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Venezuela Opens Up Doors For Weather Research

Venezuela has opened up doors for meteorological research on lightning. In a report by El Nacional, Lake Maracaibo is one of the largest lakes in the world, and it is playing host to a lot of people who are in the area looking into the lightning that strikes there practically every day. The lake gets over 100,000 lightning strikes a year, and the people who are there want to know why the environment is so good for lightning.
David Osio is one of the people who are watching the lightning every night are getting great pictures that people can see online, and the pictures are going to shed a lot of light on how lightning forms. The people there are looking into the images they are getting, and people who are generally excited by the weather are going to be able to look at the pictures to see what is going on.

There are many people who are coming into Venezuela to see what Lake Maracaibo is going to offer in the scientific community. Someone who is trying to learn more about the weather will be able to look into the research, and the government of Venezuela is leaving the door open for people to come out to the lake to see what they can find when the lightning strikes. It is nearly 300 days a year that have lightning, and those nights make a spectacle in the night sky that anyone can appreciate.