Ann Nolan

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The Survival of Yeonmi Park

Try to imagine being a thirteen year old where the happiest days of your life is having a meal. Imagine what it’s like to not understand what it’s free will, and to know so little of a world beyond your own. This is only a small piece of the story of Yeomni Park as told on The Reason. Yeomni is from North Korea where she lived with her father, mother, and sister. While living in oppressive North Korea Yeomni’s father smuggled goods in order to make money for his family. He was arrested and was sent to prison, while Yeomni and her family were forced to live in unbearable conditions. Never knowing where food would come from, and hoping that sickness would stay away was a daily concern. Eunmi, Yeomni’s sister left the family and headed North, with Yeomni not knowing where her sister was and if she was truly safe. Finally, it was Yeomni’s mother that decided to save her daughter and herself knowing they needed to escape North Korea. Entering into China they were met with a harrowing and a life altering run in with human traffickers. Yeomni’s mother was raped in front of her daughter yet still put herself in harms way to save her youngest child. After 2 years they were fortunately released from their nightmare and headed to South Korea. Sadly Yeomni’s father died after his release from prison, he died of untreated colon cancer. They were however eventually reunited with Yeomni’s sister Eunmi. Her story is one of triumph and courage, and with a fierce mind and a brave heart Yeomni continues to shine light on what is really happening in North Korea. She is steadfast in her pride of being from North Korea, while making sure that the world hears what Kim Jong II’s regime is doing to the people of her land.