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Sheldon Lavin Oversees the Latest OSI Group Innovation. :

Sheldon Lavin has made the OSI group one of the most eco friendly food suppliers around. Innovation is no strange concept to OSI though. Innovation was present when Otto & Sons went from being a butchers shop to becoming a much larger (business-to-business) provider of best food products and meat. This new sustainable philosophy is actually just the tip of the ice burg. OSI Group has been leading inventively within its industry for over a century. Let’s take a look at the first big innovation that caused OSI to really take off. The technology to flash freeze beef (and other meats,) is the secret weapon that fueled OSI’s original expansion efforts.

It is this technology that allowed the OSI Group to become the official food supplier of McDonald. The company grew with innovation, and it still continues to do so over ten decades later! When McDonald’s grew and required much more supply, OSI developed the idea of building a production facility dedicated solely to McDonald’s products. This allowed McDonald’s to have customized food options supplied to them that would set them apart from other fast-food restaurants. Strategically building a plant with a specific brand purpose is something that Sheldon Lavin pulls the trigger on all the time now.

The McDonald’s relationship is where this all started, however. Under his innovative leadership, OSI was ranked number fifty-eight by Forbes Magazine in 2016. They are one of the largest suppliers of food products on the entire planet right now. If you eat fast food, chances are you’ve eaten OSI Group’s products.Sheldon is no young guy around the office either. He’s been with OSI since the mid-1970s. This means that when OSI used strategic acquisitions to distribute produce in China, it was Sheldon Lavin running the show. His professional career has been a rewarding one indeed.

James Dondero

The James Dondero life story is one of those records that sound struggling. In the wake of having accounting and record degrees from the University of Virginia, James Dondero got critical for JP Morgan. Jim was given 4 years of enterprise contribution with JP Morgan, but American Express did calling and he recognized the decision. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Jim supervised constant pay holds while he made the experience of how to analyze the unchartered principle space of elective credit strategies at American explicit. James Dondero became out to be brilliant at American Express, so Protective Life reinforcement named him CIO. By 1993, he became set up to bob within the enterprise international in solitude, so Jim and character speculation service provider Mark Okada began Highland Capital Management. In 1994, Jim moved his new association’s headquarters to Dallas from Los Angeles. He is eager to manage an affiliation that ponders presenting compensating reviews to the population of Dallas.


He has donated tens of tens of millions of cash to non-earnings and charities within the Dallas location. His dedication to improving academic possibilities for the ones living in the Dallas-Fort Worth website online has resulted in the improvement of a list of partnerships and items to enrich the life of Dallas living. Since the start of Highland Capital Management, one of the important goals of James Dondero has grown to be engaged in philanthropic functions. For the best egocentric reasons, He did not want to create an organization. Education is Freedom also affords specialist enhancement, standardized take a look at guidance, mentoring resource and even internships at a number of the maximum respected companies and non-profits in Dallas. The project of Uplift is to construct and preserve public faculties of excellence that empower university newcomers to gather their best college and global organization competencies. Each college offers unfastened college-preparatory education for scholars going thru big socio-economic headwinds. James Dondero is a guy who is devoted to growing a greater exceptional environment for Dallas to switch to high school, work and stay. Together with his funding firm, he is eager in any risk to secure an energetic destiny for Dallas. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Building a Brand Others Cannot Compete With

If you are looking for a success story to get inspired, take the example of the success that Richard Liu has achieved in his lifetime. He is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer at, which is the second-largest the e-commerce company in China and the largest direct-selling e-commerce company in the country as well. The net sales of the company cross over $60 billion annually, and it has the market capitalization of more than $57 billion and growing. The individual net worth of Richard Liu Qiangdong is over $7 billion, and as the company grows, it continues to grow as well. Many other major companies, including Tencent, Walmart, and Alphabet have stakes in, which has provided the company with the financial and intellectual resources to the company to branch out globally in the years to come.

Richard Liu is a man with a vision for his company, and he continues to hold the veto power in the board of management. Richard Liu Qiangdong has been able to push the growth of sustainably over the years due to the innovative marketing strategies he has implemented. One of the ways he is able to do so is by doing a market and competition research as well as being interactive with the customers. He believes that knowing the customers’ feedback and being in touch with the customers is very important to understand what the company is doing right or wrong. It helps in crafting business and marketing strategies accordingly.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has worked for a company called Japan Life before starting a retail business in 1998 and even failed with a restaurant venture before that. It is his consistent attempt to achieve something and perseverance to get up again, even after failing, which finally bore him the fruit of success. It is the reason why he does not take anything lightly. He feels that it is essential for companies to keep improving their services so that they can engage their customers better. Adopting new technology is not just a trend for companies today, but it is a necessity.

How Randal Nardone Became A Leader In The Investment World

For the past two decades, Randal Nardone has been one of the heads of Fortress Investment Group. Throughout this time, he’s held several positions with the company while helping position the company as a leader in the investment world. Some of the most notable of these have included being a partner at the investment firm, which he helped co-found, and then became Fortress’ Chief Executive Officer in 2013. Since then, not only has Fortress’ profile grown in the industry but so too has Nardone’s. This has led to him working with quite a considerable amount of companies during that time.

Some of the most notable of these have included positions as Chief Operating Officer and Secretary of IMPAC Commercial Holdings, Director of both Florida East Coast Holdings Corp and Alea Group Holdings Bermuda, and much more. With each of these companies, Randal Nardone has had a notable impact on their revenues and subsequent profits. As such, Nardone has been seen as an innovative leader in the industry with a track record of success. This career began with a J.D. from Boston University School of Law, as well as Bachelors in Arts in English and Biology, which he received from the University of Connecticut. Since then Randal Nardone worked with a few notable companies. During this time, his reputation began to rise, and he gained a significant amount of expertise within the investment world.

This then led to Nardone co-founding Fortress Investment Group, as well as a number of its subsidiaries. While initially serving as a partner with the investment firm, he slowly began gaining more and more responsibility. This was primarily because of the innovative strategies that he helped lead and which gained a considerable amount of revenue for the company. While with the company, Randal Nardone helped turn Fortress Investment Group into an industry giant. Since being founded in 1998, Fortress has gone on to manage billions in assets on behalf of some of the countries biggest companies. This growth led to the company being added to the New York Stock Exchange, the first time an investment company has done so. This success subsequently caught the interest of the SoftBank Group and its sale to the firm.

Paul Mampilly Assists the Working Class Investor

From Wall Street Investor

Paul Mampilly is switching financial gears! His reason for leaving Wall Street and becoming an editor at Banyan Publishing is fulfilling his desire to help the day worker tackle Wall Street and make headway as a successful investor. Paul Mampilly has helped large investment companies for over twenty years. Companies like Bankers Trust Company, Deutsche Asset Management, and Kinetics Asset Management, he feels its now time to help the regular working class investor. Paul Mampilly has an understanding that Wall Street leaves out a majority of people and he wants to help them thru his writing and giving his investment advice.

Banyan Hill Publishing

Now he works with Banyan Hill Publishing, which serves the thousands of individual investors who are seeking professional advice to build their portfolios of investments. As an editor and writer of several newsletters that go out to thousands of investors daily, Paul Mampilly sees an opportunity to bring the working class investor to a higher level of investing thru offering stock recommendations thru his personal research assisted by a team of analysts and researchers.

Long Hours of Research and Analysis

For every investment recommendation that comes from Paul Mampilly and his expert team, hundreds of hours are spent researching thoroughly every aspect a company has to offer. After all the research has been finalized Paul “Guru” Mampilly goes away and spends another 20-40 hours writing his recommendation fashioning his investment recommendations in language that can benefit each of his clients who subscribe to one or several newsletters he edits and authors.

High Returns From Investments

The result of his research and recommendations are seen in the results for his clients. His recommendations have been the focus of beating the market sometimes as much as 30% or higher per recommendation. While his clients are most grateful for his recommendations, “Guru” Mampilly has continued this type of research, analysis and investment strategy since his earliest investments as when he won the Templeton Fund Competition back in 2009 where he made a 76% return on a 50 million dollar investment.

The secret behind Guilherme Paulus’ success in entrepreneurship

Investing in Brazil is not an easy task as many people might think because of high government taxes, unstable bureaucracy, and lack of venture capital. According to the World Bank’s survey of 2017, Brazil ranked 125 out of 190 countries globally in the ease of entrepreneurship. Besides, Brazil was number 179 in starting a business category. However, every businessperson that manages to go through the mentioned hardships enjoys the fruits of investing in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus is one of the experienced Brazilian entrepreneurs with the ability to overcome many hurdles. Brazil ranks at position 131 out of 190 countries in registering property. The country lies at position 170 and 184 in dealing with construction permits and taxes respectively.

It’s clear that Guilherme Paulus had a distinct plan on how to undergo all these challenges before he invested in tourism and accommodations business in Brazil. He utilized every opportunity and invested in listening to people, government agencies, customers and everyone with a positive mindset at the beginning of his venture. According to Guilherme, asking for advice and listening to the elders are some of the soft skills needed to succeed in entrepreneurship. His unique vision of venturing in tourism is in Brazil was a productive idea because Brazil has many tourist destinations. Besides, Guilherme executed the plan in a very professional way because he targeted the areas with high human traffic in setting up his tour selling outlets.

The 70 years old, Guilherme Paulus studied business administration at the University before joining IBM as an intern in 1969. Carlos who was a local government official and had the idea of venturing in the tourism business met Paulus in 1972. They both embraced the unique business idea, but Guilherme confessed to Carlos that he had no capital. They agreed to start a company, and they named it CVC, Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda, with Carlos doing the financing and Guilherme Paulus management. Paulus opened the first outlet at a strategic point near a cinema hall in Sao Paulo taking advantage of high human traffic. The partnership last for four years and Carlos left the company in the hands of Paulus. Guilherme started his GJP Hotels and Resorts consisting of 14 hotels and resorts across Brazil among other investments.

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Important Facts about Freedom Checks

The term Freedom Checks is now a familiar term among many entrepreneurs after the introduction by Matt Badiali. There are many benefits from investing in them. One of the challenges in making investments today is the high number of fraudsters in the industry, and some people have become victims. Most people are now hesitant when getting into new ventures due to the fear of being scammed. However, it is worth noting that some of the new business ideas are real and could eventually yield good returns.The businessman is a professional geologist and specialized in earth science during his higher education.He has worked in many parts around the globe with his main focus being to check the legitimacy of coal mines and oil fields in the natural resource industry.

During his trips to various parts around the world, he has met important stakeholders in the energy industry.One of the decisions that changed Matt Badiali’s fortunes was in 2008 when he invested in the stock market because he knew that it would regain its glory after some time.When the businessman introduced about Freedom Checks, he promised the viewers of the video that they would receive impressive returns if they invest in Freedom Checks. However, some people misunderstood his message. A person doesn’t just get the checks after asking for them. Just like any other venture, a person needs to make an initial investment.

Unlike the common stocks in the market today, you have to invest in master limited partnerships (MLPs) to get some returns.The income received is due to the tax advantages that a limited partnership enjoys. Master Limited Partnerships are not common terms in the finance world, but they are some of the most popular investment options among investment experts. Statistics have shown that the human population has been increasing consistently. Therefore, the demand for energy is also expected to go up and that will result in high stock prices of the energy firms. Once the payment is made, the company can send you a mail or your investment broker can transfer the money to your account. Freedom Checks were introduced to encourage the business investments in the energy industry.

The Evolution Through the Century, the OSI Group

With an early history, founded in 1909, the OSI Group is a meat processing retailing company located in Aurora Illinois. It has 65 branches in 17 countries. American immigrant Otto Kolschowsky started OSI group, he was German. He started a small meat retail store to serve his community which later on went to be the huge business it is today through the century.Forward a couple more years later, Ray Kroc started the first McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois, this was in 1955. This was the base to the huge McDonald’s franchise known today. However, the base of the company was a business concept model for the future restaurant.Upon opening the OSI Group McDonalds restaurant, Kroc has to made contracts with suppliers to facilitate the raw materials needed for his food business. He enlisted the help of the Kolschowsky brothers, Arthur and Harry, sons of Otto Kolschowsky. The agreement gave the duo the role of the first hand supplier of beef to the restaurant.

This ended up being a beneficial agreement as Kroc bought out McDonald’s and became its leading CEO. OSI Group McDonalds took off to be the business it is today, and he carried along with it the Otto & Sons Group in the process.The OSI Group McDonalds had to adjust to the growing numbers, as McDonald’s was branching out regionally. Being a small company helping the rise of a much bigger company, was a huge task in the road to it being the most recognized meat retail company in the world.The metamorphosis from being simply Otto & Sons to being the current widely acclaimed OSI Group happened over the next 20 years. Kroc’s model involved providing each customer with a consistent product. The main product being hamburgers, whose main ingredient is the patty or meat in the middle. The race was on for Otto & Sons to evolve, to provide for the growing fast food chain’s demand.

The company had to be consistent in providing affordable and consumer friendly products. Technology made things more comfortable for the company, with the 1960’s breakthrough evolution in technology meat could be processed and delivered faster to the McDonald’s chain stores.In 1973, Otto & Sons built its first ever large-scale meat processing plant, wholly dedicated to McDonald’s in West Chicago. The plant included freezers and machinery to fasten the production process. In 1975, Otto & Sons became the OSI Group, and it also invited investing consultant Sheldon Lavin as a partner.With McDonald opening paths to the international market, OSI Group McDonalds followed suit. Ramping up production, expanding its plants from the US to other demanding countries worldwide. In 2016, it topped at #58 on Forbes list of the largest private companies with $6.1 billion in sales. The growth of this company has surpassed its former state from a small meat shop to Chicago to actual plants in market leading company countries such as China.

Matt Badiali Says He Is Bullish On Copper

Matt Badiali, a premier natural resources investment expert, says that there is far more demand for copper than there is a supply of it. He expects this situation to last for a few years at least and that its value is very likely to rise, although that hasn’t happened yet. Matt Badiali said that analysts predict that while Teck Resources Ltd. will get 1.8 million metric tons of copper on the market by 2027 the projected demand is for 4.4 million metric tons of this metal.Using his extensive educational and his professional background in the earth sciences, Matt Badiali has been informing investors of trends and news in the natural resources field for the past 14 years.

He made the jump from science to finance and started writing about how to make money from commodities, energy, and mining. He had been a professor at the University of North Carolina when he was lured into the financial industry by a friend.He was brought into the financial industry by an expert investor who needed a geologist on his team. Companies provided him with data and he needed Matt Badiali to analyze it to see if it was correct about their successes or not. He would get to travel around the world and earn a five times bigger salary so taking his business position was a pretty easy sell.

As for what is going on with copper, expert Matt Badiali says that supply and demand will at some point lead to higher prices. In the meantime, he chalks the reason for copper not yet going up in value to investor emotion. Matt Badiali says that market move based on traders emotions and their fear of a trade war between the United States and China is leading copper to not go up as it should.Matt Badiali wrote that this metal is going to soon experience a huge bull market. One thing he points to is Grasberg copper mine construction which won’t come online on time as they rarely do. He said that their Indonesian copper mine completion it out at least two years and so there won’t be any increase in copper production for quite awhile.

What Qualities Set Michael Burwell Apart In The Financial Industry?

With over three decades of experience in the finance sector, Michael Burwell has carved out a niche for himself through professionalism and stellar performance. The current Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson has helped manage global and regional finance departments and also advised numerous local and international companies on matters finance.


But what makes him stand from the rest of his peers in the finance industries? What are some of the guiding principles that saw him rise through the leadership ranks at Pricewaterhouse Coopers into becoming the financial giant’s CFO and Chief operating officer for its U. S business division?


Nurturing talents


Michael Burwell’s leadership style lays more emphasis on nurturing talents as opposed to dictating rules. Through his career, Michael has mentored and inspired his team to always think beyond the scope of their instructions in an attempt to find lasting and more effective solutions for common and persistent issues. The Business administration graduate believes that this inspires his team into becoming more innovative. He hopes every leader and entrepreneur can replicate this in their workplace.




When asked about the source of inspiration for his leadership and innovativeness, Michael Burwell advises that you look in the mirror. He believes that instead of looking for motivation and inspiration from others, every leader should strive towards becoming their greatest source of motivation and inspiration.


More about Michael Burwell


Michael’s journey to business leadership and featuring among the top and most influential finance experts has been long and fascinating. It was also characterized by such rare qualities as absolute loyalty and commitment to success. Such qualities are evidenced by the fact that he spent more than thirty years working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


While here, Michael had his eyes set on not just climbing up the management ladder but also leaving a mark within the company that would be visible by the rest of the industry. He, therefore, committed to continuous learning about the world of finance that would, in turn, enable him to come up with innovative solutions for different financial needs experienced by the companies seeking consultative services from PWC.


The experience gained in PWC’s assurance and finance departments made Burwell the most ideal candidate for the Chief finance officer position at Willis Towers Watson. His major role in the company now involves global insurance services provider’s finance department. He was particularly tapped for the position due to his prowess in such areas as business valuation that forms a core aspect of the insurance process.


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