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The Magnitude of Jon Urbana’s Impact on the Denver Community

As far as charity work is concerned, Jon Urbana has made a huge impact on the Denver community. His work has inspired both the old and the young, as his charitable have garnered him some media attention from a number of different publications. He has done a lot of work in order to raise money for some really good charities. Currently, Mr. Urbana has two unique charity drives that he is attempting to get people to donate to, one of the charity drives that he is trying to raise money for is on CrowdRise and the other one is on gofundme.

On gofundme, Jon Urbana is attempting to help the Earth Force Inc. company by trying to reach or beat a goal of $1,750 raised. Earth Force Inc. is an organization that is trying to make the young people of today realize how much their help does matter when it comes to the Earth and they are trying to get them to volunteer to be activists or participants so that they are able to help the Earth in any way that they can. With his passion for camping and the Earth, it is not hard to see why Jon Urbana would want to raise money for this cause. For more information on how the fundraiser is going or to donate to the cause, visit this site.

The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is the other charity that Jon Urbana is trying to raise money for. With a goal of $1,200, Urbana is using the site crowdrise for this charity drive. Being a kill-free cat shelter for homeless cats that is located in the Denver area, the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society are a great place to find the perfect cat for every family. All of the money that Jon Urbana is able to raise for this goes straight to the organization. For more information on the charity drive or to donate, watch the video and then click here.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

In 2011, with the help of Lou Braun, Jon Urbana founded the Next Level Lacrosse camp during the April month. During the time of Mr. Urbana’s career, many people do not realize that he has won many recognitions and awards. When he was younger, he was even amazing enough to be included in the Tewaton Award watchlist. At the high school he went to, Denver East High School, he was lucky enough to be on the good side of 3 varsity letters that came to him for the sports tennis and lacrosse. The Next Level Lacrosse camp was built by Lou Braun and Jon Urbana with the intention of having multiple professional players help shape the minds of the lacrosse players that would be making a difference in the future, they wanted to have the ability to mold today’s youth into great lacrosse players.

As far as flying is concerned, Urbana has quite a lot of experience. Jon Urbana is actually quite well-known for all of his adventures to do with his flying career. He was even able to obtain a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification, with a little help from the Federal Aviation Administration who included him in their FFA Airmen Certification Database.

When it comes to business ventures, Jon Urbana has many years of experience. Urbana has learned a lot of things from his various business ventures, including strategic planning, sales, entrepreneurship, marketing strategy and new business development. As of right now, Jon has been working as the head of development for business over at the Ellipse USA company and for the last three years, he has also worked at being an amazing coach and co-founder for the last four years with the Next Level Lacrosse camp.

Andy Wirth Support for the Use of Clean Energy

The Reno City Council has just voted in support of a clean power plan. The Op-ed is published through the Reno Gazette- Journal.
The vote is expected to bring change in the region by shifting from dirty coal power to renewable energy. The vote makes the council part of important entities in the region that have pledged their support to a clean power plan. The council joins several private companies in furthering the initiative. Andy Wirth applauds the efforts made by the organizations that have joined forces in pushing society and companies within the area towards the clean power plan.
The move is a clear indication of the changing times. Things are now geared towards a new and healthy economy that is sustainable and diverse. This change is what the people of the region have been waiting for in order to improve their livelihoods. Already, big steps of progress have been made in building a clean energy economy given the contribution from the companies that are leading the way. Institutions are putting pressure on the responsible arms and the elected officials. This situation highlights the current need of a clean energy.
Andy Wirth was born in 1963 in Neubruck, West Germany. Currently, he works in the hotel industry and mountain resort. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado University. Wirth is also a graduate of the prominent Edinburgh University in Scotland. Previously, Wirth worked as a back country ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Park. He also rendered his services for the San Pedro Wilderness Area as a wilderness ranger. Presently, Wirth is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings that is the parent company of Alpine Midows and Squaw Valley ski resorts located in Olympic Valley.
Wirth has worked for more than 25 years in the mountain resort and hotel industry. He commenced his career in 1986 at Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth is a supporter of environmental community service organizations and also contributes to these organizations. He supports organizations like the Humane Society of Tahoe Truckee and the McConkey Foundation. In the course of his career, Wirth has received both professional and community service awards.