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Waiakea Water: Making the World a Better Place

Water companies hold a lot of power in today’s society. If they wanted to, they could really change the world for the better in less than a decade. Unfortunately, like many other powerful industries, they only care about making money; well, not all of them.

There’s one company based in Hawaii that cares about its consumers, the environment, and those less fortunate. Waiakea Water is the fastest-growing bottled water brand in the world. They launched in 2012 and quickly changed the bottled water industry with little effort. Even the fact that they’re based out of Hawaii is revolutionary.

It’s weird to think that no one tried to launch a bottled water brand in Hawaii before them. Hawaii is synonymous with nature and good vibes. Being the first put Waiakea Water ahead their competition from the first day. Since then, everyone is trying to be more like Waiakea Water.

While other companies claim their water is unique and people can’t live without it, Waiakea Water just packages their water and ships it. They don’t do anything to their water that nature hasn’t already done; it’s one of the reasons it’s considered some of the healthiest and freshest water in the world.

Waiakea Water even tastes different from other waters because they’re not adding or subtracting anything from it. Their water is filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock and naturally infused with minerals before spurting out of springs all over the Mauna Loa volcano.

Once it’s above ground, Waiakea’s facility immediately packs it up and ships it all over the world. They factories are actually at the source so that it’s as pure as possible during packaging. They use special facilities that leave tiny carbon footprints, but they’re focused on creating factories that leave no footprint.

That dream is a step closer since they announced they’re switching their plastic to a 100 percent degradable plastic bottle. Their bottles will degrade in 15 years rather than the usual 1,000 years.

The Difference That A Life Line Makes

Life Line Screening and Disease Detection

Life Line Screening is a company that was founded in 1993. The purpose of Life Line Screening is to offer screenings to individuals in order to rule out different diseases. There are a number of individuals who may have family members who were diagnosed with certain diseases; their family history may make them nervous about getting a disease. There are other issues that may cause an individual to worry about developing a diseases, so they may want to get testing done in order to rule out their risks. Life Line Screening has been able to carry out more than 8 million health screenings since the company’s inception; that gives the company an average of over 1 million healthcare screenings per year. The type of healthcare screenings that Life Line Screening carries out are the following: blood testing, blood electrocardiograms, and ultrasounds. Some of the most common diseases that can be detected by a Life Line Screening are the following: high cholesterol, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, and aneurysms.

What The Studies Show

There have been different studies that have been carried out by the Life Line Screening medical research team. These studies have collected data from millions of people who have done different questionnaires about health and lifestyle. These studies have been instrumental in identifying the link between years of smoking cigarettes and its dangerous effects on health. This testing has also shown that excess weight can cause a person to have an aortic aneurysm. The same testing showed that eating vegetables, fruits, and nuts can decrease a person’s risk of developing heart problems.

The Life Line Difference

The research and the testing that has been carried out by Life Line training has saved millions of individuals from serious disease. They have been able to find out about their disease and make significant life changes in order to improve their health and prevent disease. Life Line Screening is a company that has used its innovation and technology to truly improve the lives of others.

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Among Health Care Companies Nobilis Health Corporation Keeps Growing

Health care companies make up a gigantic $1,668 trillion industry. Segments of the industry include pharmaceuticals, bio medical, medical instruments, hospitals and insurance. For this discussion we focus on the hospital segment. Here are just a few statistics in this group: We have 5,754 regular hospitals in the United States and 794,636 health care companies. There are 16,792,626 persons employed in the industry. Long Term Care Hospitals number only 111.

There are many ways to analyze a company’s growth potential. On a fundamental basis you would look at revenues and net profits over several years, new products and an estimated future growth. On a technical basis one measure is Weighted Alpha. That is the upward or downward movement of a stock over a given period. A company stock that is going up will have a positive weighted alpha and one going down will have a negative number.

Here we look at companies that have a positive weighted alpha since they are the ones moving up in price and most often the companies with the most growth.
Data is taken from

Adeptus Health Inc. (ADPT) Adeptus is headquartered in Lewisville, TX. The company operates a network of independent and free standing emergency care facilities in Texas and Colorado.
Recent price is $86.06. 52 Week high and low are $123.97 and $25.86. EPS is $.56 PE Ratio is 148.98 Weighted Alpha is 157.40 and Market Cap is $994.85 billion.

Mednax Inc. (MD) Mednax is based in Sunrise FL. The company focuses on newborns. Specialties include maternal-fetal, pediatric and anesthetic care. It operates facilities in the United States and Puerto Rico.
Recent price is $80.37 52 Week high and low are $86.09 and $52.43 EPS is $3.44 Weighted Alpha is 36.60 Market Cap is $7.73 billion.

VCA Antech (WOOF) VCA Antech is based in Los Angeles CA. It operates National Animal Healthcare in the United States and Canada. It owns and operates veterinary hospitals and veterinary clinical laboratories. It also supplies imaging equipment and medical technology to the veterinary industry. In addition is provides education and veterinary solutions to businesses.
Recent price is $55.75 52 Week high and low are $62.45 and $38.05 EPS is $2.13 PE ratio is 26.01 Weighted Alpha is 19.80 Market Cap is $4.58 billion.

Univsersal Health Service (UHS) The company headquarters is located in King of Prussia PA. The company owns and operates acute care hospitals, behavioral health centers, ambulatory surgery centers and women’s centers.
Recent price is $129.40 52 Week high and low are $148.57 and $95.63 EPS is $6.50 PE ratio is 19.27 Weighted Alpha is 16.70 Dividend is $.04 (1.32%) Market Cap is $12.82 billion.

Nobilis Health Corporation (HLTH) Nobilis is based in Houston TX. It operates six health centers: Northstar Health Care Surgery Center in Dallas TX, Northstar Health Care Surgery Center in Houston TX, Northstar Center in Scottsdale AZ, Kirby Surgical Care Center, Northstar Urgent Care in Dallas and Houston. Specialties include Spine Surgery, Pain Management, Orthopedic Surgery, Podiatry, Gastrointestinal Scopes and Ear, Nose and Throat.

Nobilis Health Corporation is a top stock pick for Q4 by Mackie Research Capital. The analyst report is by Russell Stanley.
Recent price is $3.07 52 week high and low are $9.34 and $1.07 EPS is $.04 Weighted Alpha is 56.29 Market Cap is $205.60 million.