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Biography of Susan McGalla: A Successful Businesswoman

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman that has worked for some really big companies. She is also a consultant. She is famous for being the past president of the company American Eagle Outfitters. She has worked hard to make a successful career and has done a great job. She never felt she had to overcome obstacles that other women faced in the business world.

Susan was born in Liverpool, Ohio. She had two brothers and her father coached football. On numerous occasions she has expressed that her parents love and devotion are what have made her so successful today.

Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College. She ended up getting a bachelor’s degree in both marketing and business. After college she obtained her first position in marketing and management for the Joseph Horne Company. She worked for this business for seven years between 1986 and 1994.

After quitting her job at the Joseph Horne Company she started working for American Eagle Outfitters. In the beginning of her career with this company she was a merchandise buyer. She bought women’s clothing that was sold on the floor of the American Eagle Outfitters stores. She worked other roles in the company before being promoted to the Chief Merchandising Officer and also the president. While president she helped launch the brand Aerie for the company.

In January of 2009 she stopped working for American Eagle Outfitters and became a private consultant. She then stopped doing this to move onto other companies. Eventually she found her place where she is today helping the Pittsburgh Steelers with strategic planning as their director.

Susan McGalla is a very successful woman in the field of business. When she was hired to work at American Eagle Outfitters she was surrounded with businessmen and very few women. However, her parents never cut her any slack because she was a girl. She mentions this several times in interviews and says this is the reason she can successfully work with both sexes. She also attributes her success to her wonderful upbringing.

What Susan McGalla loves most about her career is the flexibility it now allows her. She attributes the flexibility to working so hard throughout the years. She never let anything get in her way of becoming successful. She has also said that her career success is due to the fact that she pretty much never believed in the glass ceiling. She never went around believing she couldn’t be successful because she was a woman. She pretty much brushed aside any prejudices society might have had for a women in the business field.

Susan McGalla is a great businesswoman. She has had an amazing career and has reached some really high ranking positions including being the president and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters. She has never let her sex determine her career success. She uses her achievements to inspire other females to not let anything stop them from pursing their dreams. Susan McGalla is a great role model for women.