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Lip Protection 101: A Review of EOS Lip Balm

5 Pack Punch

In this article the author, Jessica from, states how she always has chapped lips. She lives in the UAE which has a hot and dry climate and that along with the air conditioning can be very drying to the skin. She stated that she had used a lot of the familiar brands but they could not stand up to those conditions. She came across Evolution of Smooth (EOS) through advertisement and decided to give it a try. She ordered a five pack and was very excited once she received them. She states they kept her lips soft, they weren’t sticky, and they also tasted good. Not only that, but she was appreciative that the lip balm itself was 100% natural and 95% organic. The ingredients in the lip balm have helped to significantly reduce her chapped lips and they protected them in the desert climate leaving them soft and moisturized.

Strawberry Sorbet Smash

In our next article the author, Heidi of, tried the strawberry sorbet flavor lip balm specifically. She learned about the lip balm from her nieces who informed her they were not Easter eggs but a lip glow. She goes on to list the ingredients as they are on the packaging. According to Skin Deep (a product database for safe ingredients) the lip balm came in at a 3 for its ingredients limonene, linalool, and natural flavor because it’s unknown.

Checkout eos lip balm – Summer Fruit

Next she talks about the packaging which has a unique spherical shape or as stated similar to an egg with the balm shaped like an egg yoke. Upon opening the lip balm for use she mentions how pleasant the fragrance is along with the delicious taste. She also mentions how her lips stayed soft throughout the day only needing to reapply after meals. She enjoyed the product overall giving it 4 out of 5 stars. The ingredients’ effectiveness, flavor, price point, usability, and shape all earned it the four star rating. 

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EOS Lip Balm – Sweet Mint Lip Balm Review

Evolution of Smooth is one of the leading lip balm brands in the world as of 2019. This particular company has replaced Burt’s Bees as the top-selling lip balm and for good reasons. EOS lip balm has a new product that’s garnering plenty of attention. Countless reviews can be found on about this special product.

The Organic Sweet Mint lip balm is the latest edition to EOS lip balm roster. This product provides a silky smooth texture that lasts all day long. Of course, this can’t be said about the competitors’ products. The Organic Sweet Mint lip balm also gives off a delightful smell that isn’t too strong.

One of the major contributors to the brand’s success is that it offers plenty of amazing ingredients. EOS lip balm has a passion for delivering high-quality products that are paraben-free as well as Gluten-Free. By not using man-made ingredients, your lips won’t become dry, which allows you to use the produce sparingly.

EOS’s Sweet Mint lip balm uses all-natural ingredients that are healthy. Creating moisture is the name of the game, and no other brand does it better. What more could you ever want from an oral care product?

EOS Lip Balm Review

Lip balm does not only make you look attractive but also goes a long way to help keep your lips moisturized and healthy. EOS Lip Balm has been a leader in providing their customers with new, exciting and a wide range of lip balm flavors for their users. Packaged in appealing round and stick containers the loyal customers of EOS Lip Balm are spoiled for choice. Here is a list of the top choices of lip balms from EOS Lip Balms.

EOS Visibility Soft Lip Balm-Honey Apple.

Formulated with cocoa butter, Shea butter and a range of four genres of moisturizing oils, this combination of honey and apple flavor gives your lips a soft and smooth feel. This lip balm from EOS has been tested by a dermatologist and is recommended for you to keep your lips moist, soft and hydrated.

EOS Medicated Lip Balm – Cooling Chamomile.

Formulated with ingredients such as aloe extracts, cocoa butter, Olive oil, vitamin E, Shea butter and menthol, this lip balm has been designed to care for chapped lips. It gives an extremely cooling and soothing effect and also provides nourishment for your lips.

EOS Organic Lip Balm Stick – Vanilla Bean.

Designed as a stick version for the EOS Lip Balm brand, it has been formulated with natural ingredients that will make keep your lips nourished and moisturized for long hours. This lip balm has undergone dermatological tests and you will fall in love with the sweet vanilla flavor on your lips.

Article Title: EOS Lip Balm Joins the Fight Against HIV and AIDS

Article Text:

EOS is a lip balm company. This is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth. The company has uniquely shaped packaging. The egg shape helps users find their lip balm much easier at the bottom of a purse, bag, or reaching for it while driving. EOS boasts about their products being 100% natural. This means no artificial colors or flavors. Many lip balm companies will use beeswax in their products. EOS does not.

EOS has a large product line with many flavored lip balms. Like many companies, EOS has limited edition flavors they come out with. Notably, they have some for Christmas holiday flavors, Easter holiday flavors, and special spring or summer flavors. These are new each year and they are limited to the time of these holidays or season. EOS was founded by 2 men who wanted to improve the lives of women and girls around the world.

For a limited time, EOS has teamed up with the RED organization. Users can buy a specially branded EOS lip balm to help fight HIV and AIDS. This EOS package is the traditional egg-shaped the users of EOS are accustomed to. The container is a dark cherry red. When you buy an EOS RED, a portion of the retail price goes to the RED foundation.

EOS administrators find since there are many women and girls who make up the population of those living with HIV and AIDS that it would be an excellent idea to join the fight. After all, EOS would like to help improve the lives of women and girls around the world. The EOS RED is no different than other EOS products. The only thing is that a portion of the retail goes to the RED organization. No other products by EOS will go toward the organization.

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