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Genucel: The Miracle Cure To Reverse Aging Gracefully

Various internal and external factors contribute to how fast someone ages. DNA/cell damage, skin quality, firmness, and how puffy the under-eye bags appear are four common telltale signs that influence aging. With the skin having a likeness to a flexible rubber band, some are thinner and stretchier than others. Older rubber bands are less stretchable than newer ones. Similarly, human skin loses firmness and elasticity as someone ages. Genucel includes fast-acting ingredients that enhance skin cell regeneration, thereby allowing the skin to regain density naturally.

According to yahoo, the microscopic fibers that surround skin cells enable it to stretch and revert to its previous state quickly. As the skin ages, these protein fibers weaken over time, which eventually slows down the rejuvenation process. Eye bags, puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines become increasingly visible as the skin loosens. Environmental factors, including excessive exposure to UV sunlight, workplace contaminants, cigarette smoke, and industrial pollution promotes the proliferation of oxidative stress and free radicals. It plays a pivotal role in aging because free radicals cause extensive damage to DNA material and skin cells.

Genucel uses ingredients that reverse the damage to these cellular structures. The ingredients are potent, naturally occurring antioxidants, for example, goji berries, green tea extract, and more. The tetrapeptide, Eyeseryl, is another essential component of Genucel by Chamonix anti-aging products. It is a known inhibitor for eyelid edema, which happens when the eyes develop bags because of excess fluid accumulation. As the capillaries age, it becomes too porous and leaky. Eyeseryl also prevents glycation where the skin cell fibers become too weakened as sugar molecules inhibit the protein. Without the enzymes necessary to counteract this action, aging is likely to progress.

Another active anti-aging Genucel ingredient is the plant-based stem cell called PhytoCellTec. It improves skin rejuvenation where it contains fast-acting properties, that strengthens protein fibers in the skin. The anti-aging skincare products also include the potent antioxidant algal extract, which works alongside goji berries and green tea to suppress cell degeneration and DNA damage. Hydrolyzed marine collagen is another vital compound infused in Genucel by Chamonix anti-aging formula. It is a combination of marine fish skin, scales, and bone. The primary benefit of its inclusion is to boost skin rejuvenation. It also makes the skin look radiant and healthy. For more info about genucel you can visit their twitter account.

Jeunesse Global Corporate Families Philanthropic Foundation

If you took a survey, most people would admit that their workplace is not a dream place in every aspect of the job. Few large companies have been able to create an ideal atmosphere that offers support, inspiration, growth and a real connection to the corporation, but Jeunesse Global, the award-winning beauty and wellness group, has excelled at every key quality. Workers there show long-term loyalty to the company.

In fact, the corporate family has once again secured the title as one of the “2019 Best Places to Work in Direct Selling.” The honor was bestowed upon Jeunesse Global by “Direct Selling News” (DSN), and a write-up about the company was featured in the April edition.

The Jeunesse Global employee is seen as a respected and valuable component of the corporation, and therefore, the workplace perks are pretty incredible. For example, paid time off (PTO) is not a problem. Instead, PTO is unlimited at the global direct selling company. In addition, workers can keep in shape and de-stress with yoga classes and a fancy in-house gymnasium. There are also wellness support groups provided for employees, discounts at popular restaurant and entertainment venues and travel incentives.

The corporate family of Jeunesse Global is happy to make their workplace a cohesive unit and to create a homey office atmosphere where every worker has the opportunity to stand out and achieve at their highest potential. The Florida-based multi-level marketing company was founded in 2009 by visionaries Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

Jeunesse Global is doing something right with 34 fully operational offices to markets in more than 146 countries. The corporation boasts thousands of distributors who bring the brand’s full line of health, skin care and fitness products to the world. Jeunesse generates $419 million in global revenue annually.

“We want our employees to be happy, feel valued and to live balanced and meaningful lives,” Jeunesse Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis told DSN.

Jeunesse Global also believes in giving back to the world by empowering communities to give children a brighter future. Jeunesse Kids is part of the corporate family’s philanthropic foundation.

Lip Protection 101: A Review of EOS Lip Balm

5 Pack Punch

In this article the author, Jessica from, states how she always has chapped lips. She lives in the UAE which has a hot and dry climate and that along with the air conditioning can be very drying to the skin. She stated that she had used a lot of the familiar brands but they could not stand up to those conditions. She came across Evolution of Smooth (EOS) through advertisement and decided to give it a try. She ordered a five pack and was very excited once she received them. She states they kept her lips soft, they weren’t sticky, and they also tasted good. Not only that, but she was appreciative that the lip balm itself was 100% natural and 95% organic. The ingredients in the lip balm have helped to significantly reduce her chapped lips and they protected them in the desert climate leaving them soft and moisturized.

Strawberry Sorbet Smash

In our next article the author, Heidi of, tried the strawberry sorbet flavor lip balm specifically. She learned about the lip balm from her nieces who informed her they were not Easter eggs but a lip glow. She goes on to list the ingredients as they are on the packaging. According to Skin Deep (a product database for safe ingredients) the lip balm came in at a 3 for its ingredients limonene, linalool, and natural flavor because it’s unknown.

Checkout eos lip balm – Summer Fruit

Next she talks about the packaging which has a unique spherical shape or as stated similar to an egg with the balm shaped like an egg yoke. Upon opening the lip balm for use she mentions how pleasant the fragrance is along with the delicious taste. She also mentions how her lips stayed soft throughout the day only needing to reapply after meals. She enjoyed the product overall giving it 4 out of 5 stars. The ingredients’ effectiveness, flavor, price point, usability, and shape all earned it the four star rating. 

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Jeunesse Global Expo 2019: Are You Ready?

Jeunesse Global is the mega-brand in the health and beauty industry that is sweeping the world as of late. This is because the founders had a genius idea when they decided that they wanted to bring their products to the masses via a distributor network that is still going strong today. It allows everyday people to buy into the brand and begin to make money from it for themselves. 

This is a truly global name these days that produces innovative products such as Nevo, AM/PM Essentials, and more. They continue to make great strides in their industry and continue to come up with innovations that no one else had even thought of before. 

An Expo To Spread Knowledge

Sometimes you just have to have an expo or other type of gathering to get people excited about your brand or your vision. There is nothing wrong at all with appealing to the people who have helped to build your brand in the first place. That is what Jeunesse Global is hoping to do with their Expo this year. 

Some of the top salespeople from around the world are going to converge on the same place to share their insights and strategies for building up their own Jeunesse Global business. They believe that these ideas can be borrowed by those in attendance to help work on their own businesses as well. This could mean that those who come to the Expo could walk away with a lot more information and excitement for building their own business. 

Ten Years And Still Going Strong

The theme of this particular Expo is to explore what is going to come next. This means that the company is embracing the progress that it has already made to be sure, but they are also very much looking forward to what will come in the next chapter of this journey. They have been around for 10 years now, and the excitement for what the next stage in the journey is going to be is enormous. Given this, expect a lot of fanfare at this Expo, and for good reason!