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Do You Want Your Home to Be Cleaned By Reliable Professions? Contact Handybook

Barely Two years the launching handy, the service has hit almost $1 million in bookings every week. The service, which was founded by two people,OisinHanrahan and UmangDua, allows its clients to order a home cleaner, a plumber or even a handyman with just a tap on the client’s iPhone.

Handy provides a marketplace that is able to handle payments and at the same time do scheduling on the supply and on the demand end of the home services sector. The brand is growing at a very fast rate.

Handybook has managed to raise $12 million in two rounds, under the leadership of the General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners. Although the baseline numbers were not provided, it is speculated that the sales have grown by 60 percent every month for three months.

The company is located in New York City. It boasts for having more than 50 people working as its employees. There are also a very huge number of freelancers who compete for jobs every month. The company has its operations in 13 different cities. The company is said to be opening four new offices in different places. Just recently, Handybook is believed to have bought a west coast cleaning business, Exec. However, the price for the acquired business was undisclosed. Some reports say that the price reported was less than $10 million.

For customers who use the services provided by Handybook, convenience, above every else, is guaranteed. The customers do not have to go through the complicated, tiresome and totally unreliable process of cleaning agencies.

With the mandated background checks on both the national and the county level which are later followed by an on boarding process, Handy service providers are thoroughly vetted to ensure that the consumers get the best service.

To use the service, you only need to follow a simple procedure; first of all, you enter your zip code, the number of rooms you require cleaned, the time you would require the job to be done. After doing this, a price quotation appears. If you are satisfied with the pricing, your card which is on file is charged. With such a service, you do not have to leave behind stacks of cash. You will not even have to worry about being overcharged, and for the cleaners, they don’t have the fear of being underpaid after their job.

For institutions who run a two-sided marketplace, winning the supply side is always more important and valuable than hooking clients. Handybook gives freelancers something which is very hard to find;a good salary and a very flexible working schedule. With such a platform, freelancers are able to decide when and where they want to work. They also choose how much money they will make before they accept the deal.They receive an attractive income too.

CEDC Opening With New Name And New Attitude

The Community Economic Development Corporation’s (CEDC) new director Otis Rolley says the public should expect many great things in light of the corporation’s reopening. The former Brickhouse Economic Development Corporation is coming back strong with a new purpose and attitude. At a gala held last Wednesday night, over 100 people came out to her the city leaders outline what the coporation has to offer and how it will affect the community. The

VisualCV said the CEDC is starting with a clean slate and hoping to regain what was lost when the company was closed in 2010. Today, the corporation will place focus on Newark’s more than 20 diverse communities. The goal is to attract business and provide growth and stimulate economic development and wealth. Startup businesses will have the opportunity to seek out a variety of grants and business loans.

Kevin Seawright is a financial administrator who knows how to keep organizations afloat. During his tenure at the Baltimore Department of Aging and Retirement, he was able to implement a number of program to streamline paperwork and save money. Seawright’s vast experience will undoubtedly help the CEDC see economic progress. Seawright has worked at several state organizations including the office of Housing and Urban Development, The Department of Parks and Recreation and the Tito Contractors in Washington D.C.

The CEDC also plans to work with other governmental agencies in Newark to help residence find prosperity.  The corporation’s partnership with HUD should help bring about more real estate investments and more housing opportunities.

Alexei Beltyukov, the Russian Entrepreneur with a Medicine Degree

The Russian economy has been stable for the last several decades and this stability can only be attributed to the country’s efforts in supporting small business enterprises. No one supports this theory whole heartedly than Alexei Beltyukov. Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian renowned entrepreneur and investor whose popularity has spread all over the country and beyond. He has held several position in the Russian business communities. In addition, he has been very instrumental in helping the country to recover from the economic crisis that hit the Europe in 2008/2009. He worked for the Russian ministry of finance where he helped the country to avert major economic calamities.

His academic background is also admirable and he is a well-endowed individual academically. However, there is one shift about his life that left people close him wondering and amazed of the change of heart. Alexei Beltyukov is a medic by professional and he was doing very well in the profession. However, his career as medic did not last as he was overwhelmed by his desire and passion for business. A holder of a bachelor’s degree in medicine, he decided to pursue his master’s degree in Business Administration. This shift left most of the people close to him in awe.

As fate would have it, Alexei Beltyukov was making the right move shelving his medicine career to start a career in business. Here he has been doing very well and he has actually established several business that are also blossoming. His change in career has set him up to realize his inner abilities that include his creative mind and entrepreneurial skills. He is the current head of a government project that he helped develop. The project is a math solution that he helped developed that seeks to assist students and teachers in their difficulties dealing with math problems.

Alexei Beltyukov is known for his ambitious character that has propelled him up the heights of business ranks in Russia. He is a careful planner if the current project under his leadership is anything to go by. He understands the vulnerability of his project and the risks involved since it is the first of its kind. The project, going by the name Solvy is anticipated to be successful and it is a perfect example of the many startups that Alexei Beltyukov has created. His vigor in business and optimism is unmatched. His ambition and resilience are the basic characteristics that have helped him improve and gain the respect he has in the world of business.

Seeking to help the government to formulate effective policies that will help the country grow economically, the great entrepreneur advises that investment on small business enterprises should be improved and enhanced further. His word and advice on financial matters is taken very seriously by the government and within the echelons of the business community. Apart from his service as a business adviser and a capital management guru, he also doubles up as a philanthropist. He has helped several origination in raising funds to help the needy and the vulnerable in the society.

Getting Prepared for the Home Selling Experience

People that plan to sell their homes will have to get ready to prep the home to sell. A house can evolve and change a lot since the time that people may have moved into the home. Even people that have been in newly designed homes will still have to do some form of renovation. That is just a part that comes with selling a home. It is wise to have a plan that involves getting the house appraised. People also need to have a plan to get the lowest costs that are involved in the selling process.

A company like the 990 Company can really be helpful to all of those that want to make the most of their time and sale the home sooner. This company helps sellers keep the commission costs down, and this is important for sellers. It is in the best interest of the seller to get the home sold for the lowest possible costs. The 990 Company is there to help those sellers that may not know all that is involved with the sell of the home by giving them some of their 990 sells homes advice.

Many of the sellers that are trying to get their homes sold will need to take a look at the HGTV shows. This is a good way to get a gauge of what decorations for interior designs will need to look like for staging purposes. People that are getting ready to sell homes will need to have some idea of how they can spruce up the curb appeal. There has to be something that will get people to stop and come into these homes. That is incredibly important in neighborhoods where multiple homes may be up for sell. The smart seller is going to check the neighborhood and see what type of upgrades have been made by others.

Sometimes the upgrades are small. Changing vanity mirrors or updating ceiling fans may be small endeavors. Most people can do these things without any outside help. The people that are trying to sell older homes, however, may need to consider a complete face lift for areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. So many people have been able to sell their homes sooner because they have done the updates and made buyers take interest in the home.

This will make the process of negotiating much easier. Some potential buyers may not want to pay that asking price, but an appraisal can help sellers stand their ground. This is documented proof for the value of the home.

Business and Spirituality, They Go Hand In Hand With Success.


Many people have authored books on the subject, speakers find crouds to speak to on the subject and so many successful people who own a business or two talk about how important the subject is. We are talking about business and spirituality. It has been suggested since the days of William Shakespeare and before that spirituality plays an important part of success.

In the modern era, Joseph Bismark, a businessman and spiritual intellect has brought this subject to light once more. For a person to have success in running a business and producing successful results, that person, male or female, must feel great about themselves on all levels. They must have respect for their work, love for helping people and many other things that are unique qualities. Above all else, they must be well balanced on a spiritual level. Regardless of how you think about God, when ask important questions about success, so many people give thanks to their God for the help. This goes to show that they understand the power of business and spirituality and how they go hand in hand with success. The importance of this is two fold. They believe and understand that spirituality is important in business, but, they never blame a God for what happens, they simply understand that there is a universal higher power that plays a part in business and spirituality which adds to their success.

Joseph Bismark talks all the time about the importance of spirituality in business. Mr. Bismark has even talked about the role of spirituality to marketing. Think of it like this, we all know and understand that the business world is stressful. Climbing up that corporate ladder is tough. Running any business, especially a successful one is tough too. However, what if you were able to remove all of those stressful distractions? Would that make running a business easier? Of course it would! Spirituality allows you to remove the stress. By using spiritual principles you can eliminate that stress and get important business related items done. When you use the power of spirit, you are able to look at things with eyes that are much clearer. As a result, you are not as stressed and you get more done.

When you talk to Joseph Bismark you will notice that he has a firm set of core values that are led by strong spirituality. Joseph has pulled those into his business and suggests that other business leaders do the same. The reason is simple, by being a better person, you can lead a strong company and see first hand that business and spirituality do go hand in hand. Try to apply these simple, yet powerful ideas to your business and you will see some amazing results.

What is Spirituality?

Most individuals relate spirituality to church or religion. Other individuals relate spirituality to energy from the elements and the universe. What exactly is spirituality? Spirituality is the quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters, based on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Wikipedia states that Modern spirituality is centered on the “deepest values and meanings by which people live.” It embraces the idea of an ultimate or an alleged immaterial reality. It envisions an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being.
Looking at the two definitions, both of different relativity, there is some connection. The one area where the two definitions meet relate to morals and values. It is the act of making a deeper connection in oneself. The connection is not of this material world, hence the use of the word “deeper”. When making this connection, one usually looks at the world on a different, more real level and see the world for what it is and the direction that it is going. That in itself brings us to the area of business.

Is Spirituality Necessary in The Business World?

When you look at many wealthy and successful businesses taking over the globe, you have to ask yourselves, “Does this business do anything to give back?”, or “Does this business do anything to help our community in any way?”. When one is seeking a deeper, moral value system, they look to the betterment of others, not just themselves. That deeper connection that is being sought is used to teach and educate, empower, and improve quality of life for all. The use of wealth would not just be used for personal economic growth and power. I say all of that to say this: Spirituality in Business is not a necessity, however, it is something that makes for a much happier ending for everyone. The practice of spirituality in a business can ensure that not only can we help each other and not just ourselves, but also it could show that we can all lend a helping hand and make things better for all! The best example that can be used as proof of that philosophy is Joseph Bismark.

Who Is Joseph Bismark?

Joseph Bismark is the Co-Founder, Managing Director and Director of QI Limited. According to QI Group, QI Limited is a diversified multinational business that caters to a variety of businesses. The main focus of the QI Group is to enable people. They are a business that make a point to help those that can help others. This company is ran by Joseph Bismark.