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The Chainsmokers Being Real in “Sick Boy”

“Sick Boy” Unearths New Ground

“Sick Boy” is the Chainsmokers latest single. The Chainsmokers is Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. The new single boasts the group is from “the East Side of America,” which calls attention to one side of America. The second half of the introductory verse says more than being from one side of the nation, “Where we choose pride over character.”

When recently asked why the Chainsmokers is taking a more dark turn towards their lyrics, which are provocative in “Sick Boy,” Drew Taggart says it is a response to negative criticism towards the group. This negative criticism comes from a general narcissism in the world. What is clear is that the group set on carrying out their mission of reflecting in their music what is going in their lives and around them. The YouTube video for “Sick Boy” has over 140 million views to date. What will this darker tone in the Chainsmokers lyrics mean for the band going forward? “Sick Boy” is the first new single for 2018. Their previous “Something Like This” with Coldplay launched The Chainsmokers onto a further level of success with their collaboration with Coldplay. The lyrics of “Sick Boy” targets the world of narcissism, which inflates the view of oneself over and above the rest of the world. The person whose trapped in a narcissistic attitude seeks the admiration that comes from others and doesn’t want to pay attention to the feelings and needs of others.

Confronting Narcissism

How can we find love in a world where we only want to beloved before and above everything else? The social media wave reveals that attitude undoubtedly and is criticized by the darker tone of the lyrics in “Sick Boy.” Alex Pall is confronting the way in which social media gives each person a platform to represent themselves to the world. The Chainsmokers new message is not a culmination of a new voice, but an evolution of an ongoing effort to communicate what is happening to them and the world around them. The ultimate message is love and relationships.

EOS Organic Lip Balm: Evolving in the World of Chapstick

Less than a decade ago, EOS dared to enter the market world of chap stick and won. EOS has been successful in marketing to a Facebook active generation with a different kind of stick. Before EOS entered the marketplace of chap stick, the original cherry stick of chap stick was the normal purchase at the grocery store. EOS changed the way consumers have used chap stick with the circular egg like shape and different flavors made from organic ingredients. Some of the flavors included are honeydew and grapefruit making it the runner up for the best selling chap stick in the country. The products are now being sold online at Ulta and eBay.

EOS started marketing its unique product by showing celebrities playing with all of the different colors and flavors of EOS chap stick. The acronym for EOS is the “Evolution of Smooth” and they use organic ingredients to soften your lips. EOS ( has also developed other products like lotion and shaving cream that include the softening ingredients. EOS is also planning on producing similar products in the future that make the skin soft. EOS has also targeted the younger millennial generation through social media outlets and collaborated with Keds to make a shoe and lip balm that match each other. Keds has the ability to evolve in the ever changing oral care business with different approaches to marketing to our smelling, touching and seeing senses.