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Brian Torchin: Medical Staffing Professional and Healthcare Expert

Brian Torchin has been working in the medical staffing industry for years and knows the important aspects of the medical profession. The first step in achieving a successful practice is job counseling. Many professionals in the medical field move from one job to another looking for their own personal specialty.

It can take many years for someone to find their preferred specialty, but many can become burnt out long before achieving this goal. By offering job counseling, these medical professionals can find their specialty almost immediately.

The second step is obviously job placement. Once HCRC helps these professional find their specialty, the next logical step is finding an available position for them.

There are healthcare facilities all over the country that are short staffed or in between a full staff and HCRC helps fill those positions as soon as they become available. Brian Torchin himself is often hands on with the placement process, ensuring that anyone coming to HCRC is placed as quickly as possible.

One of the more behind the scenes steps is properly verifying possible employees. Not wanting anyone to be put in a position that could compromise the health of others, all employees are vetted and verified by the HRCH staff. HCRC wants to ensure their clients receive the best possible matches.

Brian has made it his personal mission to inform people about the importance of having the right professionals doing what they love to do. He understands how difficult it can be sometimes for someone in the medical field to find the right job. He and his team will not rest until their clients have a fully functioning, and successful staff.

Brian Torchin is the owner and President of HCRC Staffing, a company he founded. They are primary an online service that medical professionals can use to find adequate employees.

Brain himself was once a medical practitioner and has a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He spent many years working as a chiropractor before realizing that he could help professionals find employment. He uses his experience to guide his company.