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Does your dog love Beneful? Walmart has it!

If your dog loves Beneful, then you should head to Walmart. They have the most competitive prices around, when it comes to dog food. They offer all different varieties and sizes for your dogs particular needs. Purina Beneful Originals With Real Salmon in a 31 lb bag, is only $26.98. This is a great buy for your dogs that have skin allergies. The equivalent type of food from Blue Buffalo costs $50.00 for a smaller bag. If you have a small dog that likes wet food, there is a 17 oz. tub of the Beneful Salmon food for only $1.77. There is also Purina Beneful Originals With Real Beef Dry Dog Food in a 31.1 lb. Bag, for only $26.06. These are great prices for quality food that your dog needs to keep them healthy.

Too look for further savings you have to keep your eye out. from time to time, Beneful puts out coupons in the paper or online. Walmart accepts all coupons, so watch for those coupons. Walmart also has their own site that they offer for different items. You just go to their main page and type coupon on the search bar. There is one on there now for baneful Grain free for $3.00 off. Sometimes Walmart has roll backs on Beneful dog food too. You just type in rollback, then click on pets, then dog, to see what is offered. Always keep your eye out for deals. and keep your dog healthy with baneful and Walmart.