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Steve Ritchie – Thinking Beyond Just The Corporate Needs At Papa Johns

The corporate involvement in a business can often be a slippery slope for in-house operators. Disagreements can stem from simple interactions, often leaving some turmoil between business and corporate headquarters. The idea of a partnership between these two entities is a lost art. Steve Ritchie believes rediscovery of these relationships can be the leading factors to successes in the business world. Taking total operational standards and scoping it throughout every level of the company is the best way to foster involvement from all levels of business and all levels of employees.

Employee involvement in brand reputation and evolution is the best way to keep users invested within a company. This is often shown through benefit packages for hourly users such as discounts, free food and drink, and all such incentives. The salaried employee is often benefited through a 401K matching system, medical insurance benefits, and other such term-life packages. These benefits packages are created to keep employees vested in their work and their strive to make the company better.

The systems of the past have since become outdated. Cost of living has gone up and adapting to meet these needs for the employees is where Steve Ritchie is making a difference. He is going to bat for all levels of employment, involving different programs and outside sources to better assist the needs of his employees. Development programs, tuition assistance, stock options, and promotion from within are just a few of the areas that Steve has his hands in. He is working to develop these areas of influence for his employees to better term the long-standing success of the company.

By working away from corporate tendencies, Steve is fostering involvement over office work. He spent his early years as a delivery driver and customer service associate, so he knows the grit needed to put in the man hours to succeed. This idea of creating new strategies off of work experience is really working to develop the thoughts of involved parties. Steve is taking from associates that have worked within the company and resourcing their thoughts to better evolve his development programs and future outlook for success. The proof is in the pudding and that is where Steve is keeping this company churning out quarterly results that are exceeding the pace that the company is used to.

The company still ranks in the top three of all pizza delivery companies from a global standpoint. Their customer service rating also ranks near the top of all industry providers, keeping satisfaction a proprietary need of focus. This is where Steve is utilizing his past experience to make a difference from above. His role as CEO is to influence all areas of the business, with primary focus on marketing and service needs. His development and outreach programs will work to continue the model of success this company was built on. His individual influence will help the cut the ratio of time in half, producing these changes at a rapid pace and setting the bar high for claiming top accolades within the pizza delivery industry.

TJ Maloney a Key Figure at Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management seeks to invest in middle-market businesses across unique industries while working with others to use private equity investment with valuable experience and detailed research. Lincolnshire Management comes up with a customized plan with detailed projects to initiate changes that will improve a companies processes and internal systems. A prominent figure in the company has been TJ Maloney, who knows the companies goal of spotting potential business growth.

TJ Maloney has been a part of Lincolnshire Management since 1993. Maloney is on Lincolnshire Management’s investment committee and has a hand in managing portfolio companies. TJ Maloney has served on over a dozen boards for the company including Polaris Pool Systems, Wabash, and Credentials Services International.

Before working at Lincolnshire Management Maloney was the interim CEO of Credentials and worked in M&A and securities law in New York City. Maloney has a Bachelors’s degree from Boston College and in 1979 graduated from Fordham Law School, J.D. He is on the current Board of Trustees of Boston College and an experienced lecturer at many distinguished universities including Columbia University’s M.B.A Program.

TJ Maloney attributes his success to being continuously curious, being humble and staying open to learning. Maloney knows there is always more to learn in various places, from the people he meets and personal experiences making him self-aware in the industry.

Maloney also values communicating with coworkers he trusts. His approach to private equity is evaluating management running his portfolio, truly understanding management’s goals, intentions, who they are, and what drives them to success. When it comes to investments he trusts his gut reaction, he doesn’t believe in rushing to make decisions with the idea that if something is too good to be true then it probably is.

Maloney values a fresh perspective, balancing his own experience and seeing the changes happening in the market when it comes to investing. He follows a step by step process, Lincolnshire Management has a collective team discussion and does extensive research and Maloney spends a lot of time with management. Sometimes a consultant will be hired who knows more about a certain industry.

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Exclusive Roles Played by Sheldon Lavin at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is 81 years old and the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. He has been able to be honored with various awards because of his contributions that have earned the company a very big name in the industry. Being the largest food producer and distributor across 17 countries with more than 70 facilities, OSI has become one of the most rated institutions across the globe. Sheldon Lavin has been the team leader for the last four decades and the results are just overwhelming. OSI Group has been able to employ more than20,000 employees both direct and indirect from across the global offices.

Learn about Sheldon Lavin at

OSI Group started from a very humble background in the 1900and has been able to face all the environmental and technological challenges to becoming the top. All these achievements are brought about by a team of staff who work as a global family. He rarely loses his staff to competitors and thus a good advantage to the progress of the company. The company was initially owned by a German migrant who was able to establish a corner butcher shop. His sole purpose was to supply the neighbors of Illinois, Chicago with meat.

After opening for a few years, the business outlet became a big business whereby they managed to operate together with his two sons. This gave birth to their name, Otto &Sons. At around 1963, McDonald’s, the current biggest chain of restaurants in the world started opening doors. They were lucky to sign a contract for supplying meat products in their outlets. They had to continue with the expansion. Within a few years, the company was able to realize a huge dramatic change through revenues generated from one client.

Sheldon Lavin joined the company in1971 as a consultant before one of the partners decided to retire. He decided to sell his interests at the company to him. Sheldon took the mantle and became a daily staff of the company. Sheldon Lavin from Chicago started sharing his ideas until the later partner decided to retire also. It was during that time that the company became OSI Group from Otto & Sons and their effect started to be felt across several parts of the globe. He has tirelessly put more effort into expanding his business as well as changing the lives of so many people. Connect:

Doing What Matters Most: Oren Frank

There are those who decide that they want to help others, and so they donate $20 to charity, and that’s great! However, there are those like Oren Frank who go above and beyond the call of duty by becoming the CEO and Co-Founder of a company that helps others. Oren has many years under his belt working for Talkspace, and it is easy to tell that he knows what he is doing. Thanks to all of the work that he has done, his company is becoming one of the best for online and mobile psychotherapy. Read more about Oren Frank at

This platform, that was partly the creation of Oren, was meant to be the light at the end of the tunnel for those who were not capable of getting to their therapy appointments. Of course, there are many reasons as to why someone would not be able to go to an office. Some people are single parents, some people work too much, some people are not mentally capable of leaving their own homes. For those people, this platform is a amazing.

Time is really important to everyone, not just those who have to work or the those who run businesses, but also to those like stay at home moms. Money is also equally as important. So, why not save on both time and money by utilizing Talkspace?

More than 1 million people have put their trust into those working at the Talkspace company. Oren Frank and his wife designed the company themselves, as a way for those in need to find help when they thought they would never be able to. Thanks to them, and the aid of some licensed therapists, a lot of people have received the help the they deserve. It really is easy to see that Oren Frank and his wife really do have a lot of compassion.


Sheldon Lavin Shares His Sustainability Vision for ISO Group

Article Text:

Sheldon Lavin has been the CEO of OSI Group since the mid-70s, and during his helm at the top, the company shot up the ranks to become one of the largest food producers in the world. According to the CEO, the company has always been at the forefront of embracing change and innovation under his leadership. It is this culture that opened up the ISO Group to embracing technology during the automation boom that helped it grow to what it is today.

It’s time for the company to change again and lead the rest of the food industry towards sustainability and environment friendliness. Recently, Sheldon came out to share his sustainability vision for the company. Learn More about Sheldon Lavin at

The Willingness to Take Risks

The food sector is one of the most volatile areas of business, and taking a risk can lead the company down the drain. Despite this danger, this premier food producer has always done it with very fulfilling results. Sheldon Lavin mentioned that now, the company has expanded its willingness to take risks. Thereby, all the decisions currently made by the company involve – is this environmentally sustainable?

Investing In Innovation and R&D

This CEO went on to reveal that his company will be increasing its investment in research and development. This will enable the company to come up with sustainable options for its needs much faster. Sheldon Lavin went on to say the ISO Group has set up two Culinary Innovation Centers – one in China and one in the United States. In addition to this, there is also an R&D Center in Chicago. The innovations from these centers are expected to push this company and the rest of the food industry to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

About Sheldon

Sheldon Lavin is a season business executive and has served as the CEO of ISO Group for more than four decades. Under his watch, this company has grown from a domestic food processor to a global player boasting of 65 locations in 17 countries. As a result of his exceptional leadership and career achievements, Sheldon was recognized by Vision World Academy India and awarded the Global Visionary Award in February 2016.


Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin’s vision for OSI was to grow a company that would be a world class food processing company that would be more than just an Enterprise.

Throughout his tenure Lavin has directed OSI to turn into a multibillion dollar worldwide food processing venture.

According to Aurora Illinois USA OSI Group supplies a vast array of poultry, meat, fish vegetable, and specialty-dough services and products and processing methods to clients from the restaurant private label retail industrial and foodservice-distributor industries. See also on Forbes.

OSI products are produced and distributed throughout over 65 centers in 17 nations. For over fifteen decades Sheldon Lavin ran his own financial consulting business in downtown chicago.

Sheldon Lavin attended the University of Illinois and North Western University majoring in finance and accounting and obtained his bachelor of science degree in business by Roosevelt University in Chicago Illinois.

Back in 1970 Sheldon Lavin became correlated with Otto Sons Inc,the design company of OSI industries LLC.

Back in India Vista fully processed food items pvt. ltd, also called OSI Vista can be an osi group firm.

Sheldon Lavin still contributes to OSI’s growth notably in Europe and Asia. In addition, he has been leading OSI when it comes to new creations and ideas. He shares his viewpoints, helping the expansion and diversification of OSI’s future growth.

OSI isn’t ran like the regular business. OSI doesn’t aim to dictate from top to bottom, it operates more like a family. Sheldon believes in building an empire that includes the inputs of all employees despite what their position is.

Together with maintaining its family-like culture, Sheldon continues to be the driving force behind OSI. Additionally Sheldon Lavin has affirmed Ronald McDonald house charities for over 25 decades,being the trustee and chairman of its funding effort.

In addition he supports a multitude of different charities and also is now president and director of Sheba, a family charitable foundation. Source:

Sustainability Is Key For Vijay Eswaran And The QI Group

The co-founder of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran is one of the world’s leading business people with a strong history in the business world and what appears to be a powerful future ahead. The QI Group itself has become a key member of the United Nations Global Compact Network which means the company is maintaining a transparent way of doing business. Another aspect of the UNGC that is less talked about is the dedication to sustainability in the 21st-century.

Vijay Eswaran believes the responsibility of a business leader is to make sure they make a profit but not at the expense of the way life is lived for the current and future generations. In his own life, Eswaran is a keen student of meditation and begins every day focusing on his own life and how he can affect the world in a positive way. The business leader has gone so far as to release a series of business-motivational books that discuss how he can achieve more by starting the day with a period of meditation. The use of meditation means Vijay Eswaran can clear his mind of the aspects of life that are not important and push forward the needs of the QI Group and the world he can have an effect on.

The QI Group has been a member of the UNGC since 2015 when the company agreed to make a concerted effort to shift its work towards the more sustainable practices that can positively affect the environment of the world. Becoming at one with the world is something the QI group is keen to do with the company looking to become a global leader in the use of organic products as it moves into the modern era of retail.

Sustainable practices can take many forms with the QI group believing its move towards sustainability has included the desire to shift its office procedures to a paperless future. The company has been looking to make a number of changes to the way it goes about its work in the 21st-century and does not believe the overuse of paper is needed with the possibilities of Cloud-based storage.

Sujit Choudhry’s Dedication for Constitutionalism

Sujit Choudhry is a very educated political advocate that writes books to inform the public and experienced activist about the important aspects of constitutional transitioning and law development. He has recently released a book named “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”. This text provides readers with a vivid understanding of his views and experiences towards tactics that have helped to make governmental policies and laws fit the concept of constitutional geometry. The book is comprised of 17 case studies that exhibits examples of the way that his experiences and perceptions have aided in keeping these systems afloat and function for its people. The text includes examples that covers areas like Kenya, Spain, Ukraine, Cyprus, and more!

These territories also vary in systems of balance and structural significance. There are examples from small regions with light governmental influence, bigger areas with strict political influence, and others that helps to provide readers with insight about their particular policies. These territorial cleavages and constitutional transitionings are critical components that should be analyzed in order to bring about peace and security. This author has helped many territories decide how to situate power-sharing arrangements and other important decisions. Some of these places are Jordan, Libya, Mayanmar, South Africa, Tunisia, and others.

He has also published books, articles, chapters, manuels, and more that have helped to better educate and guide others who are interested and involved with his area of expertise.

Here is a list of some of his works.

  • Constitution Making
  • The Migration of Constitutional Ideas
  • The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution
  • Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation?

With Sujit Choudhry’s professionalism and concern for order and justice, the world of constitutionalism and law will continue to develop within’ the proper direction all around the world.

Find out more here

Robert Deignan Breaks Down The Effects Of Social Media In Business

Robert Deignan is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the co founder and chief executive officer of a company called ATS Digital Services. When it comes to the term omnichannel this term can be misunderstood. Entrepreneurs and businesses may think that this term means to have a social media presence on every single social media platform. The true way that omnichannel should be used is to provide a meaningful experience for its customers and potential customers through social media. The experience will ultimately be able to generate a company or an entrepreneur more revenue. The way to have a successful omnichannel is too make sure that the message is the same to customers across all platforms. The business or entrepreneur also does not need more than one social media platform to have a successful omnichannel. You can have a successful omnichannel with just one social media platform. 

What omnichannel marketing does is just to keep your company or product in the minds of the customer. It is proven that imagery and repetitiveness can in grain your product or brand into a customer’s mind. The more familiar a person gets with something the more it becomes a normal part of an individual’s life. Robert Deignan’s states that putting out a positive image for your brand and a positive message helps the customer or potential customer to develop a connection to your brand. Having customers to become familiar with your company will ultimately determine if a customer will purchase your product or not. 

Robert Deignan states that throughout history it has been proven that good customer has always been the driving force behind having a very successful business. So it is vital that companies promote their values and services in a quick and efficient manner. The average person will not purchase a product if they do not understand want the product is or does. So omnichannel marketing can get all the information about a company out to the general public. This marketing style can ultimately lead to the success or failure of a company.

Sheldon Lavin Is A Successful CEO Who Cares About The Planet

Sheldon Lavin has always been a hardworking man who has pursued his goals with a focus unlike any other. He has worked in the finance industry and the meat industry and is currently the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Food Solutions. He first started working with OSI back in the 1970s when he set out to help the company get financing for a plant it was wanting to build. The plant’s purpose was to provide McDonald’s with the beef it needed for its hamburgers, and he eventually got OSI the funding required to build the plant. After doing so, the company asked Lavin if he would like to work within its ranks, and he agreed to do so but only if it would focus on rapid growth. Visit his website for more information.

Since the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin has done a lot to help build OSI into an international food company. OSI now has more than 65 facilities that are located in many different parts of the world. The company offers its customers a customized food experience, and thanks to Lavin, its reach is extensive. He has always focused on making the company one that functions more like a family. He supports the workers of the company, and his door is always open to any employee who like to have a word with him.

Sheldon Lavin believes that the environment is very important, and he has been doing a lot to steer his company in a more sustainable direction. He has decided that the use of modern technology can help his company to achieve these kinds of goals and has been implementing it at every level within OSI. The company has won multiple awards for its willingness to create a more sustainable operation, but Lavin feels his reward comes from creating a successful company that honors its customers and the planet.

Sheldon Lavin has also taken part in philanthropy for many years. He enjoys helping people in need and has donated large sums of money to organizations that work with American families. One of his favorite charitable organizations is the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and he has been supporting it for many years.