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Allied Wallet: Providing Consumers with Reliable Payment Processing Solutions

Founded in 2002, Allied Wallet provides tailored payment solutions to clients. The company is a proud provider of payment processing service in different currencies as well as capitals worldwide. It also offers merchant services including global payment gateway, eWallet, and business pro-integration, PCI compliance, credit card processing, among others. The London-based company has received recognition for being a revolutionary payment solutions provider. Its ability to connect various aspects of payment into one unit is also admirable. Allied Wallet is devoted to assisting companies that help to make the world safer.

Background Information

The management of Allied Wallet takes pride in what it does. The company provides unmatched payment processing services to clients as well as users. However, the administration believes that its responsibility doesn’t stop at that point. That’s why Allied has partnered with different organizations to support the less fortunate. Allied´s philanthropic arm comprises of charity contributions geared towards serving children, animals, and police officers. When one partners with Allied Wallet, they are working with an organization that insists on making a positive impact and a huge difference in the universe.

Approach to Payment Processing Solutions

Allied Wallet takes a conventional approach when it comes to providing online merchant services. The organization enables its clients to accept payment in various currencies and any preferred payment method in the world. Users can accept Visa, American Express, China UnionPay, and others. Allied Wallet’s payment options enable users to choose a reliable payment method. As such, flat-rate pricing by Allied Wallet helps consumers to access simple payment processing methods. They are also enables to accept different payment methods at a slightly low and flat rate. Allied Wallet’s NextGen’s Payment Gateway includes featured dashboards that have a real-time reporting. It enables users to access all the tools they need in order to manage their payments easily.

Additional Information on Services Provided

The company’s prepaid cards enable merchants to pay their employees and representatives. Allied Wallet’s AW solution offers its users the chance to accept major credit cards on their mobile phones. Consumers can pay online payment processing via the mobile POS solution. Allied Wallet has also incorporated new payment processing solutions over the years.

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Subscription emails can be a pain in the virtual keister. From digital advertisements to frequent alerts from various programs a person’s inbox can be bogged down with thousands of unimportant emails. The problem this creates is that important emails are swallowed up, overlooked, or accidentally deleted in a user purge. No one wants to spend an hour sifting through a subscription haystack for that one important needle, which is why the trend for today is letting someone else do it. Enter and its inbox cleaning services.

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