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Does your dog love Beneful? Walmart has it!

If your dog loves Beneful, then you should head to Walmart. They have the most competitive prices around, when it comes to dog food. They offer all different varieties and sizes for your dogs particular needs. Purina Beneful Originals With Real Salmon in a 31 lb bag, is only $26.98. This is a great buy for your dogs that have skin allergies. The equivalent type of food from Blue Buffalo costs $50.00 for a smaller bag. If you have a small dog that likes wet food, there is a 17 oz. tub of the Beneful Salmon food for only $1.77. There is also Purina Beneful Originals With Real Beef Dry Dog Food in a 31.1 lb. Bag, for only $26.06. These are great prices for quality food that your dog needs to keep them healthy.

Too look for further savings you have to keep your eye out. from time to time, Beneful puts out coupons in the paper or online. Walmart accepts all coupons, so watch for those coupons. Walmart also has their own site that they offer for different items. You just go to their main page and type coupon on the search bar. There is one on there now for baneful Grain free for $3.00 off. Sometimes Walmart has roll backs on Beneful dog food too. You just type in rollback, then click on pets, then dog, to see what is offered. Always keep your eye out for deals. and keep your dog healthy with baneful and Walmart.

News of Innovation in the Pet Food Industry

Original article here. Freshpet Inc which is one of the companies making waves in the pet food industry. Their line of pet foods is like feeding your dog human smelling food which is the complete opposite of what old canned food used to smell like. This new pet food, which is on the forefront of innovation, does not come cheap to the buyer and can be more than double the cost of regular canned pet foods. However sales of the dog food have risen a total 37 percent over the last year. $103 million was made just in the recent years according to a researcher. This figure is by no means small but if you look at the global pet food market it accounts to only 1 percent. The Freshpet Inc company went public last year but unfortunately has had to show investors a 5th straight loss in a row.

Nestle Purina Petcare who also produce the Beneful Dog line of pet foods has been making pet food since 2001 when they merged with Ralston Purina. Beneful line of dog food was specifically made for the consumers who were both health and ingredient conscious. Providing consumers with a great variety of foods produced from only the best ingredients. Their high quality food set the standard of nutritionally dense dog specific foods and have been a major revenue source for the Beneful company. Some of the first foods brought out by the company were dishes resembling stew and contained 100 percent beef. Something no other manufacturer was doing at the time. Beneful actually means full of goodness and that is what they strive for with every product.

If you desire your own personal touch the company has recently launched a website where users can do just that. Combine the ingredients that you would like your dog to eat and they can make it for you. Combining a variety of different proteins, like salmon, beef, chicken and with organically grown vegetables is an industry first. Your dog will love it!



It Might Be Time to Start Being Envious of Fido’s Dinner

Every dog has a complex and unique personality. But there are some things which almost every dog brings into his or her household. And one of these is the envious look that dogs give to their owners plate when dinnertime comes around. This can often be a difficult experience for dog owners who want to give their pets a great and enjoyable life. After all, a great meal is a very important part of people’s day. It’s natural that dog owners would want to provide the same for their pets. But at the same time dogs have unique nutritional requirements which make simply giving them human food ill advised. But an article published in the Daily Herald details several companies who are working on a solution to that problem. And that solution is coming in the form of high quality gourmet dog food. One might wonder just how how quality dog food can be. And the answer to that can be plainly seen by executives, interviewed in the article, who sample their own dog food during tours. The dog food is designed to meet a dog’s special nutritional needs. But is using fresh ingredients that even humans love. But these are far from the first companies to head in that direction. In fact, one high quality dog food brand dates back to 2001. This company, Beneful, created their name specifically to list their intent. And that is to create food that can offer the full range of nutritional benefits to the family dog. And they quickly decided that the best way to do so was to work exclusively with the highest quality ingredients. The results are plain to see when anyone opens up a bag of the dog food. Most dog foods seem like a shapeless mass. But Purina Beneful dog food is made with fresh ingredients, and they can be plainly seen in every bag. The chunks of chicken, beef, healthy vegetables and other healthy ingredients are plainly visible to the eye. And because these are all fresh and natural, they even have a texture that dogs love to feel between their teeth. Beneful’s ensured that they have a dog food that might even provide fresher ingredients than what people have on their own dinner plate.

Putting the Health into Dog Food

Richard Thompson and Michael Hieger run the pet food company: Freshpet Inc. They’re main concern is to develop food with natural, healthy and real ingredient. The two showcase that the meat in their pet food is real during a tour of the factory. The company creates only refrigerated pet food for cats and dogs, which is the pet food of the future. Freshpet Inc. is only one of the few pet food companies that are jumping onto the refrigerated dog food band wagon. Because the pet food industry is a twenty-three point seven billion dollar industry. Blue Buffalo Co. and Freshpet Inc. may be new companies capitalizing on pet owners looking for healthier and more nutritious pet food options for their furry friends, but other older pet food companies have also begun to incorporate the new pet food trends into their pet food formulas and marketing. Milo’s Kitchen, Purina, Colgate-Palmolive, Cesar’s Home Delights and Nutro’s Farm Harvest are all pet food companies who have begun to craft specialty food, design your own pet food and pet meals that mirror actual people food. These special new pet food options allow owners and pets to dine on similar foods together. Purina Beneful in particular has begun to incorporate the ability for customers to create their own pet food mixes on their website. They have also started specifically formulating pet food to mirror soups, stews and certain cuisine meals that people eat. Freshpet Inc. company is still hitting the pet food market hard even with the increased competition with Purina Beneful having purchased Merrick Pet Care, which was the first certified organic dry and wet dog food company. This acquiring of Merrick Pet Care has put Purina into good standing to be compared to other popular organic and all natural pet foods of the day. Currently Freshpet foods are sold in fifteen thousand different stores across the United States. They are even sold in the superstores: Walmart, Target and Whole Foods. The reason these meals are growing in popularity is because pet owners are interested in the rising trend of Paleo-diet foods for their pets. The Paleo-diet for pets is believed to be healthier for them because it gives them the same foods that their ancestors would have eaten in the wild. Raw meats intermixed with vegetables and completely grain-free. Just last year the brand sold one hundred and three million dollars worth of pet food. The brand is slightly more expensive than the usual pet food brands, but is worth it when considering the health it gives to the dogs. “If your family is into health and wellness and you treat your pet like family: bingo.” states Richard Thompson of his belief that the Freshpet company will succeed.

Why I Chose Purina’s Beneful Brand Dog Food

My dog Boomer is not only my pet but my best friend as well. When I come home from work and have had a bad day, Boomer knows that just by bringing me his favorite tennis ball for a little fetch he can make the problems of the day go away. Because we take care of each other, I feed Boomer the best dog food I can, and I’ve done a lot of research to find the one that provides all the nutrients Boomer needs to keep up with me.

After all that research, I found that Purina’s Beneful Brand Dog Food is the best for Boomer. Purina has been in the household pet food business for almost a hundred years, coming out with the original Dog Chow in the 1930’s. The company spends millions of dollars in research every year to make sure our pets get all the nutrition they need to be healthy, and live long lives.

I buy Beneful on petco in both the wet containers and as dry kibble. That way I can leave a bowl of the kibble out for Boomer to eat whenever he is hungry. At breakfast and dinner, I open a pouch of the moist food and leave that out for about thirty minutes, or until Boomer has eaten it all.

Boomer is an Australian Shepard (which by the way, are not from Australia, the breed was originally developed in the western US) and weights about 55 pounds. Because we are both very active Boomer needs a little more food than the package calls for. I keep a close eye on Boomer to make sure he gets enough to eat without getting too much. Just right for Boomer is the amount I feed him for I can feel his ribs under a thin layer of fat, and he has a definite waist behind his ribs.

Beneful is made from real meat that provides a good source of protein. Carrots, peas, and spinach are some of the vegetables used that provide carbohydrates and vitamins. Corn and rice grains are also used to make Beneful a complete diet.

Purina was founded as a company dedicated to feeding farm animals in 1894. The founder was a Mr. William Danforth who believed that animals fed a proper diet would live longer, be healthier, and be more productive. That philosophy has lasted until today when the company focuses on household pets. Purina’s research is developing foods that help animals with medical issues such as arthritis. Plus, the company is a good corporate citizen in a number of ways like using renewable energy in their manufacturing plants, and donating millions of dollars every year to over 1,500 pet shelters and animal welfare organizations.