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MAGFAST Wants To Become The Only Charger That Customers Will Ever Need

We all know that the process of charging is a major aspect of using mobile devices. With as many devices as people are using these days, an increasing number of people using multiple devices each day, it seems like charging is a constant activity.

It can be hard to keep track of all the different chargers for your mobile devices and the solution many people resort to is throwing them all together so they are convenient. This unfortunately often leads to tangled wires and damaged chargers that do not function properly. MAGFAST Charger is the company that wants to change this and make charging a simple process that requires little effort. Find Additional Information Here.

The firm produces wireless charger devices that are compatible with all modern makes of mobile devices. The charging devices manufactured by MAGFAST utilize an innovative magnetic technology that comes from the mind of the company’s founder Seymour Segnit.

MAGFAST Charger Chief Executive Officer Seymour Segnit has founded the company intending to produce chargers that offer a convenient experience and that will work with all of the modern models of devices that are out there. Go To This Page for additional information.

Seymour Segnit created the first prototype of these chargers in 2013 after his frustration grew at the necessity to keep wired chargers for each device that he used regularly. This motivated him to invent a wireless charging device that would be much more convenient. It was from this initial idea that MAGFAST was born in 2018 and the company is growing quickly since this time.

One of the best things about the work being done by MAGFAST Charger is the fact that Seymour Segnit and his team have come up with a variety of chargers that fit different situations. There are desktop models and car chargers as well as a MAGFAST Charger that is compact and convenient to take with you anywhere. This is all coming together to make MAGFAST the only charger that its customers will ever need again.

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