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Sunday Riley Mastery Game in the Skincare Products

Sunday Riley is the famous branding name that is known when it comes to cosmetics and other skincare products. The products from Sunday Riley has skyrocketed to the top products in the market. There are a lot praises that the products have attained for themselves in the market. Sunday Riley is a Texan entrepreneur who deals in skincare products. Nevertheless, her products have brand name from her name. According to the interview with Riley, she declared that she is not from cosmetics-based background but she learns about the products every day. She learns more on trial and errors.

Moreover, she said that her name came from his father who believed that it will be a great name for business when his child grows up and venture into business. From her cosmetics product she says she adore all of them and she has no preferred products among all. Again, Riley says she is prouder to have people with his skincare products on their counter. Good Genes is one of the most preferable cosmetics products.

The Good Genes product was introduced when there weren’t many acids in the US. Moreover, it’s a good product for instant results and where an average person can have a great look and it doesn’t irritate the skin. In the interview Sunday Riley shared his personal skin-care routine. According to Riley she washes the skin twice a day and uses Good Genes three times a the morning she does C.E.O Vitamin C serum afterward she follows with the Tidal. She let them stay on the face while she brushes the teeth then she applies the foundation and sunscreen. She washes her face then apply Luna and then she does C.E.O serum again.

Besides, she does U.F.O to keep her pores cleared out, she also does facial massage with Juno every once in a while. Riley also advised those who want to have great skin is by having it washed which she claims many people don’t do. Matcha is a green tea which has greatest strength with tonic properties. Sunday Riley has discovered the potential of matcha, seed oils and the avocado and has started making them as one of his products.

Doe Deere’s Ever Expanding Creative Online Stores

Doe Deere is famously known for her cult followed make up brand Lime Crime. Doe did not always start out with the ambitions to become a creator of a coveted make up line though. Doe grew up in Russia and attended a typical elementary school. While in elementary school her entrepreneurial spirit began to shine. She would sell temporary tattoos to her classmates and turn a small profit. These meager beginnings allow us a glimpse of the hard driven business woman that she would become.

Doe traveled to the United States to settle in New York in design school. She always had a creative side and she knew early on that it needed to be recognized and developed. She also was part of a band while in New York. Her creative abilities really began to flourish while she resided in New York. Doe started an online clothing store coincidentally called Lime Crime. Her store was an eBay store and she quickly hit a rut while setting up shop. She noticed that accessorizing her models adequately was going to be difficult due to the lacking color pallets available in the make-up industry at the time.


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(Article link in bio) 🎇 THANK YOU @forbes! Seriously. As a female CEO, you don’t get a lot of praise. You hear lots of criticism your way almost daily, while your biggest accomplishments and sacrifices often go unnoticed. Acknowledgements like this are rare and so important – a huge milestone in an entrepreneur’s career. It took me 10 years of daily hustle & sacrifice to get here. Thank you for making an incredible start to my year! #forbes #forbeswomen #femaleentrepreneur #girlboss #womenempowerment #girlssupportgirls

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Instead of just settling for what was available Doe decided to make waves and create her own unicorn color inspired make up line. She was extremely specific when it came to adhering to her beliefs. Doe’s Lime Crime cosmetic line is cruelty free and fully vegan. It has been stamped by the leaping bunny approval seal and PETA. She started her product line with a web based store only. She would host contests and offer free make up in return for fan comments and sharing. Her line grew from lipstick colors to eye shadow pallets, nails, brushes and even hair color.

Recently Doe decided to further her business expertise and open a invite only online jewelry store. Poppyangeloff was created to help women who enjoy eccentric and bold statement jewelry pieces but have smaller hands and bone structure. Doe’s new jewelry line allows women to accessorize in a stylish way while staying true to their size and style likes.

Fabletics Continues To Rise In An Industry Dominated By Amazon

The Online retail industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and has become one of the most important aspects of the global retail sector and continues to grow across the 21st-century. Despite the dire warnings provided by many of the world’s leading retail experts the need for physical locations has remained as important as always too many members of the industry including the Fabletics brand which has chosen against using the pop-up store option so many of their rival Online retailers have chosen in the last few years.


The dominance of Amazon has become one of the major problems facing many Online retailers but the experts at Fabletics have begun their journey to make a dent into the 20 percent market share owned by Amazon with a firm plan in mind. “Reverse showrooming” offers one of the major areas of growth for Fabletics as the company has been looking to develop a presence Online and across Main Street and many different malls where 30 to 50 percent of all customers are already members having completed the lifestyle quiz which provides a glimpse into the many different forms of clothing available to all new members.


Entering a Fabletics store not only allows existing members to explore the entire range of clothing on offer from the brand but also allows members to link their purchases to their account and change the items they choose to purchase during any specific month. The use of physical locations has also given the Fabletics brand a boost over Amazon through the high level of new members who join instore and begin their personal journey into the many different items of clothing on offer through the brand.


Kate Hudson is a founding partner of the brand and has made a major impact in one of her first entrepreneurial attempts in a business she admits she has had to learn on her feet. The success of the brand has often been linked directly to the willingness of Kate Hudson to show her own active lifestyle in the marketing of the brand and through her own social media accounts where she is often shown wearing the latest releases from Fabletics. Many retail industry experts point to the fact Kate Hudson does live an active lifestyle and is a believable brand ambassador for the Fabletics business.

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Whitney Wolfe Gets Married In a Ceremonial Event at the Coast

Whitney Wolfe, the co-founder of Tinder and the founder of Bumble recently got married in a private ceremony. The serial entrepreneur is now a wife to the famous tech mogul Michael Herd who hails from Texas. The couple exchanged vows at Villa Treville, located in Positano in Amalfi Italy. The beautiful wedding arena was eye catching with Whitney adorning a breathtaking Oscar De La Renta gown in the coastal area. The couple received extended congratulatory messages from friends as well as family.


Whitney Wolfe is an admired American entrepreneur whose works have greatly impacted on dating sites. Having worked for Tinder as the co-founder, Whitney Wolfe garnered massive experience as a leader and a team manager. Whitney’s contribution to Tinder was short lived. She quit establish Bumble, a social media dating site that connect couples. From the divorced, the divorced, single and even for people who are just looking for a relationship, Whitney Wolfe has manage to establish a strong platform for them.

Early Life

Whitney was raised in a loving family that values the significance of relationships. Growing up in Utah, she went to the Southern Methodist University and majored in international studies. As a student, Whitney established a business at the young age of 19. She sold bamboo tote bags. This was a huge project because it helped the less fortunate in the society. Having garnered entrepreneurial experience from the project, Wolfe went on to form a business with Patrick Aufdenkamp. The not for profit firm was known as Help Us Project. The bags contributed to the positive review of Whitney’s impact in the society. Receiving attention from prominent people like Rachel Zoe as well as Nicole Richie, Whitney was set to soar high in business.

Career Growth and Bumble

Whitney Wolfe graduated college and moved to Southeast Asia. Here, she worked with orphanages. She was passionate about working with people for the betterment of the society. She then joined Hatch Labs. The project was terminated under the manager’s watch. Being visionary, Whitney delved into a solo entrepreneurial journey. She formed Tinder and later Bumble, the project she is currently famous for establishing.


Bumble is a dating site that connects people. This is Whitney’s baby and major successful project. The most intriguing feature in Bumble is the fact that women initiate the conversation. Whitney established the platform on the basis of allowing women to feel empowered by being in charge. She is a dedicated entrepreneur who is passionate about building women’s self esteem.

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Fabletics For Men And Women

Fabletics is a trendy and affordable workout gear company. They offer a full range of athletic apparel as well as workout gear. Although they are an online subscription based company individuals can order their own products without becoming a member. Fabletics is known for their high-quality items as well as large range of patterns and designs. It is so simple to use and is a great way to build your workout collection. Below is a little more information on how Fabletics works and how you can start building your workout collection today.


Fabletics is an online subscription service in which members can receive boxes of high-quality workout gear. Users simply visit Fabletics website and fill out a short questionnaire. The questionnaire is used to determine the type of clothes you like as well as the type of exercises you like to perform. This will ensure you get exactly the type of workout clothes you need.


After filling out the questionnaire members can then decide to become a VIP member. A VIP member ensures you will receive one Fabletics box every month shipped straight to your door. Not only does it include free shipping but members will receive two to three high-quality pieces of workout clothes or gear. It is very simple and easy to use. It is also very simple to cancel. Members who no longer wish to receive boxes can simply visit the website between the 1st and 5th of the month to skip or cancel their box.


The individuals that do not want to become a member can still order some of the pieces that Fabletics has to offer. Individuals can purchase capris, shorts and even bras and tank tops. They offer a full line of great workout gear at very reasonable prices.


In 2015 Fabletics released their mens collection. It was a great convenient way to offer men affordable and stylish workout clothes. Now men and women all over the world can enjoy Fabletics. Not only do they offer great products but they also get rave reviews. One of the best reviews came from the very popular review site Krazy Coupon Lady. Krazy Coupon Lady raved about the convenience of having Fabletics shipped straight to your door. Krazy Coupon Lady also loved the affordable pricing. With so many great features and so many positive reviews it is easy to see why fabletics is one of the number one athletic apparel companies in the world.

Fabletics On Track For Rapid Growth In Retail Development

According to an article on Racked, it appears that Kate Hudson and her co-owned business has struck a chord with fellow women who want good workout apparel. Perhaps, it is the fact that she has the Midas touch and everything that the young blonde is a part of turns to gold. Or, it is the fact that so many women are tired of not having stylish options to choose from when they go to the gym. Whatever the reasons are, Fabletics is soaring with sales and projections to open even more retail locations. Their goal is to open 100 stores over the next few years. It is a small feat for a company that has already grown leaps and bounds.

The benefit of retail locations over online shopping is that women can try on the clothes and see how they fit their body. Online sales suffer because women cannot try the clothes on, and not all bodies are built the same. It will reduce their returns and cause their sales to soar. Seeing something in person is always a good way to entice someone to buy it, especially when it comes to clothes. Currently, Fabletics are sending out more than 800,000 clothing items per month for their monthly subscription service. Though they currently have several stores, including one in the Mall of America, they need more to make their vision a reality.

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Why is Fabletics so successful? Well, everyone loved Kate Hudson. She is known for being a person who tries to avoid negative publicity and is down-to-earth. Additionally, she wants to help others to lead healthy and active lives. It is no secret that she has a great figure and she can be an inspiration to others. Those who sign up for the Fabletics program get their first outfit for only $25. That is a rock bottom price for someone looking for quality clothing. Their 10 retail locations is a far cry from where they want to be. However, if sales are any indications, this company is going to skyrocket into the future.

Hudson is one of three partners that own the business. Alongside Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, she is the leading spokesperson for Fabletics. As a mother of two, her ability to keep a stunning figure sends a powerful message. The company started in October of 2013 and has been going strong every since. By January of 2015, they had already shipped over one million orders. In June of 2015, they expanded and started offering men’s workout clothes too, and by October of 2015, Fabletics had their first six retail locations. By looking at their timeline of growth, it only seems natural that more stores are in the near future.

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Phoebe Buffay Style Only Starts With The Clothes


Watching Friends as a full series on Netflix made two things very clear to me. Phoebe Buffay was the best. And I want to be just like the Phoebes. I’d even take the name Phoebo. She seems so much wiser and reasonable than I recall from when it was live. Perhaps now I understand style is in the way you live. Until I can embrace my full Phoebe, I will follow her style rules as explained by Man Repeller.


  • The perfect jacket is one with full personality, and ideally fringe. Make it an A+ worthy.


  • Sleeveless dresses are meant to live with a turtleneck. Start pairing them.


  • Bright and happy designs are a must. Smiley faces, flowers, and anything that brings a smile to your face.


  • Colorful jackets are also a must. Your style is your personality, so if you are a rainbow, go full technicolor.


  • Silk slip with Dr. Martens. Very few things are this 90’s. Well, the Rachel haircut with 501 Levi jeans and a crop top is, but we are going for stinky cat singing personality here. So boots with a dress it is.


My personal #6 rule is to wear Santa pants when you are pregnant with triplets. It’s no longer the 90’s. No one will ask why. It will just be.

Always dress for yourself. A good place to start with a just as you like it attitude is JustFab, a subscription service that creates your personal boutique. Your boutique always carries handbags, shoes, denim, and jewelry that feels like it was made just for you. I follow them on Pinterest for outfit inspiration everyday!