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Kabbalah: Non-Jewish Center of Attraction for Hollywood Celebrities

Moments after Madonna, a Hollywood celebrity expressed her interest in knowing more about the Jewish culture, many other celebrities followed suit. Her inspiration led her to open a Kabbalah center whose main aim was to pass education about the Jewish tradition. Famous celebrities such as Britney Spears and the Sammy Davis expressed similar interest to culture. The main reason why many non-Jewish celebrities are attracted by Kabbalah Center remains a mystery up to date.

Sandra Bernhard narrates that Kabbalah Center helped her deal with myriads of chaos through her entire life. Paris Hilton also particularly applauds Kabbalah since it helped her after breaking up with Nick Carter. After the breakup, she immediately went to the Los Angeles Kabbalah center where she acquired a red string bracelet. This tool has always helped her deal with life’s challenges during numerous times she has been to this center.

Many celebrities recommend this system as it helps people to view the world positively. Works such as “Soul of the Torah” in this center helps explain the relationship that God has with the world that to the extent of creating it. Not all celebrities visit Kabbalah Center go with the aim of changing their lives, for instance, the late Sammy Davis. He wanted to be part of the many centuries Jewish history and at least hold on some material tool. He was inspired by the fact that Jews became stronger after years of being oppressed and wanted to be part of their great strength of coping.

Madonna believes that one concept she has learned from Kabbalah is that people are placed on earth to help people. She advises that people should exploit their opportunities to see how they can change the world. Other celebrities attracted to Kabbalah to have the connection with their family.

About Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah Center International is an organization which provides education embedded in the Jewish tradition. It is located in Los Angeles, United States of America. It was developed by Phil Berg together with his wife. It has many teachers and staff from the different ethnic backgrounds who teach people the tradition.

Kabbalah was always viewed as a center of a mystery that only devout students above the age of 40 could understand. Other people thought of Kabbalah being a center of perversion of the Judaism cultures and beliefs.

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