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Doe Deere Is Enjoying Herself As An Entrepreneur

When Doe Deere was still just a young girl she had her first experience with being a business person. She started selling temporary tattoos to her classmates, and she found much joy out of doing that. Seeing her classmates appreciating the items that she had sold them inspired her, and she remembered how it felt to be an entrepreneur back then years later when she became one for real.
Doe Deere did not start out on the journey to become an entrepreneur right away when she became an adult, though. Instead, she decided that it might be fun to join a band, and so that is what she did. She had grown up in Russia, and she moved to New York City just before becoming an adult. While in the city she played with a band and found much joy in doing so. She even met her husband in the band, and she does not regret the time that she spent in it, even though eventually she realized that it was time for her to move on.
After playing in the band, Doe Deere started posting her experiments with makeup online. She put photos up of herself wearing various brands of makeup, and she gained a large following by doing that. People loved what she was doing and how unique she was. And that is part of what inspired Doe Deere to finally take the steps to become an entrepreneur.
Doe Deere loved makeup and doing her own thing with it, so when she wanted to start up her own brand it only seemed logical that she would start up a makeup brand. She hardly had any money to do it with, but she made the brand happen anyway. She created all kinds of bright and fun colors, and many people came to love the brand right away. People were excited to see something so different on the market, and Doe Deere has done many people a favor by following her dreams and making the makeup brand come to be.
Doe Deere’s whole life has not been dedicated to her becoming an entrepreneur, but now that she is running her own brand she cannot imagine doing anything else. She has even said that it feels so good that it almost is too good to be true that she is able to play with color and enjoy herself so much while working.