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TJ Maloney a Key Figure at Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management seeks to invest in middle-market businesses across unique industries while working with others to use private equity investment with valuable experience and detailed research. Lincolnshire Management comes up with a customized plan with detailed projects to initiate changes that will improve a companies processes and internal systems. A prominent figure in the company has been TJ Maloney, who knows the companies goal of spotting potential business growth.

TJ Maloney has been a part of Lincolnshire Management since 1993. Maloney is on Lincolnshire Management’s investment committee and has a hand in managing portfolio companies. TJ Maloney has served on over a dozen boards for the company including Polaris Pool Systems, Wabash, and Credentials Services International.

Before working at Lincolnshire Management Maloney was the interim CEO of Credentials and worked in M&A and securities law in New York City. Maloney has a Bachelors’s degree from Boston College and in 1979 graduated from Fordham Law School, J.D. He is on the current Board of Trustees of Boston College and an experienced lecturer at many distinguished universities including Columbia University’s M.B.A Program.

TJ Maloney attributes his success to being continuously curious, being humble and staying open to learning. Maloney knows there is always more to learn in various places, from the people he meets and personal experiences making him self-aware in the industry.

Maloney also values communicating with coworkers he trusts. His approach to private equity is evaluating management running his portfolio, truly understanding management’s goals, intentions, who they are, and what drives them to success. When it comes to investments he trusts his gut reaction, he doesn’t believe in rushing to make decisions with the idea that if something is too good to be true then it probably is.

Maloney values a fresh perspective, balancing his own experience and seeing the changes happening in the market when it comes to investing. He follows a step by step process, Lincolnshire Management has a collective team discussion and does extensive research and Maloney spends a lot of time with management. Sometimes a consultant will be hired who knows more about a certain industry.

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Niranjan Shah: The Wise Man Behind Globetrotters Engineering

In 1974, a wise man, by the name of Niranjan Shah, began the Globetrotter Engineering Corporation. It is a privately-owned company that enlists in the planning of building services in the manufacturing field, engineering field, and architectural field. Globetrotter Engineering takes action towards the management of certain properties so that they can be provided with technical information that would meet their day-to-day needs Their company headquarters can be seen in Chicago, Illinois. They provide the best work with scientific developments that would resolve some of the technical problems that can be heard on a regular basis.

Niranjan Shah and his team work on scaling their assets that would meet the business standards. In other words, this company does their best to help other businesses reach their goals of production. Niranjan Shah is also involved in the consulting business at Globetrotters Engineering, which means he and his team can consult with their clients about new product ideas. Since he did receive his Bachelor of Engineering degree and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Niranjan Shah is highly qualified to mastering architectural foundations.

Globetrotters Engineering wants to help a business get off the ground. They are well-known for building embankments, pavements, and insignificant materials for low-volume roads. One of the biggest successful projects that Globetrotters Engineering develop was the Deep Tunnel Project in Chicago. By 1986, they were rewarded with the American Society of Civil Engineers, which is a big milestone for any Engineering firm.

Globetrotters Engineering gained much respect and gratitude from the City of Chicago when they help build the John Stroger Jr. Hospital and the Midway International Airport.

To conclude, Niranjan Shah and his entire group of staff at Globetrotters Engineering have accomplished many goals when it comes to developing a solid foundation for a new business. As the wise man behind the Engineering firm, he is looking forward to developing and consulting ideas and plans for not only the City of Chicago but even for the world.

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The Connection Between Meatless Burgers & OSI Industries

Meatless burger are on the rise, and there are quite a few brands that have taken over the market. One of those brands just so happens to be Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods has used its lab-grown beef to revolutionize the food industry. The company is based out of California, and its Impossible Burger is one of the most popular products on the market today. The Impossible Burger is 100 percent meatless, but it possesses the same meaty taste as its traditional counterpart. The demands for healthier foods have reached an all-time high on a global scale. Impossible Foods and other alternative brands have certainly filled the void via their plant-based solutions.

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Getting the products to the public is a completely different act, and all food distributors are not the same. Impossible Foods has decided to go with OSI Industries. OSI Industries needs no introduction as it currently provides food services for a number of prominent brands in the food industry. OSI has up to a century’s worth of expertise in the game, and it has successfully navigated the pitfalls of the industry on a number of occasions. By working exclusively with Impossible Foods, OSI will provide the infrastructure to mass-produce these delightful products. This means that an expected 17,000 eateries will be serving the burgers before the year 2020 comes in existence.

Before the implementation of OSI Industries, Impossible Foods was scheduled to serve its meatless burgers to an estimated 3,000 restaurants. With the addition of OSI Industries, this particular rate has expanded by six times. Industry insiders have stated that plant-based foods will grow in popularity over the next couple of years as more and more people are deciding to eat much healthier diets.

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Robert Deignan Breaks Down The Effects Of Social Media In Business

Robert Deignan is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the co founder and chief executive officer of a company called ATS Digital Services. When it comes to the term omnichannel this term can be misunderstood. Entrepreneurs and businesses may think that this term means to have a social media presence on every single social media platform. The true way that omnichannel should be used is to provide a meaningful experience for its customers and potential customers through social media. The experience will ultimately be able to generate a company or an entrepreneur more revenue. The way to have a successful omnichannel is too make sure that the message is the same to customers across all platforms. The business or entrepreneur also does not need more than one social media platform to have a successful omnichannel. You can have a successful omnichannel with just one social media platform. 

What omnichannel marketing does is just to keep your company or product in the minds of the customer. It is proven that imagery and repetitiveness can in grain your product or brand into a customer’s mind. The more familiar a person gets with something the more it becomes a normal part of an individual’s life. Robert Deignan’s states that putting out a positive image for your brand and a positive message helps the customer or potential customer to develop a connection to your brand. Having customers to become familiar with your company will ultimately determine if a customer will purchase your product or not. 

Robert Deignan states that throughout history it has been proven that good customer has always been the driving force behind having a very successful business. So it is vital that companies promote their values and services in a quick and efficient manner. The average person will not purchase a product if they do not understand want the product is or does. So omnichannel marketing can get all the information about a company out to the general public. This marketing style can ultimately lead to the success or failure of a company.

Unroll Me Can Help Empty Your Inbox

Unroll Me is a site that you can use to easily unsubscribe to emails that you no longer wish to receive information from. This program allows you to unsubscribe from these emails with a single click. You can also use it to unsubscribe from multiple emails at once by clicking each one you no longer want to see and Unroll Me will take your name off of each email list so that way you do not have to jump through the hoops of doing it yourself. 

All that you have to do is go to Unroll Me and sign up with your email address. You can use any email that you have, whether that be Yahoo, Gt will allow you to get more information from each subscription. So if there are subscriptions in that list that you like to see but you haven’t seen much of lately, you can add them to Roll Up and you will be added to a more daily updated email listing so you can see things from that subscription moreoogle, AOL, or any other email address that is not listed here. Once you have signed up Unroll Me will give you a list of all of the subscriptions that you have linked to that specific email. 

To unsubscribe you just have to click on the subscriptions that you no longer want to see appear in your email inbox anymore and let Unroll Me do the rest. You will never have to see spam subscriptions, or just subscriptions that you added a long time ago but forgot about, ever again.

Opposite of that, Unroll Me also has a feature tha often. But if that option seems like too much commitment, you can just click Keep In Inbox and Unroll Me will leave that subscription completely alone. 

The Real Real and Contemporary Attire

The people who are behind The Real Real have various concerns that relate to contemporary attire. They believe that it may not be able to stand the test of time. It’s a highly respected consignment business that takes a prestigious approach to apparel. The real real collaborates with all sorts of designers who are recognized by many individuals everywhere as well. Stella McCartney of the United Kingdom is just one major example.

The Real Real commenced operations through buying consignment art pieces, apparel and beyond. It handled the sales of these kinds of items, too. The company has a glowing track record thus far. It’s been instrumental in the conservation of H20, believe it or not. It’s even been instrumental in stopping people from having to get behind the wheel inside of their vehicles.

The real real makes a point to pinpoint first-class preowned owned attire items. It acquires these items from designers who have substantial audiences all throughout the planet. Although it acquires chic items, it brands them in its own manner. It’s a force to be reckoned with among consumers who wish to lessen their designer apparel expenses dramatically.

This business aims to transform fashion and the planet in general. It wants to say ciao to the squandering of vital resources. It wants people to be able to breathe fresh vitality into apparel pieces that they long believed served no purpose at all as well.

The company has presences in a handful of enormous metropolises in the United States. These metropolises are Los Angeles, California, New York, New York and San Francisco, California. Its presences in America become more plentiful all of the time, too. The real real is even at the helm of various pop-up shops in pertinent areas.

Consumers and preowned apparel fans can keep track of The Real Real and all of its actions without any issue. The company has accounts through well-known social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Its team members update these accounts with considerable frequency. People who like to learn about all of the latest and greatest crazes in the style scene often put time into researching The Real Real. To see more about The Real Real you can visit

Custom Value Added Food Supply Made Easier by OSI Food Solutions


Most of the leading retail food brands usually do not have time to get the foods they need to sell. It is also costly for these brands to spend resources, getting foods that their customers need. Consequently, they prefer getting suppliers who do the hard work and deliver the value-added foods ready to be sold. OSI Food Solutions plays this role of supplying the top retail food brands with the foods that they require.

OSI Food Solutions is able to supply food products to retail brands because it has the necessary resources and expertise. The company is regarded as one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States. It has employed more than 25 000 people, and it has more than 65 facilities. With these facilities and sufficient workforce, the company is able to meet the demand effectively. The company has expanded beyond the United States, where it is in seventeen different countries. Visit to learn more.

Some of the measures that OSI Food Solutions puts in place to make sure it stays ahead of competition include being reliable. The company has invested in large and modern facilities which are able to process foods even for the big retail food brands. It has also employed enough people who ensure that the meals are delivered on time. Most of the employees are highly trained experts in nutrition matters. Because of this, they are able to ensure the food products supplied by the company are of the right quality.

As a way of ensuring that the end customers get healthy foods, the company partners with other companies that are providing helpful food solutions. In the recent past, the company partnered with Impossible Foods, which is a company that makes burgers using human-made meat. The meat used in these burgers does not come from animals and as a result, vegetarians and other people who have a soft side for animals can still eat the burgers. The demand for these burgers rose sharply after they were introduced in the market to a point where Impossible Foods could not handle the demand. As a way of solving this problem, Impossible Foods partnered with OSI Food Solutions, and the results have been amazing.

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Unroll Me Takes Email Organization to the Next Level

The call for email management software is a need that more and more people have to fill. Email overload seems to be a common problem of late afflicting both business and private accounts. Luckily subscriptions services like Unroll Me are here to organize user inboxes. Unroll Me is the creation of two men, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. The duo met at Yeshiva in Israel and then dropped out of their respective colleges to become start-up entrepreneurs. They hit upon the email management idea when Rosenwald stopped returning Hedaya’s emails do to an overcrowded inbox.

The two realized that subscription emails were the central problem. Over the years businesses have turned more and more to subscription emails to keep in touch with consumers. The emails are great for notifying, communicating, and providing special incentives to customers. Unfortunately, they are so easy to sign up for they also clog up email accounts. Unroll Me organizes the mess by accumulating all messages flagged as subscriptions and placing in an adjacent folder. Users can then sift through the folder to keep or delete the emails they do not want. The best aspect of Unroll Me is that it allows users to cancel such subscriptions so future emails will not be sent. 

Unroll Me is not the only fish in the email management sea but it has gained a name for itself because it is simple to use. According to Hedaya, the idea for simplicity came from watching other subscriptions services crash and burn. The companies had made their email managers too hard to use. So the duo designed Unroll Me to provide a one-click unsubscribe feature. One that allows several subscriptions to be terminated in one swift stroke.

Unroll Me is compatible with most email services such as: Gmail, Google Apps, and Yahoo email. It is free to use and instantly integrates into a user’s inbox. The software can be programmed to run on a schedule, flag certain emails, and leave other messages alone. The company is currently owned by Slice Technologies with Jojo Hedaya still serving as acting CEO. Under Hedaya’s leadership the service has amassed over a million users.

MegerTech’s Nitin Khanna Notes How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive

Nitin Khanna has had quite a successful career over the past few decades. After graduating from Purdue University with a masters degree in Industrial engineering, he worked for a variety of giants in the niche before moving into the investment world. Since then, he’s co-founded a variety of companies that have gone on to a considerable amount of success. The first of these was Saber Corp, which went on to become one of the largest providers of state government technology solutions in the United States. After about a decade of running the company, Nitin Khanna sold Saber Corp to EDS for $460 million. Khanna then worked with EDS for some time, helping improve its revenue stream considerably.

However, he then left the firm to focus on some of his own ideas, which then led to Nitin Khanna founding MergerTech, an M&A firm focused on the technology sphere. Apart from working with MergerTech, Khanna works with several other companies, with some of the more prominent including Cura Cannabis Solutions, a marijuana product company that he founded in 2015. Khanna also sits on the board of a variety of other organizations, with some of the more prominent including TiE Oregon, Classic Wines Auction and Freewire Broadband. Throughout this time, Nitin Khanna has noted that there were a variety of different growth strategies involved with each of these companies.

However, Khanna has noted that each of these strategies were execution focused. Instead of focusing on ideas, he’s looked at what can be done with products and how the company could outperform its competitors. This career has also led to many people wondering how Nitin Khanna stays productive while juggling a variety of different companies. He’s noted on several occasions that every entrepreneur has almost unlimited free time, so long as they effectively and efficiently schedule out their day. This is something that he’s told the majority of business owners that he’s worked with. However, he’s noted that this can be something that takes a considerable amount of patience, and can often be an acquired skill. This can also be done through hiring the best talent available and delegating effectively.

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Jeunesse Global Expo 2019: Are You Ready?

Jeunesse Global is the mega-brand in the health and beauty industry that is sweeping the world as of late. This is because the founders had a genius idea when they decided that they wanted to bring their products to the masses via a distributor network that is still going strong today. It allows everyday people to buy into the brand and begin to make money from it for themselves. 

This is a truly global name these days that produces innovative products such as Nevo, AM/PM Essentials, and more. They continue to make great strides in their industry and continue to come up with innovations that no one else had even thought of before. 

An Expo To Spread Knowledge

Sometimes you just have to have an expo or other type of gathering to get people excited about your brand or your vision. There is nothing wrong at all with appealing to the people who have helped to build your brand in the first place. That is what Jeunesse Global is hoping to do with their Expo this year. 

Some of the top salespeople from around the world are going to converge on the same place to share their insights and strategies for building up their own Jeunesse Global business. They believe that these ideas can be borrowed by those in attendance to help work on their own businesses as well. This could mean that those who come to the Expo could walk away with a lot more information and excitement for building their own business. 

Ten Years And Still Going Strong

The theme of this particular Expo is to explore what is going to come next. This means that the company is embracing the progress that it has already made to be sure, but they are also very much looking forward to what will come in the next chapter of this journey. They have been around for 10 years now, and the excitement for what the next stage in the journey is going to be is enormous. Given this, expect a lot of fanfare at this Expo, and for good reason!