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Niranjan Shah: The Wise Man Behind Globetrotters Engineering

In 1974, a wise man, by the name of Niranjan Shah, began the Globetrotter Engineering Corporation. It is a privately-owned company that enlists in the planning of building services in the manufacturing field, engineering field, and architectural field. Globetrotter Engineering takes action towards the management of certain properties so that they can be provided with technical information that would meet their day-to-day needs Their company headquarters can be seen in Chicago, Illinois. They provide the best work with scientific developments that would resolve some of the technical problems that can be heard on a regular basis.

Niranjan Shah and his team work on scaling their assets that would meet the business standards. In other words, this company does their best to help other businesses reach their goals of production. Niranjan Shah is also involved in the consulting business at Globetrotters Engineering, which means he and his team can consult with their clients about new product ideas. Since he did receive his Bachelor of Engineering degree and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Niranjan Shah is highly qualified to mastering architectural foundations.

Globetrotters Engineering wants to help a business get off the ground. They are well-known for building embankments, pavements, and insignificant materials for low-volume roads. One of the biggest successful projects that Globetrotters Engineering develop was the Deep Tunnel Project in Chicago. By 1986, they were rewarded with the American Society of Civil Engineers, which is a big milestone for any Engineering firm.

Globetrotters Engineering gained much respect and gratitude from the City of Chicago when they help build the John Stroger Jr. Hospital and the Midway International Airport.

To conclude, Niranjan Shah and his entire group of staff at Globetrotters Engineering have accomplished many goals when it comes to developing a solid foundation for a new business. As the wise man behind the Engineering firm, he is looking forward to developing and consulting ideas and plans for not only the City of Chicago but even for the world.

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Eric Lefkowksy’s Tempus Startup Uses AI to fight Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky’s medical startup, Tempus, is using AI to revolutionize healthcare. He has already launched several companies worth more than $250 million each, including Groupon.

The concept for Tempus is that by collecting a large amount of medical data Tempus will eventually be able to customize cancer and other medical care. Doctors will be able to send samples of cancerous tissues to Tempus and they will analyze the tissue in the lab with DNA sequencing to determine the mutation. This knowledge can help a doctor proscribe care that is specific to the patient’s exact diagnosis.

Tempus has raised $520 million dollars for research, and it is clear that investors anticipate the field of precision medicine to grow. Despite this, Tempus has only published 20 peer-reviewed research articles over the four years since it was founded (a low number compared to it’s competitor).

DNA sequencing is expensive, Tempus charges $1000-$5000 for the service and they are providing the service at a loss, however the company licenses their data to researchers, drug companies, and insurers which makes up the majority of the company’s revenues.

Lefkowsky worked on many entrepreneurial projects before fouling Tempus, and he came up with the idea for the start up after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. He noticed that there was very little data provided in her care, and saw a business opportunity.

Initially doctors were hesitant to send their data to Tempus, but in 2017 they were able to come to an agreement with the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Despite this, Tempus has fierce competition for data with other companies such as Roche (a drug giant) and Concerto HealthAI, who have access to much of the same data as Tempus.

Lefokwsky feels his “entire career led up to this point” and hopes that Tempus will be the project he is remembered for.

Sujit Choudhry’s Dedication for Constitutionalism

Sujit Choudhry is a very educated political advocate that writes books to inform the public and experienced activist about the important aspects of constitutional transitioning and law development. He has recently released a book named “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”. This text provides readers with a vivid understanding of his views and experiences towards tactics that have helped to make governmental policies and laws fit the concept of constitutional geometry. The book is comprised of 17 case studies that exhibits examples of the way that his experiences and perceptions have aided in keeping these systems afloat and function for its people. The text includes examples that covers areas like Kenya, Spain, Ukraine, Cyprus, and more!

These territories also vary in systems of balance and structural significance. There are examples from small regions with light governmental influence, bigger areas with strict political influence, and others that helps to provide readers with insight about their particular policies. These territorial cleavages and constitutional transitionings are critical components that should be analyzed in order to bring about peace and security. This author has helped many territories decide how to situate power-sharing arrangements and other important decisions. Some of these places are Jordan, Libya, Mayanmar, South Africa, Tunisia, and others.

He has also published books, articles, chapters, manuels, and more that have helped to better educate and guide others who are interested and involved with his area of expertise.

Here is a list of some of his works.

  • Constitution Making
  • The Migration of Constitutional Ideas
  • The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution
  • Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation?

With Sujit Choudhry’s professionalism and concern for order and justice, the world of constitutionalism and law will continue to develop within’ the proper direction all around the world.

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Sujit Choudhry Featured In Essay Collection On Constitutional Transitions

Recently, a collection of essays entitled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” was published. This book consists of 17 different case studies and a companion policy paper that was written by Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson. This companion paper is entitled with the same name as the collection itself. The purpose of this companion paper that was co-written by Sujit Choudhry was to provide some insights on how issues over territory can impact how a constitution is made and designed. Also, the authors also provide advice that is potentially useful to people who are involved in constitutional moments.

“Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” can be purchased on amazon either in digital or hardcover format. The policy paper that was written by Sujit Choudhry and Anderson can be downloaded separately as well. Sujit Choudhry is considered an expert on constitutional law and founded the organization known as the Center for Constitutional Transitions in which he is also the Director. He has been recognized for his work in constitutional law on an international level. Some of the countries that he has worked with during his decades-long career include Yemen, Tunisia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nepal, Libya, Jordan, Myanmar, and Egypt.

The view that the essay collection offers is a realist one that keeps in mind just how complex these issues tend to be. The authors featured in the collection use examples from Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Nepal, Spain, Kenya, Cyprus, Iraq, and more. The policy paper that features the work of Sujit Choudhry is a good companion for the publication that addresses many different issues when it comes to territorial politics in regards to building a constitution. The final chapter of the work is used to conclude the different works and how it all relates to research that has already taken place.

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Ara Chackerian, Entrepreneur And Angel Investor Channeling His Energy

After earning his Bachelor’s of Science degree at Florida State University, Ara Chackerian headed to California. Where he’s invested in the San Francisco community and he’s an entrepreneur en route to giving back far more than he takes. Early on in his career, he began working in the healthcare services industry. Now two decades and multiple entrepreneurial enterprises later, he fostering the spirit of sustainability in Chinandega, Nicaragua.

Sustainability efforts there include a locally cultivated teak wood farm. The farm, Finca de Limonapa is centrally in the “City of Oranges,” the 5th largest municipality in Nicaragua. Known for its volcanoes, Chinandega provides Ara Chackerian with ash-rich soil, which is excellent for growing and harvesting teakwood on the 1000 acres. The soil is adaptable and fertile and it needs very minuscule amounts of rain. This allows for the greatest number of teak wood trees to grow in harmony with nature, helping to cut the devastating effects of deforestation.

Aside from business, Ara Chackerian also writes for, his blog covers topics of interests. He allows readers to get to know another side of him and not just see him as an investor, entrepreneur and healthcare services expert. As mentioned, Chackerian values planting new trees for those cut down. And not only in Nicaragua, but he wrote about the subject of reforestation, like an issue important to global sustainability. Ara Chackerian provides a deeper look at how simple the solution is based on scientific analysis. Because trees as we know, give oxygen in exchange for absorbing carbon dioxide. Concluding that one tree, at maturity, is capable of absorbing 48 pounds of carbon dioxide, annually.

Ara Chackerian career includes the business he founded and served as CEO and President of BMC Diagnostics until it was acquired and sold in 2007.

MegerTech’s Nitin Khanna Notes How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive

Nitin Khanna has had quite a successful career over the past few decades. After graduating from Purdue University with a masters degree in Industrial engineering, he worked for a variety of giants in the niche before moving into the investment world. Since then, he’s co-founded a variety of companies that have gone on to a considerable amount of success. The first of these was Saber Corp, which went on to become one of the largest providers of state government technology solutions in the United States. After about a decade of running the company, Nitin Khanna sold Saber Corp to EDS for $460 million. Khanna then worked with EDS for some time, helping improve its revenue stream considerably.

However, he then left the firm to focus on some of his own ideas, which then led to Nitin Khanna founding MergerTech, an M&A firm focused on the technology sphere. Apart from working with MergerTech, Khanna works with several other companies, with some of the more prominent including Cura Cannabis Solutions, a marijuana product company that he founded in 2015. Khanna also sits on the board of a variety of other organizations, with some of the more prominent including TiE Oregon, Classic Wines Auction and Freewire Broadband. Throughout this time, Nitin Khanna has noted that there were a variety of different growth strategies involved with each of these companies.

However, Khanna has noted that each of these strategies were execution focused. Instead of focusing on ideas, he’s looked at what can be done with products and how the company could outperform its competitors. This career has also led to many people wondering how Nitin Khanna stays productive while juggling a variety of different companies. He’s noted on several occasions that every entrepreneur has almost unlimited free time, so long as they effectively and efficiently schedule out their day. This is something that he’s told the majority of business owners that he’s worked with. However, he’s noted that this can be something that takes a considerable amount of patience, and can often be an acquired skill. This can also be done through hiring the best talent available and delegating effectively.

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Shervin Pishevar Spells Out a Rough Stock Market Forecast via Twitter

Shervin Pishevar can squeeze a lot of information into 21 hours and Twitter. During this time, Pishevar spelled out his predictions on the stock market with a play-by-play breakdown. He has many followers and fans because of his success with investing in profitable startups, such as Uber and the Dollar Shave Club.

His Twitter rant laid out a forecast for a financial storm many will not weather. Shervin Pishevar predicts that the market will fall a whopping 6,000. This is where the storm started on Twitter, but it quickly became apparent that he had many reasons to back his thoughts. To make matters even stormier, he went on to tweet about how profits from the last two years would eventually become memories because of varies conditions, business practices, and political situations.

In one tweet, he used the word panic. Panic may be what takes the market down, which is often the case in stocks. Once someone fears a share is going to plummet, they may try and rush in ahead of the fall and sell all of their stocks. Once other investors get wind of what is happening, they also rush in a begin to sell. Everyone is trying to beat the decline, which hasn’t even started yet, and because everyone is rushing in to sell, it swirls up a panic. The situation almost becomes self-fulfilled.

Shervin Pishevar tweets that interest rates may be part of the pandemonium. He also highlights a credit crisis coupled with questionable tax breaks. Tax breaks are often bestowed by the US government on to corporations to try to stir the economy. This practice has been labeled as trickling down. In theory, the US leaders give the corporations a break in taxes, and in turn, they trickle down the benefits to their employees, who in turn purchase more consumer goods. The economy as a whole should win from the downward push, but Shervin Pishevar calls out that play. He combines all of these words in one tweet: interest, credit, tax, and panic.

Twitter is an excellent platform to share, and Shervin Pishevar takes to it to explain and perhaps shed some light on some topics many would rather pretend do not exist. Only time will tell how his predictions pan out.

Luke Lazarus: An Expert at Start-up Consulting

Luke Lazarus graduated from Melbourne Business School where he earned a MBA. He earned his degree at the age of 24. By the time he was 33, he had a lot of experience under his belt.

He had started 4 businesses that he sold before he started consulting. He has consulted for CEOs around Australia, helping them address issues and focus on the things that were most important.

Luke took his experience and started consulting for start-up companies. He helps them get their company working like it should with plans on how to get it accomplished.

Here are the things Luke Lazarus suggests that companies do. Have a business plan that defines your vision and show investors that you have made a plan for success.

Luke points out that you need an investor presentation, linking the need for financial support that shows your personal brand story. Market research is a strength that Lazarus brings to consulting which helps him analyze the competition. He helps his clients make budgets and set timelines to outline project projections. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

For a start-up to be successful, managing cash flow is one of the critical components to a successful business. Luke has had many start-ups and knows that you need to diagnose issues and take care of them as soon as possible. This will make the company stable and help it to grow.

When Luke Lazarus is asked what a typical day is for him, he states that he is up very early to get a head start on the day. He then meditates to keep stress at a minimum.

He makes coffee, walks the dog and checks emails and making a list of things to do before he heads to the gym. He does all of this before he even begins his work day. Luke states that he keeps track of everything by voice memo, a picture of a note, or writing it down in his notebook.

He uses multiple ways to keep his focus on the important tasks he needs to complete each day. He goes over these notes every morning.

There is software that Luke uses to help with all the work he does every day and these include Gmail, Google calendar, slides, sheets and docs. He uses these for his work and for his personal life.

One thing to add to all Luke’s other strengths is the belief in himself and what he can do. He feels as an entrepreneur you have to be confident in your abilities.

Luke Lazarus has had challenges in his career but has always overcome them so he knows he can handle anything. He has also made sure to surround himself with talent that could get the job done.

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OSI Food Solutions Has Established Themselves As A Global Leader In The Food Service Industry

OSI is a well-known food supply company that has been in operation since 1909 when the original owner Otto came to America from Germany with a small dream to open a meat shop. Fast forward a century and OSI Food Solutions has become one of the biggest contenders in the food supply market. As the company continues to expand, they have been acquiring other corporations in the food industry such as Baho food and Flagship Europe. These strategic acquisitions have given OSI Food Solutions a great position in the market as well as more influence in developing regions.

Size isn’t the only thing that OSI is known for, however, they are also one of the biggest names when it comes to environmental safety. Back in 2016, OSI was awarded the Globe of Honour for their excellence protecting the environment. OSI Food Solutions strives to be the best quality product in every area and they even demand excellence from their vendors. Today, OSI Food Solutions employs more than 20 thousand people around the world in more than a dozen countries. They currently have 65 facilities in operation and more will continue to come in the next several years as they continue to grow. As leaders in the meat production market, OSI Food Solutions provides premium quality meats in all forms, including meatballs, patties, hot dogs, bacon, poultry, fish, and various others.

Many companies around the business world have exclusively chosen OSI as their supplier for many products over the years for their quality and general ability to deliver around the world. This includes Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, and one of the biggest fast food contenders in the world, McDonald’s. The dedication OSI has displayed quality in goods and safety for the environment have earned them many accolades over the years and allowed them to become one of the fastest growing food companies in the world. Forbes listed the food supply company as one of the top 100 largest privately owned corporations back in 2011 and they have since grown even larger with expansions underway throughout Eastern Europe and the Asian-Pacific region. Click here.

Ted Bauman Emphasizes Time Management for Maximum Production

Since relocating to the United States after a 25-year career abroad, Ted Bauman has resided in Atlanta, GA with his wife and daughter, where he works at the editor of several newsletters under Banyan Hill Publishing. As the editor of Alpha Stock Alert and The Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman has earned a growing readership because of his thorough understanding of finance and asset protection. A native of Washington DC, Ted Bauman relocated to South Africa to attend the University of Cape Town, where he would go on to earn postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. After graduating, Ted Bauman entered South Africa’s nonprofit sector, helping underprivileged populations garner adequate public housing. One of his most successful ventures was Slum Dwellers International, which Mr. Bauman helped found, and has since helped millions of people attain housing. After returning to the United States, Mr. Bauman briefly worked for Habitat for Humanity, acting as the Director of International Programs, but it was at the suggestion of his father, who is also a financial writer, that he should switch career trajectories. Although there were periods of uncertainty regarding the switch, he was able to make money very quickly, and today, he describes this chapter as the happiest point in his career. Recently, Mr. Bauman collaborated with his father, Robert Bauman, on a book that concerns financial game-planning during these uncertain financial times.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman’s primary newsletters, The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club, focus primarily on finance and asset protection. These topics are often times extremely complex, requiring Mr. Bauman to utilize critical thinking in order to bring them to life. By coupling real-world examples with each topic, he is able to connect with his audience in a manner that has, to this point, created a vastly loyal readership. In order to remain productive, he sticks to a stringent time management schedule. By taking on his most difficult tasks at the beginning of his day, he is able to maximize his time and efforts.