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Omeed Malik shares his thoughts on the immense opportunities in the private sector

Omeed Malik is from New Jersey and a businessman as he worked as an attorney and advisor for multiple firms. He is a graduate of Colgate University and Emory University School of Law. Malik is also the founder and CEO of his firm named Farvahar Partners that invests in businesses and investment funds.

In Blogwepedia’s “Q & A WITH OMEED MALIK”, Omeed share how he perfected various skills and how he answered his entrepreneurial calling, leveraging these skills and experience.

Some of his notable positions include being the managing director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and as an attorney for Weil, Gotshal & Manges.

An article from Chronicle Week states that financial advisor Omeed Malik lives his life through positive actions and deeds. Malik works diligently at his firm Farvahar Partners and with various clients. A bulk of his resume includes working at law firms, for New Jersey representatives, and businesses.

Omeed Malik chose to create his own firm with the mission to help other businesses and clients. Omeed Malik has also participated at panels lecturing on topics around trading, investing, and business development. The businessman also spends his free time educating other advisors. The advisor was able to contribute to a discussion from Fox News on economic growth and what the US can do in that respect.

Omeed Malik shared his opinion on the public market and how rate cuts have hurt the economy along with the current fiscal policy. He still believes that America is ahead when it comes to technology and that it will continue to spark the private sector. Many have chosen to invest in the private sector and be cautious of where to build their businesses as it can be expensive to start a company in some states. Go To This Page to learn more.

In the future, Malik does believe that New York and California will have to lower their state taxes to compete with people building companies elsewhere like Texas. The businessman concludes that there is a lot of opportunity within the private sector.

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