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Securus Technologies- Leading provider of safety technologies

Securus Technologies is a firm that is committed to providing technology solutions that will enhance the safety of the people especially those in the correctional facilities. Securus is the biggest supplier of prison technology in the whole of North America. They currently serve over three thousand correctional and public safety facilities in the United States. In addition, they serve more than one million two hundred inmates in the world. With their headquarters based in Texas, Securus Technologies is proving to be the go-to company for all correctional facilities products especially those that deal with communication.



Securus prides in creating solutions that cater for all the players in the prison departments. From the inmates to their friends and families to the law enforcers, Securus Technologies is the best. They consult widely before they can produce any system. Their interest is to serve the prison departments in the best way possible. This can only be achieved by creating products that are of good quality and ones that address pertinent issues in the department.



With the improvement of the technologies that are used by other people for communication, there has been a need for the inmates to also have a technology that will make their lives better. They need to be provided with technological solutions to the challenges they face. In the future, the inmates are expected to have access to more products that will enable them even to access educational materials while still in the precincts of the correctional facilities.



The products they make are also meant to make the work of the law enforcers easy by being able to monitor some of the activities that happen within the correctional facilities. It will be possible to assure the inmates of their security with the products from Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is rated by BBB as a top producer of inmates’ safety products.



Securus Technologies – Building Prison Technology for the Future

Securus Technologies is a prison technology firm that started its operations in the year 1986 and since then has become one of the leading companies in the industry. The company is known for maintaining highest standards in the products and services it provides and also offers excellent customer care, which collectively has made Securus Technologies a leader in its sector. There are many other companies in the inmate communications and prison technology sector, but Securus Technologies has been winning the hearts of its client through innovative and practical technology and applications it provides. Moreover, the products and services of Securus Technologies are affordable, which has helped the inmates to use it without having to think twice.


The inmate communications products and services like the video call, voice call, photo sharing service, money transfer services, and more, has helped the inmates to stay connected to the outside world easily. It helps them to continue with their life inside prison, and aids in relieving considerable amount of stress from their lives. Living in prison is not easy, but when the inmates have access to the outside world and can communicate with ease with their friends and relatives, it makes it much easier on them. Securus Technologies believe that innovation is the key to success in the inmate communications and prison technology sector. It is because of this reason, the company continues to invest in inventing many new services as well as research and development. Recently, Securus Technologies announced it has invested over $600 million in research and development, which would go towards making finer products for the sector.


The web release published by the company recently showcased the admiration of the law enforcement officers for the investigative technology the company provides. In the new release, the letters of law enforcement officers were published in parts saying how such technology helps stop crime and arrest criminals with ease.

Securus Technologies’ Facilitating Clients Reviews on Technology Use to Prevent and Avert Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of technology solutions to both the public and prison facilities in America. The company recently published client comments on the use of technology to avert crimes on the street as well as inmate related incidents. Some of the most notable comments received include letters; emails received through prison officials in the United States. The corrections officers laud Securus in providing superb technology and its positive impact in the prison environment.


Securus Chairman and CEO Rick Smith said, “we develop a new service or product every week to assist corrections and law enforcement officials to resolve and prevent crimes”. Some of the Prisons customer chosen comments on the use of Technology to avert crimes includes:


“I write to inform you that through Securus Technologies and support, we used information drawn from the phone calls to arrest a corrupt official for introducing of contrabands within the facility. Please convey my gratitude to your staff in contributing towards this case …”


Investigative equipment facilitates staff to carry out investigations when complaints or an impending threat to the safety of the community or the facility is detected or reported.”


“I wanted to commend Securus for the LBS software. Using their technology as prescribed with extra legalized resources; our sheriff recovered millions of assets in drugs, cash, and other valuable illegal items. Without LBS software, the task of recouping the illegal stuff would be impossible and even more challenging. This technology, when combined with the other security equipments, proves that Securus Technologies leads in security communication matters in the industry.”


Securus Technologies is the leading inmate communications company. It is based in Dallas, Texas, and it serves over 3,450 correctional facilities all over the country. Securus also provides inmate technological services to incarcerated convicts in North America. The company is dedicated to helping and connecting people by the provision of emergency response services, security monitoring, investigation, communication, biometric analysis, data control, and inmate self-service products. Securus Technologies focuses on securing the community and linking loved ones through their secure systems.


Advantages of Securus for the Holidays

Christmas can be a lot brighter if you make use of a system known as Securus. The Christmas season is often a very difficult time for prison families all over the country because they would want to spend a lot of time with their loved ones but may not necessarily know how to do this. The problem that a lot of individuals face is that it is just not easy or in their budget to be able to make a trip to the prison to see their loved one as often as they would like during the holidays.


Because of my own experience during the holiday season with a loved one in prison, I can definitely sympathize with people who are dealing with the same situation and I feel that it is very important for them to know about a communication system known as Securus. Securus actually allows you to do video visitation services from the comfort of your own home so that you do not even need to make a trip to the prison itself just to be able to see your loved one when it is most convenient for you.


The convenience that comes with using Securus is something that you will never regret using for yourself and it is also something that has saved countless prison families thousands of dollars because they are no longer making those costly trips to the prison just to be able to see their loved ones. You can use Securus all throughout the year or you might even just want to use it during the holiday season so that you can have a closer connection with your loved one while they are behind bars.


Now that you know a little bit about this amazing system and how it can work for you, keep in mind that it is something that is also very secure and safe for just about anyone involved. You can feel totally confident knowing that it is not going to be a problem for you and is going to provide you with the proper amount of security to have a good quality conversation with your loved one without worrying that it is also being monitored very closely. Because of my own use of Securus, it is something I can definitely recommend to just about any person family in the country because I feel like can benefit you just as much as it has for me.


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