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Make A Difference By Working With Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare operates in Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire. They assess hearing loss, fit hearing aids, support ENT clinics and provide hearing aid aftercare. Sussex Healthcare is known for providing quality care at the highest level of professionalism. Their staff only employs highly trained professionals, that use the most advanced state-of-the-art technology to treat their patients.

At SHC, they develop a framework that regularly audits staff and patient safety, infection control, adherence to company policies and procedures and risk management. They have received accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and are regulated with the Care Quality Commission. Sussex Healthcare works within the guidelines of the National Good Practice Guide when it relates to treatment. This ensures that their patients will receive the highest quality of healthcare along with on-going aftercare.

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Sussex Healthcare Audiology employees must obtain the necessary experience and qualifications to be considered for employment. All medical professionals are regulated and registered with the Health & Care Professions Council and the Registered Council for Clinical Physiologists. Sussex Healthcare has one goal in mind when it comes to their employees. They believe in investing in them by providing on-going education and training to maximize their potential. They offer an attractive employee package that includes a pension, in house training, paid breaks, free bus service and double pay for bank holidays. They have their own Training Academy that is available to entry level candidates located at their corporate office. Management training and nursing apprenticeships are also available. There are several open opportunities available at Sussex Healthcare, especially in the Horsham, Sussex area. Here are some of the excellent currently available careers at Sussex Healthcare:

* Recruitment Advisor Nurse Division
* Registered Mental Health Nurse
* Care Assistant-Nights
* Health and Safety Lead
* Director of IT
* Admin/Data Analyst
* Care Home Unit Manager
* Weekend Driver
* Kitchen Assistant
* Domestic Assistant-Part Time
* Senior Care Assistant/Level 3 Care Assistant
* Team Leader
* Deputy Care Home Manager
* Activity Coordinator
* Laundry Assistant
* Housekeeper
* Registered Care Home Manager
* Clinical Nurse Auditor
* Registered Nurse
* Recruitment Manager
* Data Analyst/Admin
* Payroll Supervisor
* Deputy Care Home Manager
* Support Worker-Nights and Days Available

Sussex Healthcare has a career option for every aspect of the medical and healthcare industry.

Dr. David Samadi Discusses Mitt Romney’s Prostate Cancer

As is well known by now, Former Governor of Utah and 2012 Republican Nominee for President Mitt Romney has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunately, he has also been cured of the cancer through prostate surgery treatment.

Prostate cancer is a very common form of cancer among men who are in their sixties or older. It is not that common among young men. Many people get prostate cancer when they get older. Some of them get radiation treatment in order to treat the prostate cancer. However, Mitt Romney did not get radiation treatment. Instead, he got prostate surgery. There are other politicians who have had prostate cancer and have gotten prostate surgery in order to treat it. Colin Powell is one of them. So is John Kerry, the former Secretary of State under the Obama Administration.

Dr. David Samadi is a well known expert on prostate cancer and has developed a unique SMART method that uses precision surgery to treat prostate cancer. He says that he often recommends that patients get prostate surgery instead of radiation. This is especially when the cancer has not yet spread to other parts of the body. In such a case, if the cancer is localized and concentrated in the prostate gland, the survival rate of having prostate surgery is almost one hundred percent. On the other hand, radiation can have serious side effects. First of all, there is a good chance that even if the prostate cancer goes away, a secondary form of cancer can develop in the bladder and other areas of the body as a result of the radiation. In addition, patients who get radiation are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer than patients who get prostate surgery to treat their cancer. In addition, they are less likely to live longer than people who get prostate surgery. Therefore, he always recommends that his patients consider prostate surgery if their situation allows it. He will sit down with his patients to discuss the pros and cons of both treatment methods.
Dr. David Samadi says that fortunately, prostate surgery has worked out well for John Kerry and Mitt Romney.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also the head of robotic surgery. He developed the SMART method for treating prostate cancer with precision surgery.

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The Difference That A Life Line Makes

Life Line Screening and Disease Detection

Life Line Screening is a company that was founded in 1993. The purpose of Life Line Screening is to offer screenings to individuals in order to rule out different diseases. There are a number of individuals who may have family members who were diagnosed with certain diseases; their family history may make them nervous about getting a disease. There are other issues that may cause an individual to worry about developing a diseases, so they may want to get testing done in order to rule out their risks. Life Line Screening has been able to carry out more than 8 million health screenings since the company’s inception; that gives the company an average of over 1 million healthcare screenings per year. The type of healthcare screenings that Life Line Screening carries out are the following: blood testing, blood electrocardiograms, and ultrasounds. Some of the most common diseases that can be detected by a Life Line Screening are the following: high cholesterol, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, and aneurysms.

What The Studies Show

There have been different studies that have been carried out by the Life Line Screening medical research team. These studies have collected data from millions of people who have done different questionnaires about health and lifestyle. These studies have been instrumental in identifying the link between years of smoking cigarettes and its dangerous effects on health. This testing has also shown that excess weight can cause a person to have an aortic aneurysm. The same testing showed that eating vegetables, fruits, and nuts can decrease a person’s risk of developing heart problems.

The Life Line Difference

The research and the testing that has been carried out by Life Line training has saved millions of individuals from serious disease. They have been able to find out about their disease and make significant life changes in order to improve their health and prevent disease. Life Line Screening is a company that has used its innovation and technology to truly improve the lives of others.

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Big Name Health Care Companies

As 2016 is just around the corner it is that time to consider which healthcare company to side with. Whether that is siding with the previous one or changing to another one. Each company has something to offer that the other one doesn’t. It is all about the benefits that relate to the individual. Here are some healthcare companies:
1) CVS pharmacy is the biggest company right now. They operate nationwide as the biggest retailer in the states. They offer a wide range of prescription drugs for all. Their most recent revenue was at $139 billion.
2) McKesson is trailing at a close second. They are known as the largest pharmaceutical distributor in the United States. They also working on implementing new software inside the medical community that is unappreciated. Its technology can also help in the distribution process. Their most recent revenue is $138 billion.
3) United Health Group. They currently serve over 85 million patients across the nation. The health group provides great health benefits and services. They are the largest in the health insurance benefit. They get more room to bargain for drug and manufacturing prices.
4) AmerisourceBergen. This group is one of the biggest pharmaceutical distribution and sourcing services company. They have been growing life crazy after the partnership with Walgreen’s boots in 2013. This company is able to grab their general drug buying to get even better prices. Their last revenue recorded is $119 billion by GE Capital.
5) Last in the top five is Express Scripts Holdings. This company manages full services pharmacies benefits. They have been rewarded by the cut costs in manufacturing as well as increased bargained sales. The growth of this company has come from the increase of insured patients. Their last recorded revenue was $100 billion.
6) Nobilis Health Care. Formally known as Northstar Healthcare has made a fresh start with a new name. The changing of the name is necessary for growth and expansion of the market. This way their brand won’t get mixed up with other brands similar to Nobilis Health. They will continue to make exchanges under TSX under NHC.
This health company works with various physicians in the management of care facilities and health organizations. They own and manage five local surgery centers. A few of them in Dallas and Houston. They also manage and own two imaging centers and one urgent care facility in the Houston Area. They are continuously looking for new markets to expand to.