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James Dondero Highly Qualified and Experienced Financial Analyst

James Dondero is known as one of the most successful financial executives in the United States today and is the co-founder of the Highland Capital Management. James Dondero has over three decades of experience in the financial, credit, and equity markets, which have helped him, gain a deep insight into how the commercial industry runs. It is his economic insight and expertise that has helped Highland Capital Management offer some of the most successful, profitable, and award-winning financial products and services.

Under the leadership of James Dondero as the company’s President, Highland Capital Management has grown consistently over the years. Currently, the company has nearly $14 billion in assets under management. Few of the awards that Highland Capital Management won under the watch of James Dondero are Lipper Award, 5-Star Designation for Global Allocation 2014 and Morningstar’s high rated Long/Short equity. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

James Dondero has always been interested in the financial world and started his career as a financial analyst in the year of 1984. At the time, James Dondero was accepted into the top financial training program, Morgan Guaranty training program. James Dondero studied commerce from the University Of Virginia McIntire School Of Commerce, and has done dual majors in finance as well as accounting along with highest honors.

James Dondero is also a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant. James Dondero joined American Express after completing his studies, where his designation was a corporate bond analyst. Later on, during his time at American Express, James Dondero was promoted to the post of Portfolio Manager, responsible for $1 Billion in assets of fixed income funds. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

James Dondero has also served as the Chief Investment Officer at the GIV Subsidiary of the Protective Life before joining Highland Capital. Under the visionary leadership of James Dondero, the GIV subsidiary of Protective Life grew to have the net worth of over $2 billion. Along with Highland Capital, James Dondero sits on the board of many other global companies and organizations, including Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint, NexBank, and CCS Medical. James Dondero is also on the board of management of huge corporations like American Banknote and famous MGM Studios.


Mike Baur, A Small Business’s best friend!

Mike Baur grew up in Freiburg, Switzerland. Freiburg is the capital of the Swiss canton of Fribourg and the district La Sarine. It is located on both sides of the river Saane/ La Sarine, on the Swiss Plateau and is an important economic, and educational center on the cultural border between German and French Switzerland, thus it is no surprise that Mike Bauer began his banking career as a commercial apprentice with Union Bank of Switzerland at the very young age of only 16. He received an MBA from University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from University of Bern.

After dedicating nearly 20 years to a career in Swiss private banking, in 2014 Bauer took a giant leap into his entrepreneurial future and, at the age of 39 he, along with co-founders Max Meister, Oliver Walzer and canine companion Mexx – their highly loyal and trustworthy chief of Security, founded Swiss Startup Factory, a company dedicated to assisting Swiss entrepreneurs with start-up tech companies by providing helpful mentoring and training services as well as funding and even rent free office space for a few months. The education the start-up techs receive is invaluable and help to teach them about securing investors, marketing and ultimately how to succeed going forward. Without Mike Bauer, most of these companies would have never gotten off the ground.

In addition, Baur invests a lot of time and private financing in Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He encourages qualifying start-ups to enter pitching contests such as START Summiteer which occurs at Swiss university. At START Summiteer, seasoned financial experts evaluate the startups, and rate several aspects of their plans and ultimately decide who wins. The winner usually receives substantial investments. Bauer serves as one of the judges at these competitions.

In addition to Swiss Startup Factory, Bauer also created and runs Think Reloaded, a company that provides more sophisticated financial advice for affluent clients, though he still works for Swiss Startup Factory where his primary concentration is on financing and fund raising.

In 2016 SSUF partnered with CTI Invest thus Mike Bauer is now CTI Invest’s managing director. Further, Bauer led SSUF through its media accelerator program and its partnership with Fintech Fusion.

With Mike Bauer paving the way for Switzerland’s tech startup companies, Zurich may become Europe’s Silicon Valley!


The Rise Of Smart Home Technology And Real Estate Entrepreneur Todd Lubar

Digital technology and internet have so far influenced the real estate industry from numerous points of view. Specifically, they have changed means via which we search and share information regarding real estate. Presently, smart home innovation, a characteristic expansion of the web of things, or IoT, is making a significant impact. From Nest indoor regulators that are controlled remotely from any place to force-detecting floors that sense mobility issues in seniors, smart home innovation is prompting various key changes in real estate sector, including elements which attract home buyers and bringing change to features that add value to homes while making them marketable.

Smart home innovation has so far significantly altered the manner in which homes are advertised. More than anything, homes that incorporate smart home innovation highlights tend to summon higher deals costs. As indicated by the National Association of Home Buyers and Consumer Electronic Association, smart home innovations boost closing costs by 3 – 5 percent. The expansion of a couple of moderately reasonable smart home elements additionally enhances the attractive quality of a home. Visit Business to know more.

Another path in which smart home tech is changing real estate is that it’s influencing who is gets attracted to buy a home. For instance, millennials might be persuaded to purchase a home that they generally wouldn’t if it’s equipped well. Additionally, seniors who are searching for approaches to remain autonomous may target homes that feature safety and health boosting techniques.

Not at all like numerous real estate experts, Todd Lubar anticipated the ascent in the usage of smart home innovations quite a long ago. An early adopter naturally, Lubar has remained side by side of the most recent advancements in smart home advances including the internet of things for quite a while. A 1995 alumni of Syracuse University, Lubar went to Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., and also Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ.

Lubar commenced his vocation by working at Crestor Mortgage Corporation in 1995. His profession constantly advanced as he shifted via various leadership positions by working with various organizations including Priority Financial Services, Legacy Financial Group, and Charter Funding. Today, Todd Lubar is the proprietor and leader of TDL Ventures, which he established in New Jersey in the year 2013. Check out Inspirery for more info.

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Eucatex Has Become The Most Environmentally Friendly Building Supplier In South America


South America has a very large market for building supplies that has been growing for a long time. There are many people who are using building materials that were bought through Eucatex to build their homes or buildings, and Brazil has a lot of development that must occur to make the nation grow at the rate it should. The nation has to start growing to keep up with all the new investment that has been made after the Olympics. Businesses flooded the country with money, and now building has to occur.


Flavio Maluf is the family leader who is in charge of Eucatex, but he is not running the company in the traditional manner. The company is his family legacy, but he took a lot of steps to make sure that the company will be as modern and forward thinking. He received his education in engineering, but he also spent time working at banks so that he could know how finances work. Knowing how finances work has helped him become the best CEO for the company, and he has tried to make sure that he uses the money he has saved through wisdom to make his company more friendly towards the environment.


The best thing that Flavio Maluf has done is make sure that his company is going to help teach kids about the environment. The environment is a place that has to be taken care of as much as possible, and it is something that every company has to take seriously. Flavio Maluf has started his own education program so that Eucatex can market itself to families as the company that is doing the most for the planet. There are a lot of environmental interests in Brazil because of the Amazon basin, and Eucatex wants to protect those interests as part of Flavio Maluf’s plan, as he defined on

How To Make A Huge Fortune As A Stock Trader

Are you interested in starting a business or getting started as a stock trader? Do you want to find a proven way to achieve financial independence? If attaining business success or financial freedom appeals to you, consider learning from Jim Hunt of VTA Publications.

Many people who were successful in their own business or other venture like stock trading have gone through a proven course to get the knowledge needed to successfully operate in the financial field. You must also have the proper mindset in order to be a successful business person or stock trader.

Investing in the stock market or starting your own profitable business can bring lucrative rewards. Many people have started a business venture or investing, and amassed their fortunes. Any ambitious person can get started in a lucrative field and reach their goal of financial independence.

The first step to making it happen, is to get access to top notch information materials and advice provided by those who have already become successful in their own business and investing ventures. One of the most reputable professionals, Jim Hunt, has created courses, books and other training materials to help those who are serious about making a fortune in their own business or through stock trading.

To avoid frustration and the possibility of wasting valuable time and effort, investors must have a reliable source of knowledge, and quality investing advisory service. That’s what you get when you learn from Jim Hunt. Jim is a respected entrepreneur, coach, author, and publisher. He is well versed in the areas of business, wealth building and investments and has written a lot of books on these topics.

VTA Publications published high quality courses and books on business, finance and wealth building strategies and is considered a highly reliable source of knowledge. The company has been around for years and thousands of people have acquired valuable simply by getting these information products. Jim’s outstanding course, Wealth Wave, is available VTA Publications and is a great course on how to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities in the stock market.  See more free tips from Jim on YouTube, and decide whether or not these courses are for you.

The DeVos Family – A Force Behind the West Michigan Communities

The DeVos family is a well-known name in Michigan. Not only is the family one of the wealthiest in the state but its contribution to West Michigan signifies the pinnacle of philanthropy. According to various sources, the combined charity giving of the DeVos family exceeds $1.2 billion. Accordingly, the 2014 Forbes list ranked DeVos 20th in the list of 50 most generous families in the United States.

It is true that charitable giving has been a hallmark of wealthy West Michigan families that also includes Van Andel and Meijer. Over the years, the social elites of West Michigan are known by the amount of funds they contribute towards charitable cause instead of the trendy outfits they wear. When approached about the reported charity given by the DeVos, the family acknowledged that such public reports would likely encourage others to follow suit.

Interestingly, it should be noticed that Forbes only reports numbers that are available through public sources, therefore the reported figures does not reflect the distribution of funds. However, compilation of records by MLive and The Grand Rapids Press suggest that the family actively shares its donations with a number of sectors including education, health, community services, arts and churches. For instance, in 2013, 48 percent of funds went to education followed by 27 percent to health services. Accordingly, 66 percent was given to communities in Michigan and the rest was distributed mostly in the vicinity of Grand Rapids area.

The DeVos family constitutes five foundations, which work together to promote charity in the area. At the center of the family is its founder, Rich Devos, who is estimated to hold $5.7 billion in assets. Each of the five family foundations take lead in particular causes. In this respect, Dough and Maria DeVos Foundation is known to actively contribute towards the public schools in the area. Donating more than $2.6 million to the Grand Rapids Public Schools, the family vows to generate funds for the public schools, which also includes teacher training and teacher evaluation programs. Similarly, Dick DeVos is more popular as a successful entrepreneur and political activist.

Besides, family members also sit on the board of various prominent public and private institutions. For example, Pamela DeVos is a force behind the funding of Whitney Museum of American Art and its connections with Manhattan Museum.

Andrew Wirth is an Optimistic Hotel and Mountain Resort Professional

Andrew Wirth (also called just “Andy”) is a key figure within the hotel and mountain resort fields. I was lucky enough to a while back get the chance to listen in on an interview Wirth shared with KCRW, a prominent National Public Radio station located in California. Wirth took part in “Press Play with Madeleine Brand,” an esteemed radio program that has namesake Madeleine Brand as its host.

The subject of the interview was the serious drought in California. The concern, of course, is that a significant drought could be extremely detrimental to resorts in its region. Ski resorts are dependent on rain. Without rain, they’re unable to truly function.

A ski resort that doesn’t have snow can’t draw in visitors. Since Andy Wirth operates a company that is responsible for a pair of ski resorts in Olympic Valley, California, it’s not hard to see why a major drought could be worrying to him. Brand asked Wirth many questions that involved his feelings regarding the drought. Wirth, surprisingly enough, stayed the vision of cool under pressure.

Although he didn’t at any point ever deny that a drought would be problematic to resorts in the Lake Tahoe area, he didn’t act like it would be the end of everything, either. Wirth spoke about the crucial issue in a genuinely confident, cheery and bright manner.

His attitude about the possible effects of the drought is nowhere near gloomy or hopeless. Andy Wirth seems to be confident in his abilities. If the drought continues to be a problem for ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area, Wirth stated that he’ll react by focusing on making smart and efficient changes. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

He’s highly flexible regarding his business model. He’s more than happy to accommodate the needs of the drought if required. Wirth, perhaps most importantly, stated that the ski resorts he operates won’t be saying goodbye. He’s not in fear of his businesses going under at all.

Andy Wirth was born in 1963 far away from the Lake Tahoe region in Neubrucke, Germany. He works as Squaw Valley Ski Holdings’ busy CEO and president. This company runs Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, both of which are celebrated skiing destinations in the area.

The outdoor life is part of Wirth’s heritage. Conrad Wirth was his grandfather. Conrad enjoyed a career as a director for the US National Park Service. Wirth has been busy working with hotels and mountain resorts for about thirty years so far. He landed a job at Steamboat Springs, Colorado’s Steamboat Springs Resort in the middle of the 1980s.

He began his position at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in August 2010. Wirth has an in-depth educational background and went to both Edinburgh University and Colorado State University.

Sam Tabar From Legal Counselor to Finance Advisor

Sam Tabar is a attorney based out of New York and also a financial strategist. Sam graduated from Oxford University and would then go on to the Columbia Law School, where he was appointed as the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review of where he attended law school. After graduating from Columbia Law School, he then went on to become a member of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as a new associate. This particular law firm is considered to be one of the most sought out law firms in the world because of their honorable reputation. He stayed at Skadden, where he advised clients on how to legally form hedge funds and the structures of such organizations until 2004. In 2004 he decided to leave the law industry and went on to join the finance industry at PMA Investment Advisors, which is based in Hong Kong, and serves as a department of the Sparx Group Company.

When he initially joined the investing company, he was brought on as a counsel, but would go on to become the Managing Director and Co-Head of the Business Development department. In charge of a $2 billion hedge fund, he managed all areas of global marketing and investor relations. Seven years later in February of 2011, he would leave PMA Investment Advisors in pursuit of a position as Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and its Asia-Pacific region. A year later in 2012, Tabar left Bank of America for a position as Director of Adanac LLC, BVI. It was there that Tabar began to invest in properties and budding new start-ups.

Exactly a year later in 2013 he left Adanac and made a transition back into the legal industry, only this time being directly appointed as an associate for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as senior member during this tenure in his legal career. Finally in 2014 he decided to retire and now spends his days investing his own money, and pursuing his keen interests in traveling and hosting live entertainment events. It is also noted that Tabar is fluent in both English and French, and can occasionally speak Japanese, all of which helped him throughout his prosperous career in the legal and finance world.

Shaygan Kheradpir named top executive of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir took the reins of Coriant, a telecommunications firm dedicated to serving businesses, mobile users, and metropolitan areas in September of 2015. He previously served as an executive for Barclay and Juniper services before coming to the top position at Coriant.

Kherdapir brings almost three decades of experience in the telecommunications industry to his new position. He spent many years working as Verizon’s chief information officer where he helped them grow their business model and expand 4G communications into rural areas. He also spent time with GTE.

Coriant formed from the merger of Nokia Siemens Network, Sycamore Networks and Tellabs. The company faces stiff competition from competitors who are also trying to increase access to optical networks. Large telecommunications providers, such as AT&T, have issued legal challenges to smaller companies laying the lines in areas where many small businesses exist. AT&T company has many unused lines that they have failed to exploit. Giants such as AT&T have not responded by offering their services at lower prices in these areas.

The new head of Coriant faces challenges that run deeper than those faced by larger telecommunications companies. Revenue from leasing access to optical lines decreased by 11% in 2014, a trend which continued through 2015. Kheradapir plans to use his previous experience to reduce or reverse these trends during the 2016 calendar year. He plans to do this by leveraging his sales experience to increase sales of 100G equipment to large and medium sized businesses and by continuing deployment of faster cable in metro areas and expanding mobile access.

Check out Shaygan Kheradpir’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and website

Doe Deere: An Inspiration to Individual Fashion

It’s not acceptable to mix patterns. You can have dramatic eyes and dark lips. Dark lips are only alright with wild hair colors. Crazy hair colors just aren’t alright in everyday society. Don’t wear socks with open toed shoes or sandals.

We’ve all heard them. They are the rules of fashion. These and so many other rules are made to dumb down individualization and make everyone look the same, but who are these people that decide what is and what isn’t acceptable for you?

Doe Deere faced these things all her life. From a very young age she enjoyed fashion, makeup, and above all… color. She was fascinated with pinks, greens, purples, and all the beautiful colors that make up the wondrous world around us, but there was one problem. When she went out to buy makeup everything was the same. Lip colors were limited to pinks, reds, nudes, and browns. Eyeshadow was all light colors with a few dark things here and there made only to contour. All the beautiful bright shades she loved all her life were rarely found and when they were found they weren’t highly pigmented and good quality.

Doe was inspired to create Lime Crime, a line of makeup that was inspired by her love of color and breaking the rules of fashion. She’s made highly pigmented makeup with beautiful shades that spread individuality. They inspire you to look beyond what is socially acceptable and to look inside yourself at who you really are and how you want to show that to the world.

Doe urges the world to dress and do makeup on what feels right. Mix purple with orange. Dye your hair wild colors. Mix paisley with stripes. It’s ok! Express your individual freedom and be the person you want to be, not who the world wants to turn you into.

She’s made her life’s work about this individual freedom and shown people all over the world that it is possible to become successful while expressing your individuality. Doe can be typically seen sporting wild hair colors and lip colors that your mother would have never been caught dead in. She’s used this freedom of sense of self to become one of the most successful individual makeup creators in the business. She urges people to follow their dreams just as she has in creating this amazing line of makeup that is also completely animal friendly.

She’s been an inspiration to many other upcoming fashion and makeup designers. They see someone become successful by creating what they love and they are inspired to do the same. Doe has paved a way for individuals to get out there and create what they love. She’s leading a whole new generation into a new age of personal freedom and expression.

Watch Doe Deere at PHAMExpo