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Rodrigo Terpins- Off-road Rallies and Retail

The Sertoes Rally is one of the most popular events in Brazil in the sport of off-road rally driving. Brazilian driver and businessman Rodrigo Terpins have been taking part in it for many years, and most of those have been in a team with his younger brother and off-road rally driver, Michel Terpins.



The Bull Sertoes rally Team was started by the two brothers several years ago. They have become popular in the sport for attending the Sertoes Rally almost every single year and always coming out among the top participants. Last year, Michel Terpins came out on place number seven of the fastest drivers.


Based on broadcast, the car he was driving was a T-Rex, and it was provided by one of the sponsors of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Unfortunately, the car started experiencing some technical difficulties and that caused Michel Terpins to slow down for about 300 km in order to allow his tech team to find a solution to the problem. He would have finished the race higher up among the fastest participants otherwise.



Rodrigo Terpins also drives a T-Rex car. However, his preferred vehicle has always been the motorcycle. Borth brothers race in the Prototype T category for cars and motorcycles. Often, Rodrigo Terins would race on behalf of charities and to fundraise money to support a variety of good causes. He is big on philanthropy and one of his latest partnership is with an organization that works on sustainable reforestation.



The primary career of Rodrigo Terpins is in the retail industry. He has been working in the business for many years and started doing off-road rally driving as an outlet for his love of motorcycles and the outdoors. He has taken after his father who is a lover of sports and is also working in the can visit  for more details.




Jack Terpins used to play basketball professionally for a less known team in Brazil. After some years, Jack Terpins moved on to work in a more corporate environment and is now a big name in sports business in Brazil, helping create better policies for athletes in the country.