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Laidlaw & Company Competes With The Largest Investment Banks Online

Online account access is very important for people who are investing with Laidlaw & Company, and it is important that people who choose Laidlaw & Company for their boutique service realize that the company actually has more than boutique service to offer. Their company on is more than capable of helping people online, and they have complete account access through their online portal.

There are a lot of people who just do not have any time to spend checking on their accounts on brokercheck.finra on the phone. They have to go to work and take care of other things, and they do not have the needed time to ask all their questions or to even send an email. The Laidlaw & Company portal helps these people check their accounts, and then they will be able to check up on their accounts and leave little notes for their brokers.

Someone who is trying to check on their account outside of business hours will be able to do that when they come to the website for Laidlaw & Company, and it is also important that people are able to get the information they need when they need it. Waiting is not the best thing for some people and it is important for all these people to sign up on for their online account and use it as much as they can. Everyone who needs help will be able to get that help right away, and they will be able to enjoy watching their accounts grow. Laidlaw offers professional online access, and every client is welcome to check their account at any time.

Schlumberger and the Money Woes of Venezuela

The oil company, Schlumberger, has long had a large presence in Venezuela. However, that is about to change after Venezuela, the world’s biggest oil provider, has fallen behind on payments. Although the company will be lessening its activity in the country, it will still maintain a sizeable presence by continuing services to its already present clientele. The problem lies with a failing economy of the country itself, with the falling value of its currency. Schlumberger has reached a payment deal with Venezuela, but until the country gets back on financial track, its presence in the country will be decidedly scaled back.

These payments which according to Norka Luque will total around $200 million. The country is content with the solution to this issue. However, it is still seeking better solutions to its current money issues. Venezuela has financial dealings with many other companies-some of them other oil companies-which also have financial problems that need resolving. For a more complete account of the problem, read here