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Ara Chackerian’s Decades-Long Technology Startup Career and Forward-Looking Sentiments

In the past, startups in some industries such as healthcare have typically been harder to find backers for because of the initial lack of capital that it creates when the company’s stock IPOs; Nobody wanted to invest a lot of money for it to just drop straight out of the gate. However, the tides are shifting regarding this thanks to the enormous overall gains in the markets since the virtual beginning of the Obama presidency. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Ara Chackerian knows a thing or two about startups, having created a few himself. Ara is the co-founder and creator of Limonapa Teak: an eco-friendly Teak tree harvesting company which provides many needed jobs to the local Nicaraguan market. Additionally, Ara is the founder of many healthcare technology companies in the area of diagnostic imaging: one of which implements transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Finding capital was admittedly difficult, even in one of the startup capitals of the world: New York City. According to 2017 figures, NYC raised about $803 million dollars for startups across 79 different companies. Jonathan LaMantia of concurs that based on an NYC Health Business Leaders article, “access to capital, proximity to major universities and support from local and state government” make it much easier for startups to get funded in the Big Apple. The report specifically included that this “included companies in the healthcare categories of devices and supplies; services; technology systems; pharmaceuticals and biotech; and other healthcare.” So clearly, Chakarian is not alone in his view of the prevailing attitude toward healthcare startups. NaviMed Capital’s managing director, Dr. Bijan Salehizadeh, agrees in his assertion that “We need more entrants to buy digital health companies.” NGP Capital’s John Gardner adds that “we are seeing the emergence of real, scientific wellness companies that combine genomic/biometric screening with rigorous population analysis and coaching support.” All of this seems to indeed indicate a shifting paradigm: one which could markedly improve investors accounts and also make a huge difference in the lives of many people in need of the benefits which these technologies hold.

Jeunesse Global Works For Your And Your Community

When Jeunesse Global was first opened, the founders felt that they had quality products that they could sell worldwide. They knew their product line would be successful and they wanted the company to grow rapidly. In order to be able to do this, they needed the help of others who could sell their products for them. They instituted their partner group in order to have distributors who would work for them while working for themselves. Each sale that was done by a partner would gain them a commission based on the total of the sale. The idea caught on and their company took off. It now has partners in over one hundred and fifty countries around the world.

Along with expanding their business and helping others to start their own business, they wanted to be able to give back to the communities where their partners worked. They began the Jeunesse Kids program in several countries and are helping to give kids opportunities they otherwise would not have. The company hosts many events throughout the year in order to raise awareness of the plight of children in third world countries and raise money to help them. At these events, people are able to make contributions and purchase some of the many products the company has to offer.

All of the products that are in the Jeunesse Global line are made from natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals. While the main focus of their business has always been the effects of aging, they have expanded their line to include many products that will help people of all ages. The hair care products they sell are top of the line and will have your hair looking better than ever. Many of the skin care products are geared towards older people but, many young women have said that using them, it has helped them to reduce any wrinkles they have developed.

You can get more information on this company by visiting their website where they detail all of the information on their products as well as how you can become a partner with them. You can also look at their events page in order to find one that is located in your area.

“Marc Beer succeeds in raising funds to support pelvic floor disorders initiative “

Whenever you come across Renovia, the mention of Marc Beer is almost guaranteed. While you are pondering why the reason is simple, Marc Beer is Renovia’s current (CEO) chief executive officer and also the firm’s Co-Founder. Renovia is a healthcare Start-up that was established in 2016 and has been in operation for over two years.

A talk about serial healthcare entrepreneurs who are highly successful can’t end with the mention of Marc Beer. Other than being an entrepreneur invested in the healthcare industry thanks to his participation in the formation of several healthcare start-ups such as ViaCell and LumeNXT, Marc Beer is a renowned business executive credited with steering various firm to success. If you want to find more information on Marc Beer, visit the link we have shared;

Renovia has its headquarters in Boston, United States. The firm’s primary objective since inception has been to provide a solution for pelvic floor disorder; a condition that affects millions of women across the globe. Women affected by this condition have challenges controlling the pelvic floor muscle; this results in the inability to control the release of bowels.

While it is accurate to say that Renovia is still a young firm since it has been around the block for just two years, the new kid on the block has made excellent achievements in the two years of its existence. The firm recently released a product known as Leva device into the market.

The Leva device has been designed to aid in the treating of the pelvic floor disorder, and practitioners and individuals using it can attest to its efficiency in serving its purpose. Besides, the FDA has approved the use of the Leva device. Besides overseeing the design, development, and release of the Leva device, Marc Beer can also be credited for completing Renovia’s Series B funding.

Reports show that Renovia raised $42 million during its Series B funding. Estimates show that $10 million was of the Series B funding was raised through venture debt. Renovia intends to use the funds raised through the Series B funding for the development of new products. Since Renovia as a firm doesn’t enjoy a market monopoly, it is expected that the funding will also be used for commercial campaigns and corporate development.

While Renovia’s Series B funding was a success thanks to the efforts of several key players, the firm’s three longstanding partners played a significant role in ensuring that the Series B funding would be a success just like the Series A funding. Renovia’s longstanding partners include Perceptive Advisors, Longwood Funds, and Ascension Ventures. These three firms played a critical role in ensuring Series A funding was a success. Learn more:

Ryan Seacrest Loves His Job

Ryan Seacrest didn’t get to where he is by accident. It took hard work and dedication to his craft. It took knowing that he wanted to embrace what he loved and enjoy coming into work every day. While most people would be satisfied with finding one job that they love, Ryan Seacrest has found 10. It isn’t necessarily that he enjoys all the work, but he enjoys the end product. This is how Ryan enjoys getting up everyday at 5am to co-host the long-standing popular morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Staying on track with 10 jobs means getting up early, building a schedule, and sticking to it religiously.

Although it wasn’t included in the official count of Ryan’s 10 job titles, scheduling should be one of his official roles. Starting his day early, Ryan starts out with taking in the news and a morning matcha on his way to Live with Kelly and Ryan. Moving to New York City from LA, Ryan relocated in order to be closer to his morning show. However, Ryan still maintains several jobs in LA, so he flies back to the city regularly, often on the weekends, and flies back to New York City by Monday morning. While in LA he keeps up with the many shows he executive produces on the E! channel as well as his hosting gigs during awards season. Ryan has also solidly become the new face of New Year’s Eve, hosting the countdown each year.

The way that Ryan is able to find the balance and stay sane while working so much is embracing the busyness. Ryan knows that being busy means that he’s working and doing what he loves. Staying organized and structured means that he can take on all his projects and do a great job while he’s at it. Turning down work isn’t in Ryan’s vocabulary; he’s grateful for all the work that has come his way and he doesn’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

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Nick Vertucci: Accomplished Entrepreneur with Undying Interest in Poker

Apart from Nick Vertucci being successful in the real estate business, he is also an accomplished poker player. Mr. Vertucci is a big name in the industry having turned over homes in Orange County, California. He made a comeback to the real estate business in the early 2000s after thee 2000 financial crisis which pushed him out of his computer accessory business. He worked over time to be among the United States’ millionaires.

Despite his tight schedule managing his businesses, he finds time to play poker. He has honed his poker skills over time having started playing it way before he ventured into the real estate business. He has participated in prominent tournaments including World Poker Tournament, No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championship as well as World Series of Poker. The first tournament Nick Vertucci participated in is the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championship where he won $7530 with a stake of just $1500.

The interest in poker continued to grow after his first tournament and he knew that he had to hone his skills on the game to take on new poker challenges. While at it, his businesses were running smoothly. At one point, he decided that he wanted to inspire young entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. He holds a view that idea is nothing without a plan. He decided to start a real estate academy to make young entrepreneurs’ dreams come true by helping them through planning and implementation of their ideas.Nick Vertucci even authored a book trying to help aspiring entrepreneurs to sail through to success. The book is entitled “Seven Figure Decisions”.

Nick Vertucci developed an interest in poker about 15 years ago. Since then, he has improved his game prominently to share the same poker table with prominent poker players in the world. He acquired many hack skills that put him ahead of his competitors. The beauty of poker is that it has a slight similarity to real estate business. The similarity is that there are uncertainties in both areas and once he learned to handle them, it applied across the areas.

Clay Hutson – The Rare Gem of the Music Industry

Clay Hutson attended college for theatre design. He then worked for various companies in positions such as sound engineer and project manager. Clay decided to branch out on his own when the last recession hit his employer hard. He knew this decision was a risk but knew he had the confidence, skill, and talent to create his own successful business.

Having his own production management company has not been easy, but hard work has been his key strategy for growing his business. Clay has developed a strong, stable reputation within the industry and has worked for many well-known performers such as Pink, Guns N Roses, and Kid Rock.

Clay repeatedly checks his work for mistakes that could compromise safety or diminish the quality of a show. He is also serious about paying attention to the smallest detail. Organization and planning are essential. Clay says that one serious error could damage his reputation and career for the rest of his life. He is not afraid of working long hours, which has enhanced his reputation among performers.

When Clay needs motivation, he likes to reread quotes he has written down. Some of his favorites came from Thomas Jefferson or Vince Lombardi. He finds a W.C. Fields quote about persistence and knowing when to give up on a plan that is not working amusing.

Exciting new technology has captured his interest, and he likes to be creative and try new things such as acrobatics and jaw-dropping stunts. Clay appreciates artistic creativity over a bigger better video screen. Technology has also brought about lighter, brighter more mobile lighting systems.

If Clay had advice for his younger self, he says it would be always put your family before anything else, and evaluate everything with complete honesty, even when it is difficult. He has overcome failures and held to some beliefs that contradict others in his industry, but he has always managed to move forward continuing to do what he loves.

The Rise of Hussain Sajwanis DAMAC Properties

No one will ever think that the son of an Indian immigrant and a spice seller will one day be the mastermind behind one of the most innovative business and property group in the world today! But Hussain Sajwani founder and owner of DAMAC Properties have managed to do just that and many more today.

Born in the UAE in the mid 19th century, Hussain Sajwani had his first set of education in the local government schools in the region and later because of his excellent performance won an education scholarship from the Dubai government to study abroad. Making him one of the very first sets of students where he was sent to Washington University and graduated with an honours degree in Economics and Engineering.

On his triumphed return, Hussain Sajwani started his ambitious business and career as a catering service being offered in the UAE and later to other countries in the region. He starter DAMAC properties an exceptional luxury, real estate business back in 2002 and has now turned out wonderfully well into a multibillion-dollar property agency competing with the top whales in the real estate market in the world today with branches in many to cities. As the sole owner of DAMAC properties, Hussain Sajwani took a giant leap by giving out some of his estates as shares in the UK financial stock market where he invested about £600 million.

His key secrets of success were his ability to glide with the market tides even where there are no waves. This helps his company come out victorious even in the face of financial downturns. Definitely, every investment has its up’s and down’s, the DAMAC properties have managed to stay afloat in high tides, making millions of profits for a long stretch at a time in the market.

Today most big names associated with DAMAC properties include Nine Elms property limited, Mina Al Sultan Qaboos, Aykon Maldives Resorts and investments like the Dico investments. He has even joined the oil industries by completing pipelines which will be handed over to the government in the nearest future.

Hussain Sajwani owner of DAMAC properties is a father of four lovely children, a husband, and an entrepreneur and was awarded the title “the middle east star” in 2017 by the Arabian business group.