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Brian Bonar Receives Highest Honor In Professional Networking

Brian Bonar was named the executive of the year representing finance. He is the current chairperson and chief executive officer of the Dalrada Financial Corporation and has been named as the Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of the year in the Finance category. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

While he was included in the Who’s Who Registry in Cambridge as an honor, only two female and male members in each discipline and named as executives of the current year. The Cambridge, Who’s who committee that selects and chooses the honorees based on their particular ability as well as a professional accomplishment in leadership skills and academic achievements. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

With more than three decades of professional experience in the financial sector, Brian Bonar has a unique position to oversee all the operations of the Dalrada Company. For more than ten years he was the company’s Chief executive officer and chairperson positions that held him solely responsible for numerous employee selection and employee benefits, risk management insurance, as well as business and promotional management services. He is the chief executive officer as well as the chairperson of the Smart-Tek Automated Services incorporation. He is also the current president of Professional Business Service Incorporation.

The Dalrada Financial Company provides services to the PE businesses and companies. Dalrada offers a very wide range of employer and employee benefits as well as the aftermarket products. The company is also acting as the marketing liaison that supplies to its esteemed clients a very broad range of employee programs that are designed to increase business efficiency.

These services include the employer-employee benefits, the risk management as well as insurance; this also includes the compensation and business liability. It also offers financial management as well as business and promotional management services.

According to MG2, Brian Bonar is a popular and successful financial executive. He is the Tricept leader, Incorporated. He also has a very full ad extensive leadership background in leadership and has been serving as a leader in other companies like the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

His early life has been full of innovations and success. No wonder he majored in technical engineering degree in the James Watt Technical College. He then later went on to advance his education and earned a master’s degree from the University of Stanford. He has also worked as a procurement manager for IBM and also as the engineering director for QMS managing is than one hundred people.