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Empiricus’s Guiding Principles

Felipe Miranda, who co-founded the investment publication Empiricus in 2009, now works as the company’s chief strategist. He has given investment advice to hundreds of thousands of people and uses some principles and rules to guide his work. Firstly, Miranda subscribes to the age-old belief of buying low and selling high, but he notes that a company’s stock value does not give a total read on the value of the entire company.

Outside influences can cause unexpected fluctuations in prices, and Miranda says that this makes accurate predictions difficult, and sometimes impossible. Miranda believes that making mistakes is essential for growth and knowledge and believes that the fear of making mistakes holds many people back. Miranda also believes that opinions are basically worthless, and a smart investor will focus only on hard data. See This Article for more information.

Miranda was a college professor before Empiricus was founded. He and Rodolfo Amstalden, another college professor, formed the company with Caio Mesquita and Marco Elias. Mesquita had directed two banks, BNP Paribas and Brascan, and brought a trove of financial wisdom to Empiricus. Elias had worked as a broker and left Empiricus in 2012. Find More Information Here.

Shortly after Elias’s departure, the three remaining founders reimagined Empiricus. In order to give their publication to a wider audience, the founders partnered with the American company Agora. Agora distributes financial publications from sixteen countries and allowed new readers to find Empiricus.

2014 saw the release of the Empiricus Portfolio, which is now the company’s most popular product. Based on the work of Ray Dalio, an American investor, the all-weather Empiricus Portfolio provides subscribers with advice on gold investing, multi-market allocations, real estate trends, fixed income investments, and equity. In 2018, Empiricus partnered with the financial data firm Quantum, and as of today, the publication has more than 2 million readers.

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