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Wikipedia: The Next Steph for Building Your Business


Let’s face the facts, if you are a business owner, you know that your online presence is a cornerstone of your reputation. Having no reputation is essentially as bad as having a poor reputation. Consumers want information about your company, not just from your website, but from trusted third party platforms, and an often overlooked one is Wikipedia. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring it, you do so at your own peril.

Why Wikipedia? First, it is a digital monolith and one of the most visited websites in the world. Whether you agree or not, Wikipedia is a respected source of information and, as a result, is highly favored by Google and other search engines. Procuring your space on Wikipedia gives you access to a large audience and allows your information to show up in those ever helpful Google Knowledge Graphs, and could help your own site rank better in the top search results. This means more eyeballs and potentially more customers.

Before you log in to Wikipedia and start hammering out a page for your business I want you to stop and think about this: is this really your strong suit? As a business owner you know that there are certain tasks that really should be delegated to a professional, and while it might not seem obvious now, your Wikipedia page is one of those tasks!

First, while you do know your company well, do you know Wikipedia’s terms of service? Are you familiar with how to best format your page to provide the most value and best impression to your potential readers? Second, do you have the time and patience to manage your page; after all, anyone could make a Wikipedia revision at any time. While most edits are by well-intentioned volunteers, there is always the possibility of a malicious attack or just incorrect information being associated with it. Lastly, are you capable of translating your page? Wikipedia offers pages in dozens of languages, expand your audience. Don’t let this scare you from using Wikipedia as a resource, there is help out there all you have to do is find help from reputable Wikipedia publishers.


Don’t worry. You too can make company Wikipedia page— Thankfully, the team at are trained and ready to make business Wikipedia page. Their Wikipedia consultants are the authoritative source for knowledgeable Wikipedia editors, managers, and translators. Let them take the headache out of Wikipedia edits and give you endless benefits and opportunities for your business or online presence.

Writing a Wikipedia Article About One’s Self

One thing about Wikipedia is that it is a source of information about everything for everyone. Wikipedia will provide all types of information about anything that is valid. There is no room for biases due to the fact that Wikipedia wants to keep everything neutral. It just sticks to the facts without any intention to promote anyone. A Wikipedia service uses facts about the person from sources that are reliable and independent. This could actually be a blessing for the person being written about or a curse depending on the person. For some of the most noble people in the world, the best thing they could have is a completely factual page written on them.

Wikipedia is going to report anything about the person that is worth reporting. If there is some event in a person’s life that is constantly reported over and over, or is considered very significant, then Wikipedia is going to include that event on the person’s Wikipedia page. Everything about the person is reported which includes his mistakes and accomplishments. This gives a person enough incentive to be careful as to what he does. Even a blameless person could eventually have a mistake reported on a Wikipedia article. For people that become celebrities, they will gain a lot of exposure about their life.

For those that want a Wikipedia page about them, they could get a page from Get Your Wiki, which is a professional Wikipedia writing company. They are full of professionals that will take the time to not only write, but edit and watch over their client’s Wikipedia page. For instance, if the client needs a Wikipedia page in order to gain exposure and get a business off the ground, Get Your Wiki will provide the content needed to accomplish that. Wikipedia will also stick to the facts as well as make sure the grammar is correct and the language is compelling.

There are plenty of other sources of information that will help provide facts about the lives of the clients. Once the Wikipedia page is up, it is important for the client to maintain his reputation by living a productive life and being a good example. As he continues to live productively and set positive examples, then he will continue to build his reputation. More people will hear about him. Also, more people will trust him. Having a Wikipedia page could prove to be a blessing for people.

On the flip side, there is the possibility of a scandal causing a huge blow to the reputation of the person. There are many cases when someone does something or is caught in something that results in a fall from grace in the public eye. Wikipedia reports those huge incidents. Also, tons of people cite Wikipedia as their source of information.

Adhering to the Neutrality Rules of Wikipedia Made Easy

Wikipedia has very strict guidelines in regards to writing content on its pages. Wiki certainly is very open to the inclusion of great deal of different types of content. Since the site hopes to be the largest online encyclopedia in history, any and all content is mostly welcomed. For those who want to help their own personal online reputation, creating to make business Wiki pages make sense. The page can serve in a vital promotional capacity. However, any person choosing to write about him or herself positively must follow the site’s rules regarding neutrality. Failure to adhere to neutrality could lead to site entry being deleted. At the very least, the content might end up being drastically reedited by a third party.

What does the concept of neutrality mean as far as Wikipedia is concerned? Basically, the term and its related rules mean there must be a purely objective approach taken to any entries on the site. The writing has to be neutral from both a positive and negative manner perspective. In other words, no one can write a negative personal opinion about a subject. Being overly positive in editorializing way is also not allowed. Anyone who chooses to write about him or herself in flowery, glowing terms is, essentially, creating a press release. Wikipedia is not designed solely for public relations. Only factual information is permitted on the site. Interestingly, providing personal information that is factual does have publicity benefits and Wiki won’t complain if someone reaps these rewards.

So, someone who owns a famous restaurant in a particular city could create a Wiki page detailing the history of the establishment. Review-style content would not be permitted. If the Wiki page helps the search engine optimization of the restaurant, then so be it. Still, the content has to appear in a manner consistent with encyclopedia writing. Otherwise, possibly negative editorial action might be undertaken.

This creates a quandary for those who would like to create a page, but do not want to run afoul of Wiki’s rules. Hiring a third party writing and editing service such as Get Your Wiki provides a solution. The team at Get Your Wiki can create an excellent, objective entry on a client’s behalf.

Once the page is created and done so in the appropriate manner, solid content is going to appear online. Better yet, the content will appear on a credible and respected site such as Get Your Wiki.

How To Create a Great Wikipedia Page

Writing and editing Wikipedia pages appears easy. After all, this very popular, online open source encyclopedia is designed to be able to be contributed to by anyone. But as anyone who has attempted to write a Wikipedia page knows, it is not quite as easy as it looks. There are still certain rules and guidelines that Wikipedia authors must follow in order to create a good quality to make business Wikipedia pages that is going to be read, and is not going to be taken down.

Wikipedia articles must follow the proper formatting and grammar rules. Wikipedia has their own Wikipedia manual of style. Most of these rules are the same or similar to other manual of styles such as APA and Chicago MLA formats, but if you are new to writing for wikipedia it can be helpful to become familiar with these rules. This also means using complete sentences and makings sure they are easy to understand and to read. Wikipedia is not the place for flowery metaphors and heady, descriptive language. Instead, Wikipedia is a place for informative articles that provide readers with helpful and factual information.

Articles must be factual and properly cited. Proper citations is a big thing that many wikipedia writers struggle with. Facts must be confirmed by reputable outside sources and must be cited properly at the end of the article. There are a wide variety of outside sources that are acceptable, but it is best to become familiar with the types of sources that are necessary. Articles that are not properly cited and sourced run the risk of being deleted.

One of the most important rules on Wikipedia is that articles must be written from a neutral point of view. This is a big reason why it is not necessarily a good a idea to write an article about yourself or your company. Even when people think they are writing an article about themselves, outsiders can often detect inherent bias.

Instead, it is a better idea to hire the services of outside experts like the company Get Your Wiki. It’s worth looking to make business Wiki pages through Get Your Wiki because they are experts on writing Wikipedia articles. They know how to create and write Wikipedia articles. Get Your Wiki are experts on writing articles that follow Wikipedia guidelines and will get you or your company noticed. Get Your Wiki follows ethical guidelines when creating pages and they guarantee that your page will be approved by the Wikipedia editors.