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Sharon Prince Creates an Environment Everyone Wants to Experience

Sharon Prince has always thought that people need a hopeful place where they can gain inspiration from each other. In October 2015, the Grace Farms community center would open its doors to the public. Most who visit Grace Farms feel as if they have had a religious experience while there.

Grace Farms Doesn’t Endorse Any One Religion

While most of the members of the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation are devout Christians, the group claims that Grace Farms does not endorse a particular religious view. Instead, everyone is welcome to listen to a speech or look at the various art that hangs from the walls of the River building. The public is also encouraged to spend time exploring the nearly 80 acres of outdoor space that contain a variety of native plant and animal species.

Grace Farms Aims to Break Barriers

Sharon Prince Grace Farms was designed to create as few barriers as possible for those who want to visit. In fact, the River building doesn’t have a front door as some thought that including one could make guests feel unwelcome. In addition to making guests feel welcome, the lack of barriers helps to create the feeling that people and nature are truly coming together.

The Grace Farms complex in New Canaan, CT was the site of “Designing For Freedom”. The gathering focused on ways to end involuntary servitude in the construction industry. Sharon Price Grace Farm’s originator and President hosted the gathering. “Designing For Freedom” took the form of a panel discussion moderated by Nat Oppenheimer, of the structural engineering firm Robert Silman Associates.

Sharon Prince Overcomes Community Concerns

Neighbors were concerned that a community center could result in increased traffic and noise. However, Prince overcame those concerns by keeping parking confined to certain areas and conducting traffic tests. Of course, those who know Sharon Prince say that there was nothing that anyone could have said that would have prevented Grace Farms from being constructed. Refer to This Article for related information.

About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince founded Grace Farms in 2009 with the goal of ending poverty and other forms of human suffering. She graduated from Tulsa with an undergrad and graduate degree before eventually moving to New Canaan with her husband.

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