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The Innovation That Construcap Provides

Construcap (originally called Cia Construction Periera de Sousa) was founded in 1944 and continues to be based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is one of the ten largest construction companies in Brazil. It is also dedicated to having all of its many construction projects be entirely environmentally friendly and economically viable. Its Integrated Management System-based work is in both the private and public markets, primarily in building, energy, and infrastructure. It deeply touches the industrial, trade, building, road, subway, energy, infrastructure, and sanitation industries of Brazil.

Its professional philosophy is that excellence in their work involve good engineering, technical capacity, efficiency, and competitiveness. In a ranking of the 1,500 most profitable companies in Brazil, Construcap placed 431. This means that they are one of the most prominent companies make a positive economic difference in Brazil. The company builds highways, railways, airways, ports, infrastructure, commercial, and industrial projects all over Brazil the year around. Earlier this year, Construcap was awarded the coveted ENR Global Awards 2015.

The judges of this award look at construction, logistics, innovation, and execution deadlines. In particular, they were looking at Construcap’s recent construction of a Fiat factory in Goiana. The Fiat construction was particularly impressive. The construction area included a whopping 747,000 square meters. In other words, it was around the size of 800 football fields. There were also quite of bit of needed planning and logistics involved since the site was in a remote area around two hours from anything.

To help with the project, Construcap also set up two training programs: One for implementing construction site projects, one for technical services at the central office. There were also logistics to overcome the many language barriers since multiple nationalities worked together on the project. Although extreme care was taken in the award-winning Fiat project, this is really not that unusual a thing for the company. They always take extreme care in all of their projects and continually take their social responsibility seriously.

As mentioned, they also commonly practice environmentally friendly constructon procedures such as recycling and environmental training for their staff and for communities near construction sites.