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If you have been wondering what the recent JD E-SPACE buzz is all about, here we have the information you were looking for. Recently, at a National Single’s Day event, launched a world-famous home appliance experience for the people in and around Chongqing of western China.

The best part of the center is that it is covered completely by 5G which means instant interaction with various appliances and gadgets. And as a cherry on top, there were more than 10 million RMB worth of items to choose from that were sold within an hour of the event opening. It is the kind of experience that every gadget enthusiast wants to feel, and to make their dreams come true, JD’s StarLink IoT platform promises to offer a seamless interactive environment. The JD’s StarLink in fact is already utilized by more than 10,000 stores across China.

With JD’s integration, you can have access to more than 1,000 different applications and technologies as well, in addition to impeccable customer support. These solutions are brought about by their partnership with Intel, especially the Open Retain Initiative. Other areas that have equally contributed to the effort include edge computing technologies and open-source EdgeX IoT middleware.

The consumers in turn have been able to shop without hassles through instant communication between various smart devices while retailers have been able to streamline data management effortlessly. Additionally, with JD StarLink, it is easier for these retailers to do comprehensive analysis of their operations, sales and marketing as well. Go Here to learn more.

The JD StarLink’s platform combines the online and offline experience to provide only the best outcome to consumers and retailers. JD Smart store, for instance, has facial recognition system that collect attributes from the registered shopper, his or her age, height, weight and so on, and recommends suitable items, coupons, offers and discounts instantly.

Consumers are also able to try on clothing and accessories with these technologies and get the best outfit based on their traits. StarLink platform offers a wide range of selection in products and services for home or office use along with real-time simulation of these components.

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