Ann Nolan

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Leading The Education Sector Into A Technology Filled Future

For many who have children or have a stake in the public school system the current curriculum and theories in U.S. across the nation are seen as outdated and difficult to navigate. Across the U.S. a number of new groups are appearing who have looked to improve the standard of education seen across the nation through the use of charter schools; at the head of the drive to update the public school system is Preston Smith’s Rocketship Education group which operates as a not for profit from its California base.

The pride Preston Smith has in the work he has achieved at Rocketship education is easy to see when the co-founder and CEO explain his happiness when parents state they feel Rocketship Education is providing a private school standard education without the fees seen in the private sector. Rocketship Education has high hopes of expanding its number of locations, a plan which has already started but will see the school extend into many different areas and to represent as many different social groups as possible. In the view of Rocketship Education, each community should have the opportunity to receive as impressive an education as possible within their own community.

Diversity is something critics of charter schools accuse these institutions of failing to include in their ambitious plans but Preston Smith explains the Rocketship Education plan includes employing a diverse group of educators to represent as many different communities as possible. Rocketship Education’s leaders have already stated their desire to build new pathways into teaching which will bring a diverse group of teachers to every school and build a more inclusive and diverse community.

Preston Smith established the Rocketship Education not for profit group with co-founder John Danner after becoming unhappy with the direction the public school education system was moving in the U.S. As an educator in San Jose for more than 15 years, Preston Smith has achieved his biggest targets in the city where 25 charter schools now exist to bring a brighter future for low-income families across the region.