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How Steve Ritchie is Trying to Revive Papa Johns

In 1996, Papa Johns employed a new customer representative. The company was doing its best to win customers and get more sales in the competitive market. The new executive was only getting six dollars for payment every one hour. Steve Ritchie was patient over the years. Although his position was minor in the company, the young man did his best. With hard work and discipline, Steve Ritchie became successful. Unlike other professionals who change careers when they have the experience, Steve Ritchie remained faithful to his employer. The successful pizza company, on the other hand, rewarded the visionary executive for his good work. The board ensured that he was the first to get promotions. A few years ago, Ritchie shocked the global community because of the post he acquired. The business leader started to serve as the chief operating officer, a role with numerous responsibilities.

The position of COO came with many happy and sad moments. However, Steve Ritchie remained focused on making more profits and giving customers excellent profits. The leader performed so well, and this is how he got the role of president. As the president of the successful and influential pizza company, Ritchie was the ideal candidate to succeed the CEO. Due to the many issues facing the founder of Papa Johns, everyone felt that a new face in the company would bring change. Ritchie had the leadership qualities, and patients needed to become CEO of the global company. This role needed an individual who would handle the furious customers.

One year after getting the CEO position, everything is getting back to normal in Papa Johns. Steve Ritchie has not only solved the leadership wrangles experienced for years; he has brought the customers back. Most clients vowed to stay away from the company because of the racial statements made by the former CEO. With Ritchie in leadership, however, the institution is making significant sales.

Kevin Plank Pledged $43 Million To Support Academics and Athletics

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kevin Plank became a self-made billionaire after starting Under Armour, a sportswear manufacturing company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. While attending the University of Maryland, he launched a seasonal floral business selling roses on Valentine’s Day. With his earnings from sales and a small business loan, he started Under Armour selling shirts from his automobile, based on his Wikipedia’s profile. After a huge success in 2010 and transforming into a billion dollar company, Kevin became a devoted philanthropist with the mission of supporting academics and athletics.

Between 2014 through 2016, Kevin Plank donated $43 million to Baltimore CollegeBound, University of Maryland, St. John’s College High School, and a children’s Catholic school. He pledged $25 million to the University of Maryland and $1 million to CollegeBound. The funds helped send students to college and to build an athletics and academic complex. St. John’s in Washington, DC received $16 million to fund its athletics, academia, and entrepreneurship programs. Plank helped 100 children in the local community receive a quality education from a Catholic educational institution.

Kevin Plank earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland while running his business. In 1996, he sold $17,000 in merchandise and four years later, ran an advisement in ESPN’s The Magazine which was a great success with revenue reaching $1 million. Earnings continuously increased over the years and by the end of 2017, Under Armour had over 15,000 working employees and revenue reached $5 billion.

Award recipient, Kevin Plank serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Under Armour. Organizations including Sport’s Illustrated, Footwear News, and US Small Business Administration recognize him for his achievements as an entrepreneur. He founded Sagamore Farm and owns 100 horses with 40 in active training. He’s founder of Sagamore Spirit, a whiskey distillery and Sagamore Development, a real estate company managing over $5 billion in properties for residential, office, retail, and office space developments.

MegerTech’s Nitin Khanna Notes How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive

Nitin Khanna has had quite a successful career over the past few decades. After graduating from Purdue University with a masters degree in Industrial engineering, he worked for a variety of giants in the niche before moving into the investment world. Since then, he’s co-founded a variety of companies that have gone on to a considerable amount of success. The first of these was Saber Corp, which went on to become one of the largest providers of state government technology solutions in the United States. After about a decade of running the company, Nitin Khanna sold Saber Corp to EDS for $460 million. Khanna then worked with EDS for some time, helping improve its revenue stream considerably.

However, he then left the firm to focus on some of his own ideas, which then led to Nitin Khanna founding MergerTech, an M&A firm focused on the technology sphere. Apart from working with MergerTech, Khanna works with several other companies, with some of the more prominent including Cura Cannabis Solutions, a marijuana product company that he founded in 2015. Khanna also sits on the board of a variety of other organizations, with some of the more prominent including TiE Oregon, Classic Wines Auction and Freewire Broadband. Throughout this time, Nitin Khanna has noted that there were a variety of different growth strategies involved with each of these companies.

However, Khanna has noted that each of these strategies were execution focused. Instead of focusing on ideas, he’s looked at what can be done with products and how the company could outperform its competitors. This career has also led to many people wondering how Nitin Khanna stays productive while juggling a variety of different companies. He’s noted on several occasions that every entrepreneur has almost unlimited free time, so long as they effectively and efficiently schedule out their day. This is something that he’s told the majority of business owners that he’s worked with. However, he’s noted that this can be something that takes a considerable amount of patience, and can often be an acquired skill. This can also be done through hiring the best talent available and delegating effectively.

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Clément Perrette Is A Businessman Passionate About Ocean Conservation

One of the philanthropic endeavors supported by businessman, Clement Perrette, is a project called Call of the Blue. The culmination of this project is a hardcover book with many photographs and stories of the ocean. The book is aptly named Call of the Blue and features some of the world’s most famous scientists, photographers, and conservationists. Call of the Blue is a book that is not published for profit.

The aim of this endeavor is to share the wonders and beauty of the oceans with as many people and organizations as possible. Another aim of the Call of the Blue project is to foster conservation and protection of the incredible biodiversity found in our oceans.

This book is not a regular book. It does not contain only text or just photographs. Call of the Blue is a mixture of both. Stunning photography is combined with the latest scientific information to create a masterpiece that will truly call people to protect and appreciate the ocean.

There are many issues raised in the Call of the Blue project that philanthropist Clement Perrette is fully behind. They include issues such as plastic pollution in our oceans, overfishing, poaching, and loss of biodiversity.

Clement Perrette is a nationally well-known businessman and philanthropist. He has already spent 25 years dedicated to work in the capital markets. An article entitled “RAM ACTIVE INVESTMENTS Grows Its Global Fixed Income With The Appointment Of Clement Perrette”, discusses how Perrette’s  appointment marks a further step towards strengthening the management capabilities of the existing team.

Clement Perrette is a financial manager and businessman who now has two main priorities. His first priority is to manage the assets of his clients in the fixed income fund management industry. The other priority and passion of his life are to foster ocean conservation causes such as the non-profit book called Call of the Blue.

Mr. Perrette is proud to be able to sponsor the men and women who make it their own life’s mission to preserve the ocean. Supporting the noble efforts of these scientists, conservationists, and activists is a way that Clement Perrette is able to fight for the conservation of our oceans.

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Shervin Pishevar Spells Out a Rough Stock Market Forecast via Twitter

Shervin Pishevar can squeeze a lot of information into 21 hours and Twitter. During this time, Pishevar spelled out his predictions on the stock market with a play-by-play breakdown. He has many followers and fans because of his success with investing in profitable startups, such as Uber and the Dollar Shave Club.

His Twitter rant laid out a forecast for a financial storm many will not weather. Shervin Pishevar predicts that the market will fall a whopping 6,000. This is where the storm started on Twitter, but it quickly became apparent that he had many reasons to back his thoughts. To make matters even stormier, he went on to tweet about how profits from the last two years would eventually become memories because of varies conditions, business practices, and political situations.

In one tweet, he used the word panic. Panic may be what takes the market down, which is often the case in stocks. Once someone fears a share is going to plummet, they may try and rush in ahead of the fall and sell all of their stocks. Once other investors get wind of what is happening, they also rush in a begin to sell. Everyone is trying to beat the decline, which hasn’t even started yet, and because everyone is rushing in to sell, it swirls up a panic. The situation almost becomes self-fulfilled.

Shervin Pishevar tweets that interest rates may be part of the pandemonium. He also highlights a credit crisis coupled with questionable tax breaks. Tax breaks are often bestowed by the US government on to corporations to try to stir the economy. This practice has been labeled as trickling down. In theory, the US leaders give the corporations a break in taxes, and in turn, they trickle down the benefits to their employees, who in turn purchase more consumer goods. The economy as a whole should win from the downward push, but Shervin Pishevar calls out that play. He combines all of these words in one tweet: interest, credit, tax, and panic.

Twitter is an excellent platform to share, and Shervin Pishevar takes to it to explain and perhaps shed some light on some topics many would rather pretend do not exist. Only time will tell how his predictions pan out.

Shervin Pishevar Tweets About His Success As A Predictor Of Financial Falls

The predictions of Shervin Pishevar during his epic 21-hour Twitter rant about a range of subjects affecting the financial sector have proven to be largely correct. Pishevar has been at the top of the financial sector and technology investing for a number of years and got in on the ground floor with Uber and Airbnb. During his 21-hour tweet storm, Pishevar gave the world a series of predictions regarding the future of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the technology sector around the world.

Shervin Pishevar began tweeting the success of his predictions in February 2018 when the stock market of the U.S. fell by over 1,000 points. The close confidant of President Obama and member of the J. William Fullbright Scholarship Fund made a series of predictions about the future of the stock market including his theory that a fall of between 5,000 and 6,000 points was just around the corner. In the end, the stock market did not fall as fas as initially expected but Pishevar stated he was vindicated by the fall he had seen.

Alongside his successful prediction regarding the stock market fall, the cryptocurrency markets should have been watching the Tweetstorm from Shervin Pishevar. The successful investor is known for the chances he is willing to take on startups, such as his early decisions to invest in Uber and Airbnb. In recent time, Pishevar has become closely linked to the work he has been completing on the Virgin Hyperloop rail service which will span the U.S. underground.

The burgeoning cryptocurrency markets have been the subject of a series of problems in the last decade with huge surges and damaging falls. Pishevar believes in the decision to invest in new markets from successful innovators such as his Hyperloop mentor, Elon Musk. One aspect of the technology sector which Shervin Pishevar believes in is Bitcoin where the investor believes huge gains will soon be made. As the use of cryptocurrencies grows around the world, the price of Bitcoin should stop being measured using the huge peaks and troughs of its early years.

Zeco Auriemo, JHSF CEO Have Helped the Organization Attain It’s Real Estate Potential

Brazil is growing and booming at a high rate nowadays than anyone could have expected. The real estate sector has not been left out in this growth and development. There is an organization gaining a vast amount of notoriety for its roles in the industry, especially when we talk about more luxurious property developments. The company goes by the name JHSF, and its recent explosion is due to the vision, idea, and excellent execution by its CEO Zeco Auriemo. He has been a treasure for JHSF regarding topics that relate to expansion, geographically, and financially.

Zeco Auriemo was a student before joining JHSF and working his way up diligently to Zeco, the leadership peak of the organization. He was at Sao Paulo University, the Brazil most prominent institutions where he studied engineering. It’s not easy for people to get such great titles as CEO before 30s — however, this what Zeco did when he took over the position in JHSF. His contributions have been incredible since he became the leader. He has been dedicated to getting the organization to other countries and higher standards. It clearly shows that Zeco likes his new post and he’s committed to making a big name for the organization.

Besides improving JHSF to greater heights and get it operating beyond Brazil, he has also brought the attention of the company into the luxury property and higher income clients. This is another diligent decision, and the strategy turns out to be what JHSF Company precisely needed for a vast portfolio and huge profit earnings as a real estate developer. Even if JHSF is a family, Zeco Auriemo has a different and much closer family to his heart which comprises of a wife and two young children. His family means the world to him, and he gives it the priority.

Victories of Sergey Petrossov

Every leader should stay focused on the serious matters that affect the operations at their venture. A dynamic leader knows the right way to treat his employees and the right time to introduce new measures in the company. Sergey Petrossov has achieved great things in his venture. Through his companies, he has changed how people view the business sector. As the executive of JetSmarter, he has changed the face of the jet company.

The app enables people to select the type of jets they want to travel through the world. His innovative skills have enabled him to keep achieving great successes and he has gained motivation from the major changes that he has brought to the industry. Sergey Petrossov has always insisted on the importance of leaders staying informed on the issues that impact their ventures. He insists that every owner in business should strive to acquire information to gain awareness of the things that bring an impact on his company’s operations.

Based on his experiences, he believes that a leader that focuses on the information that his customers know about the things that the ventures offer gets to understand the type of things that they like and with this, he gets to decide in the movements he can make to their businesses. The investor has developed his venture into a multimillion company that has attracted a vast number of people across the globe.

His career has enabled him to meet and socialize with various individuals that teach him the right modes to incorporate in his venture to acquire higher successes in his investment the various innovative ideas that the successful investor has brought in the industry have enabled him to emerge as a successful and determined individual in the entire globe. Sergey Petrossov continues to embrace the use of technology in his venture to shape his career.

Nitin Khanna Gives Insights on Being a Tech Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna is the founder and CEO of MergerTech Advisors, a global merger and acquisitions firm for tech entrepreneurs. The firm helps tech entrepreneurs by connecting them with investors, acquirers and helping them through mergers. Khanna founded the firm in 2009 and has been CEO since.

He was formally educated at Purdue University where he earned his BS and MS in Industrial Engineering. In 1998 he would cut his teeth as an entrepreneur by founding the company, Saber Corp. The company would become the largest standalone provider of government solutions. The firm would grow to 1,200 employees and have a revenue of over $120 million. He would sell the firm to EDS in 2007 for $460 million.

Nitin Khanna was born in India and was inspired to become an entrepreneur at a young age. Everyone in his family was very entrepreneurial and ran businesses in the cement and motorcycle parts industries. He came to the US when he was 17 and completed his masters in engineering. His brother would come to the US in 1999, and together they would manage Saber Corp. After the 2000 presidential election had a vote counting problem in Florida, the government passed the Help America Vote Act. This act mandated that every state had to modernize their vote counting systems by the 2006 midterm elections. Saber was based out of Oregon and they became one of the first states to jump on the act. The state hired Saber and this led to them managing over 21 state voting systems.

As a CEO, Khanna always made sure he had the right people doing the right tasks at his companies. He liked working with his brother because his brother was the “Ying to his Yang.” Khanna is much more sales oriented while his brother is much more operational minding and runs the day to day operations.

Through innovation and hard work, Nitin Khanna was able to achieve the American Dream in the tech industry.

Chris Burch Helps Other Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur, investor and the current founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch has been involved in the success of many brands such as Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water, Tory Burch, Poppin and Jawbone. His portfolio of brands ranges from hospitality to business and office supply to women’s apparel and accessories. Burch acquired Nihiwatu, an Indonesian luxury resort, which was ranked as the #1 hotel in the world in 2016 by Travel + Leisure Magazine. Burch also launched his own brand Cocoon9 in 2014, which is a collection of luxury prefab homes that include contemporary design, energy efficient features and space-saving floor plans. The idea for Cocoon9 came from the “tiny house movement” which Burch appreciated. Burch is also involved in philanthropy and has provided funding to Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYU Langone, The Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement, The China Association of Social Work and The Child Welfare League of China.

Chris Burch got the idea for Burch Creative Capital from his own success in apparel in the past. He tended to notice “how products and services” could be “improved upon.” This led him to create Burch Creative Capital to help entrepreneurs with his knowledge and resources by funding their ideas. Burch attributes the success of his company to taking risks. Burch states that he has “taken many risks” and had “his share of failures” but they have gotten him to where he is today and that he “is happy.” Find out more about Chris Burch: