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Kevin Plank Pledged $43 Million To Support Academics and Athletics

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kevin Plank became a self-made billionaire after starting Under Armour, a sportswear manufacturing company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. While attending the University of Maryland, he launched a seasonal floral business selling roses on Valentine’s Day. With his earnings from sales and a small business loan, he started Under Armour selling shirts from his automobile, based on his Wikipedia’s profile. After a huge success in 2010 and transforming into a billion dollar company, Kevin became a devoted philanthropist with the mission of supporting academics and athletics.

Between 2014 through 2016, Kevin Plank donated $43 million to Baltimore CollegeBound, University of Maryland, St. John’s College High School, and a children’s Catholic school. He pledged $25 million to the University of Maryland and $1 million to CollegeBound. The funds helped send students to college and to build an athletics and academic complex. St. John’s in Washington, DC received $16 million to fund its athletics, academia, and entrepreneurship programs. Plank helped 100 children in the local community receive a quality education from a Catholic educational institution.

Kevin Plank earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland while running his business. In 1996, he sold $17,000 in merchandise and four years later, ran an advisement in ESPN’s The Magazine which was a great success with revenue reaching $1 million. Earnings continuously increased over the years and by the end of 2017, Under Armour had over 15,000 working employees and revenue reached $5 billion.

Award recipient, Kevin Plank serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Under Armour. Organizations including Sport’s Illustrated, Footwear News, and US Small Business Administration recognize him for his achievements as an entrepreneur. He founded Sagamore Farm and owns 100 horses with 40 in active training. He’s founder of Sagamore Spirit, a whiskey distillery and Sagamore Development, a real estate company managing over $5 billion in properties for residential, office, retail, and office space developments.

MegerTech’s Nitin Khanna Notes How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive

Nitin Khanna has had quite a successful career over the past few decades. After graduating from Purdue University with a masters degree in Industrial engineering, he worked for a variety of giants in the niche before moving into the investment world. Since then, he’s co-founded a variety of companies that have gone on to a considerable amount of success. The first of these was Saber Corp, which went on to become one of the largest providers of state government technology solutions in the United States. After about a decade of running the company, Nitin Khanna sold Saber Corp to EDS for $460 million. Khanna then worked with EDS for some time, helping improve its revenue stream considerably.

However, he then left the firm to focus on some of his own ideas, which then led to Nitin Khanna founding MergerTech, an M&A firm focused on the technology sphere. Apart from working with MergerTech, Khanna works with several other companies, with some of the more prominent including Cura Cannabis Solutions, a marijuana product company that he founded in 2015. Khanna also sits on the board of a variety of other organizations, with some of the more prominent including TiE Oregon, Classic Wines Auction and Freewire Broadband. Throughout this time, Nitin Khanna has noted that there were a variety of different growth strategies involved with each of these companies.

However, Khanna has noted that each of these strategies were execution focused. Instead of focusing on ideas, he’s looked at what can be done with products and how the company could outperform its competitors. This career has also led to many people wondering how Nitin Khanna stays productive while juggling a variety of different companies. He’s noted on several occasions that every entrepreneur has almost unlimited free time, so long as they effectively and efficiently schedule out their day. This is something that he’s told the majority of business owners that he’s worked with. However, he’s noted that this can be something that takes a considerable amount of patience, and can often be an acquired skill. This can also be done through hiring the best talent available and delegating effectively.

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Randal Nardone Is A Reputable Investment Professional

Are you in need of expert assistance with investment or asset management issues? Do you want to find out what makes Randal Nardone a great choice for entrepreneurs or investors who want to grow their portfolio?

As Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and a reputable professional, Randal Nardone has built solid relationships with many global investors and wealth advisory firms and comes highly recommended in the financial service field. He works hard to address complex issues and provide needed guidance to his team members.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the world’s largest firms specializing in alternative asset management. This firm has been in business for a long time and has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Although there are many asset managers and investment advisory firms out there it is crucial to go with one that takes the time to understand clients’ needs and provide the right solution. You need to choose a professional or firm that has systems in place to address the clients’ investment or financial management issues and ensure a great outcome. That’s where Randal Nardone comes in – to render the needed service effectively.

Every investor or entrepreneur wants to have a reliable team or coach by their side. If you are serious about achieving success in your ventures, it is imperative that you consult a reliable professional like Randal Nardone.

Alternative investments are a great option for many investors and an experienced advisor can explain it to clients in a way that is easy to understand. An experienced investment advisor or wealth building expert has access to the tools and systems that are required for addressing financial management issues.

Adding alternatives to a portfolio is a popular way to provide broader diversification, minimize risk, and enhance returns. And Randal has great expertise in this area and guide you as you decide which opportunities are right for your situation.

Randal walks clients through the process of choosing an investment vehicle and then starting a portfolio. He also advises clients on the right time to grow an existing portfolio and various ways to ensure the success of their ventures.


Contribution of Isabel Dos Santos in the Financial Analysis of Projects in Angola

Promotion and Projectors Inmobiliaria , SA (URBINVESTE) an Angolan company came forward to refuse the reasons presented by the executive on the pricing of their invoices. For instance, the executive indicated that the company had priced the cost of development on a given as $154 million contrary to the cost of the same project in Dubai, which was priced at $227 million. The project was in the real estate sector, land development and urban planning. With the orders of the president, the orders were awarded international prices.

The Role of Corimba Marginal in Project Management

Corimba Marginal Project informed the public that the allegations were false regarding the overbilling of the contracts or in the scope of works of dredging and constructions in Luanda. It was alleged that the company had incidences of immorality and lack of transparency in the process of scouring work. The tender was later awarded to the Dutch company Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors with the knowledge of the Ministry of Finance as well as Isabel dos Santos. The allegations, therefore, were lies and unfounded as the tender was given at the same price as the initial one without any complaint from the Dutch company.

URBINSTE and notable individuals such as Isabel dos Santos has played a critical role in promoting the Corimba Marginal Project and was responsible for the project from the inception to the end. It took a major role in designing, feasibility and presentation of the Angolan State. Moreover, it was promoted as a new quality public space in Luanda City. The property has been beneficial to the Angolan citizens and visitors who continue to enjoy world class innovations such as secure, clean beaches, sports and tourism.

Comparison of the Angolan Project to Other Similar Projects in the World

The final submitted proposal, according to Isabel dos Santos, indicated that the company secured the entire financing of the project. The interest was to be paid after ten years and a grace period of 4 years after the financing agreement. Comparing the project with that of Dubai indicated that the prizes awarded by the Angolan government were reasonable. The designing and execution of the project were criticised by notable entities that included the finance ministry, ING Bank (The Netherlands), Audit Office, Ministry of Environment as well as notable financial individuals in Angola such as Isabel dos Santos.

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Domingo em família, almoçando num pequeno restaurante simpático, e batendo um papo bem animado 😁… um feliz 😀 domingo a todos !

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A Golden Opportunity for Alec Sellem

Alec Sellem is a man who worked very hard to get where he is today. He is the owner and founder of his own company called Sellem Industries. He was born in France but he moved around a lot as a kid. While he was living in Africa he found his career when he began looking into the mining business. He studied hard and now all of that hard work is paying off for him. In an interview with Medium, he talks about his business and how he got started.

When studying in Africa, Alec says that he always had a penchant for being an entrepreneur. He was studying the gold industry there and noticed a big hole in the business. He noticed that there were no refineries for anywhere in the area. Once he saw this Alec Sellem knew what he had to do. He found a way to start his business and make things easier. Now people in Africa and in particular Sierra Leone are reaping the benefit of the hard work of Alec Sellem.

One of the things that drive Alec Sellem each day is the ability to figure out where to cut costs in order to have the biggest profit. Once he figures out the best way he goes ahead with it in order to be successful. He has the determination to be the best in the business at what he does. This is why Alec Sellem and his company have been at the top of their game in the last few years.

Alec is a problem solver. He knows what the problem is and sets out to solve it in the best way possible for his business and the people that work for him. He makes sure everyone is on the same business page.
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Zeco Auriemo, JHSF CEO Have Helped the Organization Attain It’s Real Estate Potential

Brazil is growing and booming at a high rate nowadays than anyone could have expected. The real estate sector has not been left out in this growth and development. There is an organization gaining a vast amount of notoriety for its roles in the industry, especially when we talk about more luxurious property developments. The company goes by the name JHSF, and its recent explosion is due to the vision, idea, and excellent execution by its CEO Zeco Auriemo. He has been a treasure for JHSF regarding topics that relate to expansion, geographically, and financially.

Zeco Auriemo was a student before joining JHSF and working his way up diligently to Zeco, the leadership peak of the organization. He was at Sao Paulo University, the Brazil most prominent institutions where he studied engineering. It’s not easy for people to get such great titles as CEO before 30s — however, this what Zeco did when he took over the position in JHSF. His contributions have been incredible since he became the leader. He has been dedicated to getting the organization to other countries and higher standards. It clearly shows that Zeco likes his new post and he’s committed to making a big name for the organization.

Besides improving JHSF to greater heights and get it operating beyond Brazil, he has also brought the attention of the company into the luxury property and higher income clients. This is another diligent decision, and the strategy turns out to be what JHSF Company precisely needed for a vast portfolio and huge profit earnings as a real estate developer. Even if JHSF is a family, Zeco Auriemo has a different and much closer family to his heart which comprises of a wife and two young children. His family means the world to him, and he gives it the priority.

Nitin Khanna Gives Insights on Being a Tech Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna is the founder and CEO of MergerTech Advisors, a global merger and acquisitions firm for tech entrepreneurs. The firm helps tech entrepreneurs by connecting them with investors, acquirers and helping them through mergers. Khanna founded the firm in 2009 and has been CEO since.

He was formally educated at Purdue University where he earned his BS and MS in Industrial Engineering. In 1998 he would cut his teeth as an entrepreneur by founding the company, Saber Corp. The company would become the largest standalone provider of government solutions. The firm would grow to 1,200 employees and have a revenue of over $120 million. He would sell the firm to EDS in 2007 for $460 million.

Nitin Khanna was born in India and was inspired to become an entrepreneur at a young age. Everyone in his family was very entrepreneurial and ran businesses in the cement and motorcycle parts industries. He came to the US when he was 17 and completed his masters in engineering. His brother would come to the US in 1999, and together they would manage Saber Corp. After the 2000 presidential election had a vote counting problem in Florida, the government passed the Help America Vote Act. This act mandated that every state had to modernize their vote counting systems by the 2006 midterm elections. Saber was based out of Oregon and they became one of the first states to jump on the act. The state hired Saber and this led to them managing over 21 state voting systems.

As a CEO, Khanna always made sure he had the right people doing the right tasks at his companies. He liked working with his brother because his brother was the “Ying to his Yang.” Khanna is much more sales oriented while his brother is much more operational minding and runs the day to day operations.

Through innovation and hard work, Nitin Khanna was able to achieve the American Dream in the tech industry.

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Hyland’s Teething Safer Solution Tablets

Babies use their mouth in learning the world surrounding them. They, therefore, get easily upset when they are hurt in the mouth. However, there is something that can be done to help them get over mouth and gum pains. Ultimately, Hyland new Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets are the best for soothing the swollen gums and relieving the child’s discomforts. The tablets dissolve instantly making them more comfortable for the baby to swallow and regaining their smile immediately.

When a baby is in pain the parent is also in the same pain. As a parent, there are few things that you need to do than watching your child suffer when a child is going through the pain, then make use of the Hyland’s teething tablets. They provide an instant and safer natural alternative that can make them feel better.

In the modern age, parents are more concerned about the products they utilize while raising their children particularly babies and toddlers. Therefore they look for a choice that does not cause any harm or increase any possible side effect. Therefore many parents have found the great and alternative that has been used for many years around the world which is Hyland’s teething tablets.

Hyland’s teething tablets offer the safety and gentle formula that comforts your baby. Therefore the tablets have brought relief to families of many generations. Hyland hence continues to be proud of its natural pain reliever tablets that do not have any side effect on babies.

Finally, you have no choice on your baby’s pain and the side effects of the medication. Help relieve the swelling and soreness by using Hyland’s teething tablets that have been around the globe for many years. Babies no longer need to suffer, chose safe and gentle tablets for baby and toddlers pain reliever.

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Support and Community Are Core To Riot Games

Riot Games Understands It Is All About the Culture

Riot Games has seen massive success in the deployment of a variety of games across the world. Riot Games sees people from all over the world who come by and play their games in a distributed fashion. The company not only encourages the growth of e sports industry but it understands that it is bringing about much progress in an era where one may stay behind computer screens and may not talk to a variety of people.

About Riot Games helps to foster relationships and interaction by providing people with a platform to connect in a creative and meaningful way. The company is not interested in being like everyone else, they are interested in breaking the mold each and every single day. They have a different intent and a totally different setup. Most places that bring a community together charges significant fees but Riot Games has a different business model. They charge as minimal as possible and make certain to keep their players and overall community happy in every which way.

They may even be less expensive games than your local Planet Fitness or your YMCA!Community, connection, inclusivity, diversity, and other compelling terms aren’t just regular things for expert Riot leaders, they are the core of what they do and they realize this.They know the importance of being kind, curious, respectful, open to different walks and thoughts of life. Riot doesn’t ask you to fill out an application either, they expect you to play and have fun.

Jeffry SchneiderBiography and Work at Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ascendant Capital LLC. He has, over the years, gained practical knowledge concerning private companies, debt strategies, investment firms, real estate and generally all channels of alternative investment. With an experience of two decades, Jeffry has been able to grow the alternative investment management company from a startup into a large organization. At his current role, Jeffrey works very closely with investment advisors and brokers in order to strengthen the portfolios of their clients with alternative investment strategies.

Besides his commitment to leading a successful alternative investment management firm, Jeffry Schneider is also passionate about sharing his knowledge with the Austin community members. Together with his team at Ascendant Capital, Jeffrey spearheads initiatives to take care of the disadvantaged in the society. The staff at the company gives 400 collective hours to community service. This also includes donations to assist the young mother, youth advocacy groups such as Cherokee Home for Children and pet shelters such as Austin Pets Alive. It is then right to say that the values and ethics of Jeffrey Schneider greatly contribute to leading a successful company.

Leading Ascendant Capital

The idea of starting the company according to Jeffrey was triggered by a lack of places where advisors would turn to in order to connect with asset managers and top sponsors. The company was then established to offer unique investment strategies to clients as well as provide such a platform for investment advisers.

To keep being productive in leading a big company that requires a lot of traveling, Jeffrey Schneider starts the day with exercises. He then meets his COO to discuss the meetings of the day. He is always working hard and looking towards creating momentum that is key to personal progress. He advises entrepreneurs to be proactive, direct and transparent.