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How the Services of an Online Reputation Company Can Be of Help to You

Some of the ways in which you can salvage your ruined reputation is through online reputation management. Online reputation management, contrary to common belief, is not about social media monitoring. Social media monitoring is part of online reputation management but it is just a small aspect of it.

When your reputation is ruined, you may need a professional to help you strategize on how to get it back. There are public relations aspects that also come into play. The sad news is that many people have misconceptions about the whole idea. They also do not know that any harm to your online reputation would cause damage to your business, brand or even sales.

Unlike before, the internet is not passive. Nowadays, companies sell to people who have an online presence and who have a voice. Customers usually engage with the companies whose products they buy online. This means that there is an online population of customers who talk and who can cause damage to your business reputation in no time.

Why You Should Involve a Reputation Management Company

In order to make sure that you get your good name back, a reputation management company like reviews will do several things. They can use social media campaigns to say good things about your name so that you get positive reviews. Some companies will advise that you re-brand or try a new business strategy so as to salvage the situation. This is all dependent on how your reputation was ruined in the first place. The strategies which the company will apply will also depend on the gravity of the damage to your reputation.

While everyone has the right to air their opinion, there are measures which you can put in place to ensure that the hate does not go overboard. Criticism is not bad but when you start getting threats and serious hate speech, you should consider involving the police.

In order to get the most out of your online reputation management company, it is advisable that you give them all the facts. This way, they can help you better.


Wikipedia: The Next Steph for Building Your Business


Let’s face the facts, if you are a business owner, you know that your online presence is a cornerstone of your reputation. Having no reputation is essentially as bad as having a poor reputation. Consumers want information about your company, not just from your website, but from trusted third party platforms, and an often overlooked one is Wikipedia. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring it, you do so at your own peril.

Why Wikipedia? First, it is a digital monolith and one of the most visited websites in the world. Whether you agree or not, Wikipedia is a respected source of information and, as a result, is highly favored by Google and other search engines. Procuring your space on Wikipedia gives you access to a large audience and allows your information to show up in those ever helpful Google Knowledge Graphs, and could help your own site rank better in the top search results. This means more eyeballs and potentially more customers.

Before you log in to Wikipedia and start hammering out a page for your business I want you to stop and think about this: is this really your strong suit? As a business owner you know that there are certain tasks that really should be delegated to a professional, and while it might not seem obvious now, your Wikipedia page is one of those tasks!

First, while you do know your company well, do you know Wikipedia’s terms of service? Are you familiar with how to best format your page to provide the most value and best impression to your potential readers? Second, do you have the time and patience to manage your page; after all, anyone could make a Wikipedia revision at any time. While most edits are by well-intentioned volunteers, there is always the possibility of a malicious attack or just incorrect information being associated with it. Lastly, are you capable of translating your page? Wikipedia offers pages in dozens of languages, expand your audience. Don’t let this scare you from using Wikipedia as a resource, there is help out there all you have to do is find help from reputable Wikipedia publishers.


Don’t worry. You too can make company Wikipedia page— Thankfully, the team at are trained and ready to make business Wikipedia page. Their Wikipedia consultants are the authoritative source for knowledgeable Wikipedia editors, managers, and translators. Let them take the headache out of Wikipedia edits and give you endless benefits and opportunities for your business or online presence.