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Barbara Stokes and Her Work With Green Structure Homes Delivered

At the forefront of good disaster relief efforts is good leadership. Efficiency, durability, and helping people get back on their feet after they have lost everything is at the heart of every disaster relief effort. Barbara Stokes is someone who knows this all too well. To say that disaster relief is one of the passions of Barbara Stokes would be an understatement. When a tornado, hurricane, typhoon, or some other disaster strikes, Barbara and her organization Green Structure Homes will be available to help good, honest folks rebuild their lives. Simple as that. Here are some more of her contributions:

One of the things that Barbara and her crew are particularly proud of is the fact they recently won a $28.5 million FEMA award contract. They realize they can now expand their base of operations and hire more workers in order to meet the higher demand. Stokes herself realizes that she serves a unique purpose in this discipline. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Because Barbara understands the ins and outs of executive leadership, she knows that she has the connections and skills to ensure that both government agencies and those in need are able to get their needs met through her organization. Barbara Stokes was originally a graduate of Mercer University, and she worked for Boeing before she came to Green Structure Homes. She has experience in engineering, manufacturing and technological applications as well.

Besides the fact she is able to help people receive new homes, Barbara is also passionate in another area: hiring American workers! In Cullman, Alabama, Barbara Stokes was proud to announce that GSH was able to hire 80 workers to perform manufacturing work. This alone means she is a part of the cure and not a part of the disease. Stokes is proud to give back to her community and she is also proud of the type of homes that her company can build.


All of them are energy-efficient, and all of them are able to offer clients lower utility bills and insurance premiums. They all realize that, at the end of the day, it is Barbara Stokes’ leadership ability that they have to thank for having a roof over their head and a new life. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.