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3 Reasons Why Fortress Investment Group Is Successful

Diversification according to many management pundits is a true mark of a successful company. One of the few companies that have illustrated that a company can be diversified in its products and not lose the authenticity and grasp of its market is Fortress Investment Group. It is also important to note that to Fortress, diversification has been a journey.

Currently, the company offers many services to a wide variety of investors. It has always been a dream of Fortress Investment Group not only give their clients a more extensive array of services but also provide these services in the best way possible.

Currently, Fortress operates in a five-pillar structure. According to the management of the company, these five pillars have always given the company an ability to cover more areas in the alternative investment market. Some of the key areas the company is passionate about include the following. First, the company has over the years build its assets based business to match with the global standards. It is impressive to note that the process has been successful and the company is a leader in the assets based industry

Second, it is essential to appreciate the fact that Fortress Investment Group has been passionate about capital markets and the company is currently a global leader in this specific niche. Third, the company is synonymous with smooth corporate acquisitions and mergers — another key areas the company is keen on includes operational management and expanding the industry knowledge. These strides are an indication of the quality of leadership this company has over the past years it has been in operations. Fortress Investment Group has always been a home to the best analysts and managers in the world of investment.

In addition to the company’s brilliant approach to investment, it is important to note that the company has one of the most profound expansion agenda to the world of investment. The company understands that although the USA market is the most advanced regarding operations and efficiency, there are other markets with similar potential and this is the reason why Fortress Investment Group has been expanding.


Private equity firm, HGGC announces six promising new hires

The middle market private equity giant, HGGC recently announced that it’s adding six promising new hires to its management team. The hiring move is part of the firm’s new strategy to promote its current growth trajectory to even greater heights. The new hires are supposed to help the firm successfully develop and execute the firm’s investment strategies. Additionally, they are expected to foster the firm’s portfolio through value addition. The main departments at HGGC that will benefit from these new hires are the operations, financial and investment departments.

The promising six

This middle market private equity firm hired Colin Phinisey as its new Principal. In his new role, Colin will be responsible for the firm’s capital market efforts in its entirety. Colin has a lot of experience in the technical capital market transactions. He is one of the leading experts in mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and debt financing.

Christopher Guinn is the new Executive Director. At his new position, Guinn’s focus will be solely on improving HGGC’s portfolio. Before joining this private equity firm, he worked at Atrium Corporation as its Chief Financial officer.

Zachary Adams was also hired to this middle market private equity firm. He worked at Boston Consulting Group before this recent appointment. Adams also worked at Merrill Lynch as its Market Risk Analyst.

William Spector was working at Mckinsey & Company as the Corporate Finance Business Analyst before being hired to HGGC.

William Malanga held the position of Investment Banking Analyst at Credit Suisse’s Financial Sponsors Group before his recent appointment.

Hao Qin worked at Onex as an Associate before his appointment. Onex is among the largest private equity firms in Canada. He also spent some time at Goldman Sachs.

About HGGC

This middle market private equity firm has a cumulative capital commitment of roughly $4.3 billion. This makes it one of the leading firms in this space. HGGC has for a long time distinguished itself from the competition using its Advantaged Investing‘ approach. This approach has allowed the firm to acquire scalable businesses. The firm’s strong bond among its founders, sponsors, management team and investors has enabled it to get this far ahead of the competition successfully.

Fortress Investment Group: Being One Of The Largest Assest Managment Firms

Fortress Investment Group has been breaking records ever since 1998. Twenty years ago, the company was created to be a trendsetting private equity company. In 2007, it became the first large private equity company to become a public company on the New York stock market. The firm is a global company that has over one thousand investors in several various countries. Forty three billion dollars of assets are managed by this company. They specialized in hedge funds, private equity and capital vehicles. They have a unique strategy that they employ for their investors called “strong risk adjusted returns”. The huge nine hundred people staff work out of the New York headquarters office.

Fortress Investment Group has core areas where their experience is strong. They use these core areas to develop strategies for investors to increase their portfolios. Operations management, asset based investing, capital markets, corporate mergers and sector specific companies are the core areas Fortress Investment Group focuses on for investors.

Becoming a very large asset management firm, has been no easy task. It has taken two decades to get to where Fortress Investment Group currently is. It was all made possible due to the company’s practices that has grew their clientele and maintained these relationships. Mergers and acquisitions is something the company is very skilled at. Many investors seek out this firm when they are seeking guidance on starting, selling or combining companies. The firm has worked to create long term relationships with business professionals, board members of corporations and stakeholders.

Having these close relationships with so many different types of professionals has garnered the company a lot of specialized experience with working with capital markets. They have aided many of their investors with getting financing. Additionally, they have a proven history of working with portfolio companies. They also work to give out education to their investors. They aim to enlighten investors of a variety of companies in many various industries. The financial advisors at this firm are very knowledge about various industries. That way they are able to understand what sectors work the best for each individual investor.

Madison Street Capital Is Ready For Another Good Hedge Fund Merger And Acquisition Year

Investors are nervous about the events that are taking place around the world. The Chinese economic debacle is creating recessionary waves around the globe. According to some of the leading economists, the world could be facing another recession that will rival the 2008 meltdown. If that happens, hedge funds will take a serious hit to their bottom lines. Hedge fund managers are trying to prepare for an economic downturn in 2016 even though Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based investment firm, recently released the 2015 hedge fund merger and acquisition report and it was a good one. According to an article published by, there was 42 successful M&A transaction in 2015. That beats the 2014 total of 32. Those 42 deals accounted for a 27 percent increase in volume over the dollar volume in 2014.

Charles Botchway, the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, is as concerned about the global recession as any investment manager, but Botchway thinks his company will still have a successful 2016 in terms of completed mergers and acquisitions. The reason, according to Botchway, is Madison Street Capital’s ability to offer merger and acquisition clients all the tools they need to make an informed decision about the transaction. Madison Street offers clients portfolio valuation, financial analysis, inventory management information, capital input, and other tools, so companies have all the information they need to close the deal.

Madison Street Capital is not like other investment firms that go after the big fish in the corporate pond. Botchway and Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala like to work with companies that are considered medium-size or small-size companies. Marsala and Botchway also like to work with companies that understand the needs of both companies. Madison Street Capital’s merger and acquisition programs show companies how to achieve those needs the best possible way. That means finding financial as well as operating solutions.

But even though Madison Street Capital is going to have another great year, many investment firms are going to be faced with some challenges going forward. Botchway thinks many hedge funds will close in 2016, and that means less hedge fund mergers. Botchway also thinks the big hedge funds will face some radical government regulations that cut the amount of money investors can make. The loopholes that are in place that avoid taxes are going to be eliminated in 2017 and that will force hedge fund managers to make adjustments.

It’s not going to easy for investors or companies in 2017, according to Mr. Botchway. The investment industry is going to change because of regulations, and the recession is going to put a strain on hedge fund returns. But Madison Street Capital’s Charles Botchway is still optimistic about his company’s future.

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