche for himself through professionalism and stellar performance. The current Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson has helped manage global and regional finance departments and also advised numerous local and international companies on matters finance.


But what makes him stand from the rest of his peers in the finance industries? What are some of the guiding principles that saw him rise through the leadership ranks at Pricewaterhouse Coopers into becoming the financial giant’s CFO and Chief operating officer for its U. S business division?


Nurturing talents


Michael Burwell’s leadership style lays more emphasis on nurturing talents as opposed to dictating rules. Through his career, Michael has mentored and inspired his team to always think beyond the scope of their instructions in an attempt to find lasting and more effective solutions for common and persistent issues. The Business administration graduate believes that this inspires his team into becoming more innovative. He hopes every leader and entrepreneur can replicate this in their workplace.




When asked about the source of inspiration for his leadership and innovativeness, Michael Burwell advises that you look in the mirror. He believes that instead of looking for motivation and inspiration from others, every leader should strive towards becoming their greatest source of motivation and inspiration.


More about Michael Burwell


Michael’s journey to business leadership and featuring among the top and most influential finance experts has been long and fascinating. It was also characterized by such rare qualities as absolute loyalty and commitment to success. Such qualities are evidenced by the fact that he spent more than thirty years working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


While here, Michael had his eyes set on not just climbing up the management ladder but also leaving a mark within the company that would be visible by the rest of the industry. He, therefore, committed to continuous learning about the world of finance that would, in turn, enable him to come up with innovative solutions for different financial needs experienced by the companies seeking consultative services from PWC.


The experience gained in PWC’s assurance and finance departments made Burwell the most ideal candidate for the Chief finance officer position at Willis Towers Watson. His major role in the company now involves global insurance services provider’s finance department. He was particularly tapped for the position due to his prowess in such areas as business valuation that forms a core aspect of the insurance process.


See This Article for more information.


OSI Group Has Grown Into One Of The Largest Private Food Companies In The World

OSI Group has been around for over a century, and its success has been based on a model of rapid expansion since the beginning. It was a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky who started the company, and his company was originally a butcher shop and meat market that served Chicago residents. It was during the year of 1909 that Otto began to serve the west side of Chicago, and it wasn’t long before he became a wholesaler along with the other services he provided. When his sons joined up with the business, he changed its name to Otto & Sons. The business thrived for years under this name, and by the 1950’s, the company began to supply McDonald’s, which was a small family business at the time.

It wasn’t long before McDonald’s blew up and became more and more popular, and OSI Group, still known as Otto & Sons grew with it. Due to technological developments, it became easier to produce and transport the food products that McDonald’s needed, and it also became much cheaper. Eventually, Otto & Sons decided to build a plant that would operate for one purpose, and that purpose was to supply McDonald’s. During the 1970’s, Sheldon Lavin joined forces with the company, and Otto & Sons re-branded to become OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin, along with OSI Group as a whole, decided to make a some large moves to expand the operations of the company overseas as well as in America. This included a spread of new facilities that were built in multiple countries, and it also included a new plant in Utah. The company also began to focus on providing a lot more than beef, and it began to expand its poultry offerings. Part of this expansion saw the company purchasing the British Company, Moy Park, and it also purchased Amick Farms in the process. Near the end of the 20th century, the company also expanded into Australia and India.

In the 21st century, OSI Group has become one of the largest food companies in the world. Forbes has it listed at the #58 spot for the largest private companies in the United States, and it is valued at $6.1 billion. The company now does plenty to maintain its sustainable business model and also works with the local communities it serves to have a positive impact on the environment. As the company continues its growth, there is no doubt that it will remain on top for years to come.

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Agora Financial Explains Why Businesses should Take a Customer-Centric View

Whether you’re a business owner or in regards to your personal financial situation everyone wants to improve their bottom line. This term, “bottom line”, was first used back in 1830. It is based on financial statements and comes from deducting expenses from the top line of these statements which is comprised of gross revenues before any expenses are taken away.

There are really only two things to increase the bottom line, which makes it easy to understand. You can either reduce your expenses and/or you can increase your income. Either one will result in a better bottom line. You can choose one of these approaches are some type of blend between the two.

Agora Financial recently published an article giving business owners a few different approaches to increasing their company’s bottom line. They offered practical strategies that were cost-effective in nature. One approach was to use “inbound marketing” which has been around for just a few years. By putting customers at the center of the process and seeing to their needs from start to finish a company increase its revenues while reducing its expenses. This approach is both more effective and less expensive than older ways such as paying someone to do cold calls, put ads on tv and the radio, or spam consumer’s email accounts.

Agora Financial has been helping business owners and investors with financial topics for almost 40 years. They are based in Baltimore, Maryland, and have clients throughout the world. Their information can be accessed in a number of ways and they provide the information people need to more effectively manage their money and make money through investing. They have world-class analysts who research markets around the world and determine what the short and long terms trends are so that their readers can profit.

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Bob Reina: Time To Change The Way You Look At Yourself

Bob Reina truly does believe people could do a lot more with themselves if only they changed how they view their past and their present. However, too often, they don’t have a very high opinion of themselves. They are quick to put themselves down and list all of the times they have failed. That is not good for them and that is not going to get them anywhere in today’s society. As a matter of fact, it is going to hold them back from doing what they really want to do with their lives. They need to start looking at themselves differently because not a single soul is going to view them any differently if they keep living in the past. Learn more:


Here is the thing: everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. There is no such thing as a perfect human being. The quicker that people realize that, the better off they will be in the long run. They really need to know that it is OK to have screwed up in the past. It does not make someone a bad person. However, they need to be able to move past those mistakes and plow ahead with their lives. They need to look at the silver living in life and how they can learn from those past errors.


Mistakes are a great way to learn. They need to realize that fact as quickly as they can for their own self-progress. Bob Reina wants people to leave the past in the past and move forward with their lives. It is OK to remember the past, but it is not OK to live in it. It is why he created Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video communications company. He wanted people to know they had a chance to do something more and achieve something great. Once they knew they had a chance and they were going to get all of the video technology they needed when they joined Talk Fusion, a funny thing happened: they started to believe in themselves and they started to see a bright future ahead.


It’s funny how that works out for people.

Alex Pall Answers Questions about his Music and Halsey

Alex Pall is one half of the collective known as The Chainsmokers. He met his musical partner in 2014 when his former partner bailed on him; his manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, a music producer from Maine.

After the release of their most popular song to date, “Closer,” Alex Pall sat down for an interview with the late Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine. The interview revolved around questions about the singer Halsey, the new single, and Andrew Taggart’s future role with the band.

But the first topic of the interview was Pall and Taggart’s origin story. Pall was DJing around New York City, and Andrew Taggart was doing the same up north. Pall’s manager, who also knew about Taggart, introduced them. The two became a working unit almost instantly.

“We met and just immediately started working,” said Pall.

Pall continued, explaining how the band was certain they could co-exist as partners.

“I think we both initially knew what we brought to the table,” Pall proclaimed. “Then it became a chat about how drive and ambitious we were.”

Alex Pall concluded his answer by praising his musical partner, calling him an “incredibly talented producer.”

The interview then asked if it was difficult being a producing duo, and Andrew Taggart, who was also present for the interview chimed in.

“I think yes and no,” Taggart began. ” He went on to explain that began there was so much music that sounded the same, and it became impossible to identify particular artists, they decided to move away from dance music. This is why they started creating genre blending hit songs.

Halsey was also mentioned during the interview, with Alex Pall calling her incredible. “Closer,” the song which features Halsey, also features Andrew Taggart on vocals. This is the first time either of The Chainsmokers have performed vocals on their own song, further innovating their sound.

From One Man Butcher Shop to Employing 20,000: The OSI Story

In 1909 Otto Kolschowsky had been living in the US for two years. A German national Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop in Chicago. In a few years, Otto Kolschowsky moved the business to Chicago’s Maywood suburb and become a meat wholesaler.

After Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky were born the business became “Otto and Sons”. In the mid-1950’s the Kolschowsky brothers struck a bargain with McDonald’s franchise magnate RayKroc to become one of McDonald’s meat suppliers.

McDonald’s business model was built on providing the customer with an affordable product of consistent quality. Flash freezing was one of the methods by which Otto and Sons satisfied McDonald’s standards. By the end of the 1960’s Otto and Sons would be one of McDonald’s four main suppliers of hamburger. From Corner Butcher Shop to Leading Multinational Food Provider.

In 1973 the suburb of West Chicago would become the site of Otto’s and Sons’ first plant devoted entirely to producing meat for Mc Donald’s. The company kept supplying other restaurants under the name Glenmark.

1975 was a pivotal year for Otto and Sons. That was the year the company became Otto and Sons Inc. (OSI). Sheldon Lavin OSI’s current CEO and Chairman joined the company that same year. Mr. Lavin’s involvement in OSI was part of a deal that was made so that the company could receive a loan to expand its operation.

As McDonald’s grew nationally and internationally OSI had to keep pace. Towards the end of the 1970’s OSI began opening new production facilities across the US. The company’s first overseas plants would be established in Spain and Germany.

Taking OSI international required specialized knowledge that Sheldon Lavin has so in the early 80’s he took the helm at OSI. At that same time, the company began branching out and exploring other areas of the restaurant supply business. The opening of an Iowa plant that produces hot dogs, sausage, and bacon is an example of the company’s diversification.

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s OSI’s growth here at home and around the world continued apace. OSI would establish a presence in South America, Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

Today, major restaurant chains like Star Bucks, Burger King, and Subway do business with OSI. The $6.1 billion in sales that OSI made in 2016 earned it a place on the Forbes Largest Private Companies list.

In a century, Otto Kolschowsky’s one-man butcher shop has grown into a multinational company that employs 20,000.

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