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Micheal Zomber’s Passion About Weapons History

Micheal Zomber is quite passionate about antique arms from past historical periods. He has been collecting antique arms for four decades and therefore is eager to share his knowledge to others. When looking to share his knowledge of antique arms, Micheal often appears on television such as the History Channel. While Zomber has participated in a documentary series on guns, he makes it clearly known that guns are not the only type of weapon that he is passionate about.

According to his Facebook, Zomber is also very fond of samurai swords which prompted him to share his knowledge in the form of writing a number of screenplays and novels. Therefore his ability to tell stories has also intrigued a number of people over the years. With his novels, Zomber has been able to explain the reasons why antique weapons are very significant in terms of influencing historians and readers. With his expertise, Michael has become an internationally renowned historian. His documentary about Bushido Soul of the Samurai has established himself as a leading historian of ancient weapons.

Along with writing stories and collecting weapons, Zomber also owns a film company named Renascent Films LLC with his wife. Due to his passion for antique arms he believed that it was in his best interest to become part of a number of organizations that advocate for peace. By living in Philadelphia, Michael Zomber and his family live well amongst many antique experts that are also living and working in the area.

By studying antique arms and samurai culture, Michael has adopted the philosophy known as the warrior way. This is how one person should conduct themselves according to him. As a result his interests, hobbies and work are all interconnected with one another.

When it comes to philanthropy, Michael is very active on a regular basis. Due to his core beliefs of advocating peace, he and his wife are supporters of a number of organizations that foster peace. These organizations help improve the lives of many people through de-escalating war and also provide greater access to a number of resources that help provide better quality healthcare and education.  Read more about Michael on CrunchBase.

Caring For Seniors At the Manse On Marsh

Everyday many seniors around the world select the wrong type of assisted living facility to spend the rest of their retirement years. These facilities might have basic elements that are found in an assisted living center. Just because they are available and recommended does not mean they will help. The benefits of living at the Manse on Marsh is that seniors can choose to live independently or depend on the team there to assist them with their daily needs.

The Manse on Marsh is located in San Luis Obispo and surrounded by beaches and many other elements of nature. How does this center work for seniors is the question many people who are entering their retirement age would like to find out. Well, this facility has got all the basic amenities plus many extra perks. Residents here get to enjoy private accommodation, delicious food served to them three times a day, entertainment, transportation, gym and clubs as well as other activities. In addition, this facility is very close to restaurants, theaters, shopping areas, bookstores and other places of interest that the town has to offer. In essence, this is the best place to enjoy retirement years for an affordable price.

Many features that are provided at the Manse on Marsh are effective as someone might expect. All these features have been carefully evaluated so as to make the life of residents comfortable and convenient. The features provided here have been proven to make positive difference in seniors’ lives and has benefited them in every way. It is not only the physicians and nurses associated with this facility that have done such a good job but the management staff members and maintenance crew as well. If you need an assisted living facility, you cannot assume that all facilities are created alike. The health industry pertaining to this field is often set up in a way that is expensive for seniors. Fortunately, this is not the case at the Manse on Marsh.

As increasing numbers of seniors are living well into their ninth or tenth decade, many of them have to deal with the challenges that aging will bring. There are many problems arising from changes or damage to the brain as well. All these people can find solace at the Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo. Those who care for people with physical and mental issues handle each and every situation well, and Manse offers some great career opportunities for those types of people. They know the techniques to manage residents who are sick and need care on a daily basis. The center provides personal laundry, bath, cleaning, meals and transportation for residents in need. Knowing more about the Manse on marsh facility in the heart of San Luis Obispo can help seniors make their life journey smooth and safe.  Manse on Marsh can be found on Twitter.

A Few Facts About Omar Boraie You Should Know


Omar Boraie is a man with a vision. Four decades ago, he had a vision of the current New Brunswick and has worked very hard to make the dream a reality through the different property developments he has done in the city. He is the President of Boraie Development LLC, a respected development company that has earned a lot of respect owing to its consistency in building phenomenal buildings that are modern and affordable to many people.

In a recent couple of years, Omar’s vision for New Brunswick has started to take shape. However, he is among the few persons who subscribed to the visionary school of thought and they were viewed as dreamer who like building castles in the air. He remembers the time he made a debut in the property development business as awful. The city was empty, and it was insecure past four to walk around. However, that situation did not deter him from looking at the bigger picture.

His first development, the Albany Street Plaza Tower One made a very significant change in changing the city’s view of how modern developments are supposed to be done. Upon completion, the building was able to accommodate 250,000 square feet of office space. Being a genius in fathoming on matters related to property development, Boraie saw the need for the city to have some top-flight residential units.

He went ahead and developed the One Spring Street Condominium building that had twenty-five units and currently the tallest building in the city. The building also accommodates not less than 120 residential units and forty thousand feet of office space. The same building has ten thousand feet of retail space as well as a parking garage with four hundred spaces and large outdoor spaces that can be used for barbecues.

Soon after the building was completed, it sold out in two months, and it triggered many to believe that the city had a lot of potential. However, Omar does not owe all the credit to himself when matters related to the city getting a new image are concerned.

Omar says that very many people have been involved in giving the city a new image. His latest development, The Aspire is a seventeen story residential high-rise building that is located next to the train station that connects to New York. The building charges $2,800 monthly for a two-bedroom apartment. The modern residential block had completely changed the way people view the city and more like it are expected to mushroom in other places.

Business and Spirituality, They Go Hand In Hand With Success.


Many people have authored books on the subject, speakers find crouds to speak to on the subject and so many successful people who own a business or two talk about how important the subject is. We are talking about business and spirituality. It has been suggested since the days of William Shakespeare and before that spirituality plays an important part of success.

In the modern era, Joseph Bismark, a businessman and spiritual intellect has brought this subject to light once more. For a person to have success in running a business and producing successful results, that person, male or female, must feel great about themselves on all levels. They must have respect for their work, love for helping people and many other things that are unique qualities. Above all else, they must be well balanced on a spiritual level. Regardless of how you think about God, when ask important questions about success, so many people give thanks to their God for the help. This goes to show that they understand the power of business and spirituality and how they go hand in hand with success. The importance of this is two fold. They believe and understand that spirituality is important in business, but, they never blame a God for what happens, they simply understand that there is a universal higher power that plays a part in business and spirituality which adds to their success.

Joseph Bismark talks all the time about the importance of spirituality in business. Mr. Bismark has even talked about the role of spirituality to marketing. Think of it like this, we all know and understand that the business world is stressful. Climbing up that corporate ladder is tough. Running any business, especially a successful one is tough too. However, what if you were able to remove all of those stressful distractions? Would that make running a business easier? Of course it would! Spirituality allows you to remove the stress. By using spiritual principles you can eliminate that stress and get important business related items done. When you use the power of spirit, you are able to look at things with eyes that are much clearer. As a result, you are not as stressed and you get more done.

When you talk to Joseph Bismark you will notice that he has a firm set of core values that are led by strong spirituality. Joseph has pulled those into his business and suggests that other business leaders do the same. The reason is simple, by being a better person, you can lead a strong company and see first hand that business and spirituality do go hand in hand. Try to apply these simple, yet powerful ideas to your business and you will see some amazing results.

What is Spirituality?

Most individuals relate spirituality to church or religion. Other individuals relate spirituality to energy from the elements and the universe. What exactly is spirituality? Spirituality is the quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters, based on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Wikipedia states that Modern spirituality is centered on the “deepest values and meanings by which people live.” It embraces the idea of an ultimate or an alleged immaterial reality. It envisions an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being.
Looking at the two definitions, both of different relativity, there is some connection. The one area where the two definitions meet relate to morals and values. It is the act of making a deeper connection in oneself. The connection is not of this material world, hence the use of the word “deeper”. When making this connection, one usually looks at the world on a different, more real level and see the world for what it is and the direction that it is going. That in itself brings us to the area of business.

Is Spirituality Necessary in The Business World?

When you look at many wealthy and successful businesses taking over the globe, you have to ask yourselves, “Does this business do anything to give back?”, or “Does this business do anything to help our community in any way?”. When one is seeking a deeper, moral value system, they look to the betterment of others, not just themselves. That deeper connection that is being sought is used to teach and educate, empower, and improve quality of life for all. The use of wealth would not just be used for personal economic growth and power. I say all of that to say this: Spirituality in Business is not a necessity, however, it is something that makes for a much happier ending for everyone. The practice of spirituality in a business can ensure that not only can we help each other and not just ourselves, but also it could show that we can all lend a helping hand and make things better for all! The best example that can be used as proof of that philosophy is Joseph Bismark.

Who Is Joseph Bismark?

Joseph Bismark is the Co-Founder, Managing Director and Director of QI Limited. According to QI Group, QI Limited is a diversified multinational business that caters to a variety of businesses. The main focus of the QI Group is to enable people. They are a business that make a point to help those that can help others. This company is ran by Joseph Bismark.