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George Soros the Philanthropist and Everything you need to Know about Him

George Soros, born Gyorgy Schwartz is a Hungarian- American author, business manager, investor, and philanthropist. George is considered one of the most successful and richest business people in the world with a net worth of over $25 billion as of May 2017. George was born in a non-observant Jewish family by Elizabeth and Tivader Schwartz. The family later changed its name to Soros to camouflage in the increasingly antisemitic Hungary. In his early life, Soros worked as a waiter and a railway porter and later worked in a bank.

Early business investment career

After graduating, Soros had a hard time finding a job and therefore, he resorted to becoming a traveling salesman for fancy-goods. During this time, he wrote numerous letters seeking interviews in different merchant to no avail until in 1954 when he finally landed a job at the Singer and Friedlander merchant; a job he credits to the fact that the managing director was a fellow Hungarian. In 1956, Soros moved to F.M Mayer where he worked for three years as an arbitrage trader specializing in European stocks. He then proceeded to Wertheim and Co where he worked until 1963; during this time, he developed the reflexivity theory. Later that year, he moved to Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder where he worked as a vice president for ten years. In, 1969, George developed the Double Edge hedge fund using investors money amounting to $4m, and four years later, the capital had attained $12m. This formed the basis of the now known Soros Fund. Read more on about George Soros.


George Soros is one of the well-known philanthropists in the world who has by far given over $30 billion from his fortune to fund several different charities and organizations around the world. He has especially funded the Open Society Foundations works across the globe which under his leadership support organizations and individuals fighting for freedom of expression, promote equality, and justice and accountable government. Additionally, the Open Society Foundations also provide fees for promising students for otherwise excluded students across the globe. The funds are especially channeled towards those facing discrimination primarily for who they are including those who have been pushed out of what the society considers mainstream including LGBTI people, drug addicts, and sex workers.

George’s philanthropy started in 1979 when he began funding black South Africans students under apartheid. He also created the Central European University after the Berlin wall and fallen which provided space to foster critical thinking. Over time, he has expanded his philanthropy to Asia, Africa, The United States, and Latin America supporting a wide range of efforts to create transparent, democratic, and more accountable societies. George Soros efforts have been evolving over time. However, they stay firm to his initial ideas of an open society. His funds do not stop at his foundations, he also funds and supports independent organizations including the European Council on Foreign Relations, Global Witness, the International Crisis Group, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Learn more at The Atlantic.

More Than A Hefty Donation

Find Courage In The Work Of George Soros

No one finds the determination to win as an easy trait to come by.

We see the determination to win in George Soros’ $18 billion donation.

The men and women we look up to are an example of the search for courage we must live. We live it in order to achieve greatness for ourselves or loved ones. George Soros is a clear testimony to the power of philanthropy.

We find bravery’s power when we need it most in our lives. George also experienced the same process before uncovering the reality he created. It takes bravery and in order to create a reality that doesn’t now exist. The witness we give to Mr. Soros’s success is a witness we give to our own standards.

The lives that our greatest embody are possible for us should we follow their example. The stage set for bravery is one set by George Soros, and the unending passion of his inner vision.

The Values We Start With

It’s not enough to push or persuade men and women toward bravery if we haven’t accepted our own truth. The reality of living by values and standard is in responsibility. Most of us are directed negatively if we are not ready to live up to the standard that our dreams set.

If you aren’t held accountable by your own conscious, than no man can aide in your self determination. No one was there to tell George Soros about the level of success he should achieve. He didn’t have an helping hand when billions rolled into his bank account and changed his life forever.

In like manner, you will only have your sense of bravery when you’re called to act upon your own ambitions.

Let George Soros Carry The Rest

The remaining work we have, when creating our own realities, is to stand and face the fears. Society has taken the definition of fear as, “everything we don’t know of.” Look at what George Soros didn’t know about his own success that was to come. He would rely on his sense of bravery. That bravery brought him to donate $18 billion today.

Taking on the merits of courage led George to one of the most famous trades of this generation. You can do likewise if you just live up to the standard and never lose a day of courage in the process and Follow him