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Steve Ritchie – Thinking Beyond Just The Corporate Needs At Papa Johns

The corporate involvement in a business can often be a slippery slope for in-house operators. Disagreements can stem from simple interactions, often leaving some turmoil between business and corporate headquarters. The idea of a partnership between these two entities is a lost art. Steve Ritchie believes rediscovery of these relationships can be the leading factors to successes in the business world. Taking total operational standards and scoping it throughout every level of the company is the best way to foster involvement from all levels of business and all levels of employees.

Employee involvement in brand reputation and evolution is the best way to keep users invested within a company. This is often shown through benefit packages for hourly users such as discounts, free food and drink, and all such incentives. The salaried employee is often benefited through a 401K matching system, medical insurance benefits, and other such term-life packages. These benefits packages are created to keep employees vested in their work and their strive to make the company better.

The systems of the past have since become outdated. Cost of living has gone up and adapting to meet these needs for the employees is where Steve Ritchie is making a difference. He is going to bat for all levels of employment, involving different programs and outside sources to better assist the needs of his employees. Development programs, tuition assistance, stock options, and promotion from within are just a few of the areas that Steve has his hands in. He is working to develop these areas of influence for his employees to better term the long-standing success of the company.

By working away from corporate tendencies, Steve is fostering involvement over office work. He spent his early years as a delivery driver and customer service associate, so he knows the grit needed to put in the man hours to succeed. This idea of creating new strategies off of work experience is really working to develop the thoughts of involved parties. Steve is taking from associates that have worked within the company and resourcing their thoughts to better evolve his development programs and future outlook for success. The proof is in the pudding and that is where Steve is keeping this company churning out quarterly results that are exceeding the pace that the company is used to.

The company still ranks in the top three of all pizza delivery companies from a global standpoint. Their customer service rating also ranks near the top of all industry providers, keeping satisfaction a proprietary need of focus. This is where Steve is utilizing his past experience to make a difference from above. His role as CEO is to influence all areas of the business, with primary focus on marketing and service needs. His development and outreach programs will work to continue the model of success this company was built on. His individual influence will help the cut the ratio of time in half, producing these changes at a rapid pace and setting the bar high for claiming top accolades within the pizza delivery industry.

MAGFAST Wants To Become The Only Charger That Customers Will Ever Need

We all know that the process of charging is a major aspect of using mobile devices. With as many devices as people are using these days, an increasing number of people using multiple devices each day, it seems like charging is a constant activity.

It can be hard to keep track of all the different chargers for your mobile devices and the solution many people resort to is throwing them all together so they are convenient. This unfortunately often leads to tangled wires and damaged chargers that do not function properly. MAGFAST Charger is the company that wants to change this and make charging a simple process that requires little effort. Find Additional Information Here.

The firm produces wireless charger devices that are compatible with all modern makes of mobile devices. The charging devices manufactured by MAGFAST utilize an innovative magnetic technology that comes from the mind of the company’s founder Seymour Segnit.

MAGFAST Charger Chief Executive Officer Seymour Segnit has founded the company intending to produce chargers that offer a convenient experience and that will work with all of the modern models of devices that are out there. Go To This Page for additional information.

Seymour Segnit created the first prototype of these chargers in 2013 after his frustration grew at the necessity to keep wired chargers for each device that he used regularly. This motivated him to invent a wireless charging device that would be much more convenient. It was from this initial idea that MAGFAST was born in 2018 and the company is growing quickly since this time.

One of the best things about the work being done by MAGFAST Charger is the fact that Seymour Segnit and his team have come up with a variety of chargers that fit different situations. There are desktop models and car chargers as well as a MAGFAST Charger that is compact and convenient to take with you anywhere. This is all coming together to make MAGFAST the only charger that its customers will ever need again.

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Sharon Prince Creates an Environment Everyone Wants to Experience

Sharon Prince has always thought that people need a hopeful place where they can gain inspiration from each other. In October 2015, the Grace Farms community center would open its doors to the public. Most who visit Grace Farms feel as if they have had a religious experience while there.

Grace Farms Doesn’t Endorse Any One Religion

While most of the members of the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation are devout Christians, the group claims that Grace Farms does not endorse a particular religious view. Instead, everyone is welcome to listen to a speech or look at the various art that hangs from the walls of the River building. The public is also encouraged to spend time exploring the nearly 80 acres of outdoor space that contain a variety of native plant and animal species.

Grace Farms Aims to Break Barriers

Sharon Prince Grace Farms was designed to create as few barriers as possible for those who want to visit. In fact, the River building doesn’t have a front door as some thought that including one could make guests feel unwelcome. In addition to making guests feel welcome, the lack of barriers helps to create the feeling that people and nature are truly coming together.

The Grace Farms complex in New Canaan, CT was the site of “Designing For Freedom”. The gathering focused on ways to end involuntary servitude in the construction industry. Sharon Price Grace Farm’s originator and President hosted the gathering. “Designing For Freedom” took the form of a panel discussion moderated by Nat Oppenheimer, of the structural engineering firm Robert Silman Associates.

Sharon Prince Overcomes Community Concerns

Neighbors were concerned that a community center could result in increased traffic and noise. However, Prince overcame those concerns by keeping parking confined to certain areas and conducting traffic tests. Of course, those who know Sharon Prince say that there was nothing that anyone could have said that would have prevented Grace Farms from being constructed. Refer to This Article for related information.

About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince founded Grace Farms in 2009 with the goal of ending poverty and other forms of human suffering. She graduated from Tulsa with an undergrad and graduate degree before eventually moving to New Canaan with her husband.

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TJ Maloney a Key Figure at Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management seeks to invest in middle-market businesses across unique industries while working with others to use private equity investment with valuable experience and detailed research. Lincolnshire Management comes up with a customized plan with detailed projects to initiate changes that will improve a companies processes and internal systems. A prominent figure in the company has been TJ Maloney, who knows the companies goal of spotting potential business growth.

TJ Maloney has been a part of Lincolnshire Management since 1993. Maloney is on Lincolnshire Management’s investment committee and has a hand in managing portfolio companies. TJ Maloney has served on over a dozen boards for the company including Polaris Pool Systems, Wabash, and Credentials Services International.

Before working at Lincolnshire Management Maloney was the interim CEO of Credentials and worked in M&A and securities law in New York City. Maloney has a Bachelors’s degree from Boston College and in 1979 graduated from Fordham Law School, J.D. He is on the current Board of Trustees of Boston College and an experienced lecturer at many distinguished universities including Columbia University’s M.B.A Program.

TJ Maloney attributes his success to being continuously curious, being humble and staying open to learning. Maloney knows there is always more to learn in various places, from the people he meets and personal experiences making him self-aware in the industry.

Maloney also values communicating with coworkers he trusts. His approach to private equity is evaluating management running his portfolio, truly understanding management’s goals, intentions, who they are, and what drives them to success. When it comes to investments he trusts his gut reaction, he doesn’t believe in rushing to make decisions with the idea that if something is too good to be true then it probably is.

Maloney values a fresh perspective, balancing his own experience and seeing the changes happening in the market when it comes to investing. He follows a step by step process, Lincolnshire Management has a collective team discussion and does extensive research and Maloney spends a lot of time with management. Sometimes a consultant will be hired who knows more about a certain industry.

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Exclusive Roles Played by Sheldon Lavin at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is 81 years old and the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. He has been able to be honored with various awards because of his contributions that have earned the company a very big name in the industry. Being the largest food producer and distributor across 17 countries with more than 70 facilities, OSI has become one of the most rated institutions across the globe. Sheldon Lavin has been the team leader for the last four decades and the results are just overwhelming. OSI Group has been able to employ more than20,000 employees both direct and indirect from across the global offices.

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OSI Group started from a very humble background in the 1900and has been able to face all the environmental and technological challenges to becoming the top. All these achievements are brought about by a team of staff who work as a global family. He rarely loses his staff to competitors and thus a good advantage to the progress of the company. The company was initially owned by a German migrant who was able to establish a corner butcher shop. His sole purpose was to supply the neighbors of Illinois, Chicago with meat.

After opening for a few years, the business outlet became a big business whereby they managed to operate together with his two sons. This gave birth to their name, Otto &Sons. At around 1963, McDonald’s, the current biggest chain of restaurants in the world started opening doors. They were lucky to sign a contract for supplying meat products in their outlets. They had to continue with the expansion. Within a few years, the company was able to realize a huge dramatic change through revenues generated from one client.

Sheldon Lavin joined the company in1971 as a consultant before one of the partners decided to retire. He decided to sell his interests at the company to him. Sheldon took the mantle and became a daily staff of the company. Sheldon Lavin from Chicago started sharing his ideas until the later partner decided to retire also. It was during that time that the company became OSI Group from Otto & Sons and their effect started to be felt across several parts of the globe. He has tirelessly put more effort into expanding his business as well as changing the lives of so many people. Connect:

Doing What Matters Most: Oren Frank

There are those who decide that they want to help others, and so they donate $20 to charity, and that’s great! However, there are those like Oren Frank who go above and beyond the call of duty by becoming the CEO and Co-Founder of a company that helps others. Oren has many years under his belt working for Talkspace, and it is easy to tell that he knows what he is doing. Thanks to all of the work that he has done, his company is becoming one of the best for online and mobile psychotherapy. Read more about Oren Frank at

This platform, that was partly the creation of Oren, was meant to be the light at the end of the tunnel for those who were not capable of getting to their therapy appointments. Of course, there are many reasons as to why someone would not be able to go to an office. Some people are single parents, some people work too much, some people are not mentally capable of leaving their own homes. For those people, this platform is a amazing.

Time is really important to everyone, not just those who have to work or the those who run businesses, but also to those like stay at home moms. Money is also equally as important. So, why not save on both time and money by utilizing Talkspace?

More than 1 million people have put their trust into those working at the Talkspace company. Oren Frank and his wife designed the company themselves, as a way for those in need to find help when they thought they would never be able to. Thanks to them, and the aid of some licensed therapists, a lot of people have received the help the they deserve. It really is easy to see that Oren Frank and his wife really do have a lot of compassion.


Niranjan Shah: The Wise Man Behind Globetrotters Engineering

In 1974, a wise man, by the name of Niranjan Shah, began the Globetrotter Engineering Corporation. It is a privately-owned company that enlists in the planning of building services in the manufacturing field, engineering field, and architectural field. Globetrotter Engineering takes action towards the management of certain properties so that they can be provided with technical information that would meet their day-to-day needs Their company headquarters can be seen in Chicago, Illinois. They provide the best work with scientific developments that would resolve some of the technical problems that can be heard on a regular basis.

Niranjan Shah and his team work on scaling their assets that would meet the business standards. In other words, this company does their best to help other businesses reach their goals of production. Niranjan Shah is also involved in the consulting business at Globetrotters Engineering, which means he and his team can consult with their clients about new product ideas. Since he did receive his Bachelor of Engineering degree and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Niranjan Shah is highly qualified to mastering architectural foundations.

Globetrotters Engineering wants to help a business get off the ground. They are well-known for building embankments, pavements, and insignificant materials for low-volume roads. One of the biggest successful projects that Globetrotters Engineering develop was the Deep Tunnel Project in Chicago. By 1986, they were rewarded with the American Society of Civil Engineers, which is a big milestone for any Engineering firm.

Globetrotters Engineering gained much respect and gratitude from the City of Chicago when they help build the John Stroger Jr. Hospital and the Midway International Airport.

To conclude, Niranjan Shah and his entire group of staff at Globetrotters Engineering have accomplished many goals when it comes to developing a solid foundation for a new business. As the wise man behind the Engineering firm, he is looking forward to developing and consulting ideas and plans for not only the City of Chicago but even for the world.

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Taking A Quick Inventory Of The Career Of Marc Beer Reveals An Impressive Trajectory:

For Marc Beer, his professional life has been an exciting journey that has provided him with ample opportunity to show the level of skills that he possesses as an entrepreneur. His career can be described as one of steady and consistent success as it has been filled with examples of him taking businesses and guiding them to new levels of success. The ability that Marc Beer has to problem solve has had a lot to do with these successes that he has achieved over the years. This natural ability that he possesses is something that has allowed Marc to excel in his chosen field of business. This field is the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector and he has become one of this industry’s most impressive success stories. These days Marc Beer continues his path of success with the most recent endeavor he has engaged himself with. This company is known as Renovia. The work that is being done by Marc Beer and the team he has assembled at this innovative company is changing the medical field in how pelvic floor disorders are treated. The result of this is a higher quality of life for countless women around the world who suffer from these disorders.

To come to an understanding of how Marc Beer has gotten to where he is today, it is necessary to understand where he has come from. Starting with his educational background is as good a place as any since it helped to set him up for his future successes. His college education took place at Miami University and his 1987 graduation was marked by his being awarded a degree in business. This excellent educational background in business was something that Marc Beer was able to seamlessly integrate with his natural skills in the field. These abilities put him on a fast track to the top of the pharmaceutical company Genzyme. He moved up the company ladder until he reached the position of VP in the Global Marketing Department. Marc used this opportunity to help take the company’s marketing to the next level. The result was the fact that countless individuals gained access to Genzyme products that were beneficial to them in dealing with their medical conditions. Learn more:

The experience that he gained during his time with Genzyme was formative for Marc Beer but equally formative was the great sense of accomplishment that he gained from helping so many patients through his work. He wanted to repeat this success with a company of his own. In 2000 he got his chance when he launched Viacell. The biotech firm made major headway in its research on the topic of stem cells from the umbilical cord. Marc Beer poured his all into Viacell and grew the firm rapidly. In 2005, he took the organization public. Two years after this, Marc was able to sell the company and receive an impressive price tag of $300 million.

It was after some time off that Marc Beer launched his new venture known as Renovia. With this firm, he continues to do the same kind of outstanding work that has characterized his career. He is also helping people which is something that he truly loves.

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Sharon Prince Grace Farms Has Made To Bring Together The Private And Public Sectors

The Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group is an initiative undertaken by the Grace Farms Foundation to combat modern slavery. Modern slavery is still surprisingly prevalent around the world in the industries of construction and architecture. The Grace Farms Foundation wishes to address this problem with the help of a group of expert developers, industry associations, engineering firms, and designers.

While raising awareness is an important part of the efforts, the group also endeavors to create pilot projects to help identify and prevent forced labor. One things the group is working to do is develop a list of metrics and specifications detailing projects that are free of slave labor. This includes creating an outline of criteria showing that materials were sourced in a responsible way. One area where slave labor is particularly common is in the manufacture of building materials such as timber, iron, electronics, bricks, and more.

Although the initiative is new, it is by no means the first effort the Grace Farms Foundation has made to bring together the private and public sectors to develop strategies that address violence based on gender as well as contemporary slavery. It’s important to note that forced labor is seen not only in male workers, but also in women and children as well.

Unfortunately, slave labor is frequently seen in our supply chains around the globe. These supply chains need to be identified and no longer supported economically to root out slave labor completely.

The president and founder of the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince Grace Farms, is one of the driving forces in the new Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group effort. She founded the foundation in 2009 and has since been working to enhance lives by engaging with not only justice and community, but also efforts related to the arts, faith, and nature.

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Smita Shah Demystifying Career Myths

Smita Shah is a highly powerful and influential business lady who is breaking professional barriers and acting as a role model for women aspiring to become engineers. Engineering is one field that is male-dominated and considered as a male profession. Smita Shah is demystifying that myth as she is not only one of the best civil engineers in the US but also an entrepreneur. She owns the fastest-growing engineering company in the US. 

Smita Shah’s passion for engineering did not start today. Shah vividly remembers her school days. While her peers in elementary school were busy playing outside, she on the other side was busy solving complex math problems. She continued pursuing mathematics even as she progressed to a higher level of education. In the university shah innovatively used her math skills in social event and as a result, she became popular at the college. Smita Shah in 1994 joined the Northwestern University for her undergraduate studies in civil engineering. She graduated in the year 1994 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil engineering. Shah did not stop there, immediately after her graduation enrolled for a Master’s of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the prestigious MIT University. She graduated from MIT in 1996 and quickly ventured into entrepreneurship.

Smita Shah, in the year 1998 launched her first company, SPAAN Tech, Inc. The firm has over the years grown to become one of the most in-demand companies in the whole of the United States. It has been awarded major federal and state governments’ contracts and has delivered above expectations. Shah for his achievements has been recognized for several awards, and they include Secretary State Distinguished Leader Award that she was awarded by the Secretary of State Jesse White in 2017, Crain’s Chicago Business Most Connected Person Award and University of Chicago Alumni Award among others. Shah besides SPAAN Tech serves as a member of the board of directors of the Chicago based Museum of Science and Industry and is also the Vice-Chairperson of the Chicago Plan Commission. Learn more:

Smita Shah, besides being actively involved in matters business is a civic leader and a women empowerment ambassador. Shah for years now has been very instrumental in championing for the rights of women in the workplace and entrepreneurship. Shah takes each opportunity she has to encourage other women to fight for their space in the workplace and the world of business. Shah shares some women empowerment best practices, and according to her women should not expect to be given leadership positions in the workplace on a silver plate but should demonstrate their ability to lead. Shah says that women are their enemies and one stumbling block to their success is a poor self-image. Many women, according to Shah are looking down upon themselves as people who cannot lead but be lead. Women should change such stereotypes, shift their self-image view, and start believing in themselves. Some of the best practices that can help empower women at the workplace according to Shah include believing in themselves, examining their ability, exerting a strong presence at the workplace, focusing on short term goals and not allowing other people to take credit for their achievements among others.

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