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Bruce Levenson: Mixing Business and Basketball

People from all walks of life are engaged in the sport, and dream to see the teams playing live in the court. For Bruce Levenson, basketball is life. Since his acquisition of the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson has proven that business does not have to be a dull or monotonous experience.

Levenson founded UCG and purchased the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, partnering with Ed Peskowitz. Not only did the purchase include the rights to Phillips Arena, but it also originally included the Atlanta-based NHL team, the Thrashers. Levenson led operations for both teams until 2011, when it was decided that the Thrashers should be sold. Although owning the basketball team was a huge responsibility, Bruce found it necessary to continue the operations of his other business ventures in the meantime. He continued to maintain his outrageously engaged professional career all while overseeing the operation of the Atlanta Hawks.

Although basketball seems to be where Levenson gets his flair, he has dabbled in other forms of professional business practices on the side. As a businessman, he has made it his duty to find success in everything he does. Being a descendant of Holocaust survivors, Levenson has also dedicated a large part of his life to contributing to the Holocaust Museum, which pays tribute to those that lost their lives during WWII’s attack of Jewish people.

In 2014, it was announced the Levenson may be arranging to sell the ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. Although some people were surprised by this announcement, there were several immediate interests in the purchase of the team. There were two primary front runners, however, that were leading the pack in potential new owners of the Hawks. Groups ran by Steve Kaplan and Liongate’s Mark Rachesky offered preliminary bids above all of the others.

Surprisingly to speculators, the Hawks sold to Tony Ressler in October of 2014 after a winning bid of 730 million dollars. This is a price that Levenson may have considered low based on what he was told by estimators, but others have felt to be slightly high considering the Atlanta Hawks’ imperfect record. Either way, the Hawks are now under new ownership and Bruce Levenson has moved on to unspecified business ventures.

Jaime Garcia Dias, The Making of a Literary Success

Jamie Garcia Dias’, an accomplished Arthur and teacher within the Brazilian literature arena. He has to his credit, over 20 fiction books. Dias’ has also received many awards, including the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize and the White Crane Award which he received in 2001. Dias never believed that he would be recognized in Brazil for his fiction writings and for his accomplishments as he has been over more than a decade.

Dias’ had an interest in writing very early in his life, and wrote his first book at the age of fifteen.

Born in Rio De Janeiro, both of his parents were very educated as well. His mother, Garcia Dulce Dias’ was a noted architect in her day. But his father, Arnoldo Dias’ was a noted writer as well. Dias has been very grateful to his father for his knowledge in writing and credits him for the development of an interest in writing and credits him for his overall writing career. As a token of his appreciation for his father’s efforts, in 2013 Dias’ honored his father by publishing a collection of childhood stories in the Journal do Brazil. The published chronicles focused on both Dias’ as a young child as a young writer and his father Arnoldo Dias’ and his writings. As a result of this, Dias’ was invited to write weekly literature notebooks for the Journal do Brazil, as the Chronicles were so very well received by the people of Brazil.

Dias’ furthered his education and eventually became a teacher. He joined and taught at the Carioca Literature Academy for many years. Ironically the Academy was a form of prep school for high school students who selected literature as their career path. After becoming president of the Carioca Literature Academy, Dias’ credits those who came before him to a great part of his literary success. While at the Carioca Literature Academy, Dias’ positive and strong reinforcement in conjunction with his noted style of writing was implemented at the Academy. His new methods of writing were proposed to the school by him, upon adopting his methods, it consequently significantly changed the school.

Because of Dias’ efforts,the school became known for helping authors identify their writing voice. He later helped take the school to a new level by announcing that the Academy would be the first School to be dedicated to journalistic literature. The Academy is now the largest academy that is dedicated specifically to Brazilian writers.

Dias’ was vice president of the Carioca literature Academy for approximately 10 years. After which he became president. As president of the Carioca Literature Academy he is grateful to all of those successful writers who came before him to help mold his success.

Helping Our Elderly Mother With Handy House Cleaning

My mom was getting up there in age and not able to keep up with her house much anymore. I wanted to help but with my children, career and husband, I had little time myself. I am 1 of 7 siblings that help her out. We had agreed to have someone come in once a week to help out. We tried services like Passport and things like that, but my family was over-income to qualify for anything like that. A friend told me about Handy Cleaning Services and said that they might be able to help. I had never heard of Handy so I needed to do some research on

We live in New York and it just happens to be one of the areas of the country they service. They also service parts of Canada and Europe too. To me that was pretty impressive for a cleaning company. I like that I can do things through an iPhone app too. They send out notifications an hour before the cleaning company arrives so I can be ready. I felt it was perfect and the cost was affordable, especially since it was split 7 ways. I like the fact that you don’t pay your worker like in other companies. I can pay the bill online, which works for me.

We scheduled the cleaning and were nervous of how mom would do with a stranger in our house. Handy send out a woman named Jasmine. She was Mediterranean and extremely sweet. I explained to her the situation and that my mom got confused and was leery of strangers at first. It seems like this woman was just meant to clean for us. She came in and cleans the house spotless. Since it was just my mom, the house doesn’t seem to get that messy. The floors and counter top are the areas that needed the most attention. In fact, I was so impressed with Jasmine; I requested that she be the only person to be sent to my mom from now on. Whenever I book the appointment on their app, I simply ask for her specifically.

I will say that hiring Handy Cleaning Services was one of the best things my brothers and sisters and I did for mom. Mom has the clean house that she deserves and we have the peace of mind to know that she is living in a sparkling home. I found out from Jasmine that many people want into this company and that they have a waiting list of cleaners to hire from. They treat their employees very well and offer them prime wages. They also have an impressive amount of bookings each week from their app. They are the first cleaning company to venture out into the smartphone world, but it seems to be working well for them. With revenues that exceed $1 million, this company is going places. I am happy for them, but even more grateful that we found them to help us with mom. Thanks Handy, you were the miracle our family needed to help with our ailing mother.

Getting Prepared for the Home Selling Experience

People that plan to sell their homes will have to get ready to prep the home to sell. A house can evolve and change a lot since the time that people may have moved into the home. Even people that have been in newly designed homes will still have to do some form of renovation. That is just a part that comes with selling a home. It is wise to have a plan that involves getting the house appraised. People also need to have a plan to get the lowest costs that are involved in the selling process.

A company like the 990 Company can really be helpful to all of those that want to make the most of their time and sale the home sooner. This company helps sellers keep the commission costs down, and this is important for sellers. It is in the best interest of the seller to get the home sold for the lowest possible costs. The 990 Company is there to help those sellers that may not know all that is involved with the sell of the home by giving them some of their 990 sells homes advice.

Many of the sellers that are trying to get their homes sold will need to take a look at the HGTV shows. This is a good way to get a gauge of what decorations for interior designs will need to look like for staging purposes. People that are getting ready to sell homes will need to have some idea of how they can spruce up the curb appeal. There has to be something that will get people to stop and come into these homes. That is incredibly important in neighborhoods where multiple homes may be up for sell. The smart seller is going to check the neighborhood and see what type of upgrades have been made by others.

Sometimes the upgrades are small. Changing vanity mirrors or updating ceiling fans may be small endeavors. Most people can do these things without any outside help. The people that are trying to sell older homes, however, may need to consider a complete face lift for areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. So many people have been able to sell their homes sooner because they have done the updates and made buyers take interest in the home.

This will make the process of negotiating much easier. Some potential buyers may not want to pay that asking price, but an appraisal can help sellers stand their ground. This is documented proof for the value of the home.