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Jack Landsmanas Stern says giving is the path to receiving

As leader of one of Mexico’s largest conglomerates -– Corporativa Kosmos — Jack Landsmanas Stern stands by the firm’s capacity to make a difference that stimulates the Mexican economic and social welfare. Stern arrived in Mexico from Lithuania in 1959, founding his first business, the La Modelo butcher shop in Mexico City. This gave rise to what is now Corporativa Kosmos, providing more than 3 million meals a day and with a presence in 30 states. In 2016, Stern founded a philanthropic organization that bears his grandfather’s name — the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation — to ensure that food, health, education and sustainable development reach the most unprotected. It donates almost 500,000 meals every month to benefit teenage mothers, Holocaust survivors, abandoned children and people with HIV/AIDS or addiction problems.

In 2008, it expanded into catering on oil platforms and, later, into development of box lunches and watercraft provisioning services. It devotes interest to compliance with occupational safety and health policies, which ensures good performance and maximum efficiency in operations. Results of this attention include 94 percent of purchases of national products; more than 9,000 direct jobs; and sustainable development. Corporativa Kosmos has been supporting communities through service to public institutions responsible for addressing natural disasters and providing free services to nonprofit institutions.

In addition, its work in state and federal prisons has been of importance, helping inmates into social reintegration, job training, food services and issuance of official certifications. Stern says sustainability is an essential part of his business. He guarantees the permanence of his businesses long term, ensuring that their actions generate positive echoes in their communities. Water reuse and energy efficiency are, for example, actions that promote productive agricultural development, sustainable human development and biodiversity conservation. In all that, Stern works to bet on the welfare of Mexico and its citizens. Read More.

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