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MaurícioMendonça Godoy Holds On To Good Ideas And Lets Go Of Others

MaurícioMendonça Godoy graduated from college in 1983. He attended Mackenzie Presbyterian University and studied both Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering. This man serves as CEO of Estaleiros do Brasil. Asking questions is important to this man and something that he has done throughout his life to help him in his work. He encourages others to ask questions and then ask more questions in order to learn.

Those who work in an ethical way will not only gain respect from others but they will come into less problems as they go through their lives. MaurícioMendonça Godoy has shared that he believes that it is important for a person to stay ethical in the way that they work. Ethics are important to him and he tries to be ethical in the things that he chooses to do and not do. When a person acts ethically, people will trust them. This man has shared that he is a fan of the book The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey because it talks about the importance of gaining trust from other people.

When there is a large project that a person is working on, they are going to come across problems that they will have to face. MaurícioMendonça Godoy has shared how it is important for a person to push through the problems and find a way to continue on with their work. He has shared that he has had to struggle in many projects that he has taken on but he has always felt good when he persisted.

A person needs to be able to come up with ideas if they want to do well when running a company and they also need to be willing to let go of ideas. MaurícioMendonça Godoy has shared that he has had to let go of some of the ideas that he has come up with through the years because he knew that they would not be beneficial to his work.

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Technology is changing the the landscape of retail. No longer do you need to physically go to a store to shop. The World Wide Web and eCommerce has made it convenient to order products for delivery from a computer, in the comfort of your own home. and Phillips, a leading company of health technology, at the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, that they will be using artificial intelligence to study the behavior of consumers at’s eCommerce store. The goal of the two companies is to maximize the performance and retail sales on the website.

The artificial intelligence will an analyze the performance occurring at, and create a comprehensive marketing plan that will encompass analyzing the market, managing marketing strategies and developing an effective product strategy.

Using natural language technology and computer vision, artificial intelligence will makes sense of structured and unstructured data to understand what makes them “searchable.” It will analyze forms of data that include social media, audio and video associated with as consumer reviews, product pages, feedback from customer service and advertisements.

Predicting the behavior of consumers and groupie of users will occur through machine learning. Bowen Zhou, the Vice President of Jingdong and the President of their Artificial Intelligence, acknowledges that companies, whether they are eCommerce or brick and mortar retail stores, need to be able to connect with their consumers. This helps to be able to give consumers whatever they want, when they want it.

He states that their artificial intelligence will help their brands market their products to consumers more effectively and be more cost efficient now and in the future. They will no longer waste money advertising to consumers that are not interested in certain products. They can now specifically target them with only the products they are invested in buying, saving both time and money.

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Importance of Diversification and Professionalism in the Financial Markets

The management of any financial company holds an essential position in the growth process. NexBank — through its futuristic and innovative company – is a perfect illustration of the above statement. James Dondero points out that the main reason why the company is innovative (and the fastest growing in this market) is because the management team understands its obligations.

Also, including employees in the company’s strategic plan has worked for NexBank. The company’s model is currently the most used model, especially by the new firms in this competitive market. Dondero believes that the adaptation of their model is an affirmation that their contribution in this market is unmatched.

NexBank believes that flexibility is critical in the financial markets. In the last three years, the commercial company has out resources in making their engagement with clients flexible and more importantly, customized. First, NexBank has brought experienced professionals in the company and therefore making the firm home to experienced and qualified professionals. Second, through the management team, the company has restructured its policy that stipulates the position of clients in the company. In this market, NexBank has one of the best policies on clients’ engagements with the company’s representatives.

Aside from creating progressive policies on company-client engagements, NexBank has many innovative services to clients. James Dondero points out that this financial niche has expanded — and therefore creating a huge demand for professional services. Under his company, he has put structures that have enabled the company to expand in three major markets.

First, the company’s presence in mortgage banking is unavoidable. NexBank, through their innovative policies to clients, is currently the most trusted company in the world of mortgaging. Second, the company offers services in commercial banking — and unlike other entities; it has a customized approach to this niche. Finally, the firm is home to corporate services, whereby NexBank offers managerial services to companies. See This Page for additional information.

Lastly, James Dondero believes that the true mark of a progressive company is its contribution to charity. NexBank has different charity projects in various communities. The CEO believes that charity is another way to make lives of people better, apart from designing better financial services and employment to the communities.

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What to Know About the New Residential Investment Corp

When it comes to finding a great property at an affordable price, there is nothing easier or better than choosing the New Residential Investment Corp. The company was founded in 2011 by Wall Street professional Mike Nierenberg. He felt that there was a severe need for residential investment marketing that targeted the housing crisis and enabled people to purchase properties at more affordable rates. Unlike a lot of other real estate investment trusts, New Residential Investment Corp does not focus its efforts on shopping malls, outlets or mini malls. They focus primarily on apartments and residential housing complexes so ensure that people are able to purchase properties at more affordable rates.

The company has become the world’s largest REIT to date and it is why you will find this business to be a primarily option for most home buyers. You will benefit from the lower rates that the New Residential Investment Corp company offers, allowing you to afford a mortgage without it becoming a financial burden. You can also benefit from the consumer loans that the company offers, giving you the money that you need when opening a business or purchasing a home that is in need of repairs, furniture or servicing. These consumer loans are approved according to a client’s credit score and you can find out more by visiting the company’s website.

If you are interested in what New Residential Investment Corp is able to do for you and the types of properties that they are currently offering to the public, you may want to visit their site. Their site offers a full portfolio that you can check out in order to see what types of properties are readily available to you. This is a good time for you to give the company a try for yourself and see why a lot of people are choosing this for themselves. You can also find the company on social media if this is something that you feel will help you to make a decision on the specific types of services that they are offering to you. Make sure to find out more about the company by visiting their site or checking them out on their social media pages so that you can be sure to give them a try for yourself and know that this is an option that is best suited to all of your needs when they are necessary.

OSI Group and McDonalds Successful Business Relationship

The success of most businesses is built on the uniqueness of their product, it’s a way of conducting business i.e the quality of their services, the loyalty of their clients and most importantly, it’s relations and affiliations with other businesses. These factors create a cushion for the business to fall back on whenever the business just a barrier. Businesses that have created and maintained a loyal network or affiliations are still running successfully even when others failed during recessions. OSI Group McDonalds are such kind of business. During it’s over a century of food processing and services, the OSI Group McDonalds have created long-lasting relationships and loyal client base with other food service industries like with the McDanolds.

The history of OSI Group McDonalds.

The OSI food processing industry was founded by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky in the early 1900s. Before it became one of the world’s largest meat processing industry, the OSI industry was a small family-run meat market in Chicago, Illinois. At that time, German immigrants made up a quarter of Chicago’s population. The city was an ideal place to start a business since it was a breeding ground for industries and a gateway for immigrants who were on their way to establish farms on the western plains.

Due to the quality of services the business and Otto Kolschowsky provided, within a decade of existence, OSI Group McDonalds had expanded its services and grew into a wholesale business which led to the industry moving its operations to Maywood, another suburb in Chicago. Almost half a decade later, Ray Kroc opened the first of what would become one of the world’s largest food chain, the MacDonalds, in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before he opened the Des Plaines restaurant, Ray Kroc had gotten into an agreement with the Otto and Son’s representatives, Arthur and Harry, to be the first suppliers of ground beef. Just like that, a lasting business relationship was established.
As the McDonald’s franchise grew so did the relationship between the two. They were symbiotically joined. Supplying the McDonald’s the ever-growing number restaurants with meat products has become the OSI’s primary task.

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Madison Street Capital leads Sachs Capital Group in a take-private transaction with RMG Networks

Sachs capital group is a company on a mission to broaden its horizons. As part of its expansion plan, Sachs recently purchased RMG networks, renowned media hardware, and software service provider.

RMG networks enables businesses to increase their efficiency in meeting and surpassing the needs of their clientele by providing digital messaging services such as digital signage. The firm boasts an impressive market base which is inclusive of a 50% market share in the Fortune 100 companies. In respect to that, it is not only a valuable asset to the Sachs Capital group, but will also enable the firm to gain even more leverage in this highly competitive arena.

However, the acquisition wouldn’t have been a success without other financial facilities being involved and as such Sachs hired a proficient team of financial investment advisors from Madison. The team served as the exclusive advisor to the company, while Merion Investment partners and Virgo capital offered financing to facilitate the completion of the acquisition.

Commenting on the matter, Madison’s chief executive officer Charles Botchway gave credit where it’s due by congratulating Barry Petersen, Madison street capital’s senior managing director and his team of advisory experts from Madison on a successful transaction.

Sachs Capital group CEO, Gregory Sachs also echoed the same sentiments by acknowledging Madison teams’ A class expertise in ensuring that everything was smooth sailing during the transaction. He also acknowledged Madison’s guidance in identifying RMG’s capital sources.

On the other hand, the experience was fun for the Madison street capital advisory team. This is according to Brian Petersen who was leading the team. This was a take-private acquisition which means RMG will no longer be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. On its end, RMG benefits with $1.29 per share.

Info on Sachs capital group

Sachs Capital Group is an alternative investment firm that was established in 2008 by Gregory H. Sachs. It focuses on investments in high growth sectors with the potential for risk-adjusted returns such as RMG network.

About Madison Capital group

On the other hand, Madison is a renowned Chicago-based global investment banking firm. Madison street capital, famous for its top-notch corporate financial advisory services. It boasts decades of experience and expertise in this realm and has been part of numerous transactions similar to the one outlined above. Madison street capital reputation when it comes to integrity and great service delivery has turned it into one of the most sought out firms in the finance realm. Its highly experienced team as well its panel of dedicated leaders have seen it become one of the most sought out companies when it comes to financial advisory services.

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Fortress Investment Group: Being One Of The Largest Assest Managment Firms

Fortress Investment Group has been breaking records ever since 1998. Twenty years ago, the company was created to be a trendsetting private equity company. In 2007, it became the first large private equity company to become a public company on the New York stock market. The firm is a global company that has over one thousand investors in several various countries. Forty three billion dollars of assets are managed by this company. They specialized in hedge funds, private equity and capital vehicles. They have a unique strategy that they employ for their investors called “strong risk adjusted returns”. The huge nine hundred people staff work out of the New York headquarters office.

Fortress Investment Group has core areas where their experience is strong. They use these core areas to develop strategies for investors to increase their portfolios. Operations management, asset based investing, capital markets, corporate mergers and sector specific companies are the core areas Fortress Investment Group focuses on for investors.

Becoming a very large asset management firm, has been no easy task. It has taken two decades to get to where Fortress Investment Group currently is. It was all made possible due to the company’s practices that has grew their clientele and maintained these relationships. Mergers and acquisitions is something the company is very skilled at. Many investors seek out this firm when they are seeking guidance on starting, selling or combining companies. The firm has worked to create long term relationships with business professionals, board members of corporations and stakeholders.

Having these close relationships with so many different types of professionals has garnered the company a lot of specialized experience with working with capital markets. They have aided many of their investors with getting financing. Additionally, they have a proven history of working with portfolio companies. They also work to give out education to their investors. They aim to enlighten investors of a variety of companies in many various industries. The financial advisors at this firm are very knowledge about various industries. That way they are able to understand what sectors work the best for each individual investor.

GreenSky Credit Shapes the Future of the Credit Sector

For many years in the past, the financial credit sector has been characterized by tedious paperwork and long processes of approval that has been a source of frustration to many borrowers. It has not been surprising to see a customer applying for an emergency loan and ending up waiting for the funds for more than even a month before they reflect into their bank accounts. This is what GreenSky Credit has observed in the market and decided to save the credit customers the agony that they experience while dealing with the bureaucracy of the financial institutions to which they run when they encounter financial constraints.

To solve this market challenge, GreenSky Credit has designed an online application that acts as an interactive platform between the financial lenders and the borrowers. The main role of GreenSky Credit in this whole process is to provide the platform and eventually provide the necessary funds on behalf of the creditors after the approval has been granted. The process of application has been made very efficient by this platform. This is because within a count of minutes the client is through with the submission of the application details on the platform, ready for approval. The details are then transmitted to the individual financial lenders, and they scrutinize them for the creditworthiness of the borrower. After the scrutiny, the approvals are then sent back to GreenSky, using the same platform, which then credits the borrower’s bank account within the next 48 hours.

The motivation of GreenSky Credit has been to provide efficiency to the customers while accessing cheap and sufficient credit. The company, under the strong leadership of its CEO, David Zalik, has been quite instrumental in ensuring streamlined processes in the financial credit sector. One aspect that David Zalik has been focusing on is the establishment and maintenance of close and professional relationships with the financial lenders and other credit institutions. This has enabled GreenSky Credit to leverage the wide customer base of these institutions which they have been serving. On the other hand, the small creditors benefit from this relationship by having the guarantee that funds will always be available whenever their customers request to have them.

What Qualities Set Michael Burwell Apart In The Financial Industry?

With over three decades of experience in the finance sector, Michael Burwell has carved out a niche for himself through professionalism and stellar performance. The current Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson has helped manage global and regional finance departments and also advised numerous local and international companies on matters finance.


But what makes him stand from the rest of his peers in the finance industries? What are some of the guiding principles that saw him rise through the leadership ranks at Pricewaterhouse Coopers into becoming the financial giant’s CFO and Chief operating officer for its U. S business division?


Nurturing talents


Michael Burwell’s leadership style lays more emphasis on nurturing talents as opposed to dictating rules. Through his career, Michael has mentored and inspired his team to always think beyond the scope of their instructions in an attempt to find lasting and more effective solutions for common and persistent issues. The Business administration graduate believes that this inspires his team into becoming more innovative. He hopes every leader and entrepreneur can replicate this in their workplace.




When asked about the source of inspiration for his leadership and innovativeness, Michael Burwell advises that you look in the mirror. He believes that instead of looking for motivation and inspiration from others, every leader should strive towards becoming their greatest source of motivation and inspiration.


More about Michael Burwell


Michael’s journey to business leadership and featuring among the top and most influential finance experts has been long and fascinating. It was also characterized by such rare qualities as absolute loyalty and commitment to success. Such qualities are evidenced by the fact that he spent more than thirty years working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


While here, Michael had his eyes set on not just climbing up the management ladder but also leaving a mark within the company that would be visible by the rest of the industry. He, therefore, committed to continuous learning about the world of finance that would, in turn, enable him to come up with innovative solutions for different financial needs experienced by the companies seeking consultative services from PWC.


The experience gained in PWC’s assurance and finance departments made Burwell the most ideal candidate for the Chief finance officer position at Willis Towers Watson. His major role in the company now involves global insurance services provider’s finance department. He was particularly tapped for the position due to his prowess in such areas as business valuation that forms a core aspect of the insurance process.


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