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Go Forth and Conquer: Why Drew Madden Matters More than Ever

There are bigger concerns in the retail world than deciding what color the newest promotion sign will be, how significant a change in sales capacity can be attained by a few meaningless switcharoos in an off-to-the-side planogram, or the niceties of setting up corrugate displays on the sales floor to promote some product that nobody cares about. Actually, while all of this is happening in the foreground to mask the grim reality of the larger situation at hand, there are net-based monoliths such as Amazon working their magic on many retail industries at once to shoehorn innovation into markets that may or may not be ready for it yet.

Whether you as a client want to see it or not, changes are happening. Toys “R” Us was just run into the ground, and while there were many poor decisions by the company that led into this tragedy, Amazon’s own grip on the retail sector has indisputably contributed to the toy company’s fate. We’re not forgetting about Whole Foods’ recent fall, either, and there are many more companies that are feeling the heat of Amazon’s influence with the passing days — Amazon fever, we’ll call it. Despite this febrile condition of every brick-and-mortar store across the country, there are great results coming out of it, and the customer is winning thanks to the competition.

Most recently, there’s the matter of Amazon’s travails to obtain legal licensing for the selling and delivery of goods for medical establishments. These goods primarily relate to equipment that’s needed for the continuing operations of medically focused businesses such as CVS, but they can also be used to sell such equipment to individuals themselves who are in need of them. However, this isn’t all sunshine and butterflies for CVS and their ilk since Amazon is leveraging this to also obtain licenses for the distribution of prescription pills themselves.

CVS is firing back by negotiating with Aetna to sell health insurance inside their own stores, which is an excellent strategy to keep the retail monolith off their shoulders for years to come. However, this advancement will require professional assistance in refining CVS’ medical IT systems, and Drew Madden is a name that you’re about to see in the media more often as a result. With the retail sector transforming into a battlefield, many new services and names from behind the scenes will be surfacing, and Madden himself is about to become very important for CVS and related stores to survive.